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Here's a noob question for ya!

15 December 2008 - 04:23 PM

It's been ages since I trained Magic and I decided to use up the roughly 25k worth of Fire Bolt casts in runes that I've had rummaging in the back of my bank. So I equip my staff (fr33 f1r3 run3z!!@@@) and head out to train.

When you equip a staff and are setting auto-cast, does setting it to auto-cast with getting Def xp lessen the Magic xp that you would get if auto-casting without the added Def xp? Does it stay the same? Does it just make you deal less damage or less likely to hit?

Also what's Ziggy up to nowadays?

The Tip.It Archives

01 December 2008 - 02:25 PM

The idea for Tip.It Archives that it is a forum of the same name where the best of the Tip.It community's topics are stored. There are a lot of priceless topics that are too valuable to be lost to the pages of the forums as time passes.

I got this idea when I remembered a topic made by Dharockslayer portraying to (strangely) many similiarities between the Tzhaar and the Predators from the movies. There are many topics like this, some even better and more informative on important things which would still be useful to this day. Not too long ago there was topic posted that showed how to protect your computer and your RS account effectively, due to the recent increase in attempted password theft.

This would be a Read-only forum, and topics taken there would keep the respective topic starter instead of showing it as a mod having posted it. It wouldn't hurt to leave most user posts in these topics, maybe the ones where there is spam/flaming could be deleted.

I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, personally I think it would be a very good idea. It would help preserve the important topics and would portray our community's excellence.

Family Crest Cooking Gauntlets

01 December 2008 - 02:17 PM

In Tip.It's Family Crest quest help, in the section describing the Cooking Gauntlets it states that they're good for Lobsters/Swordfish/Sharks. Shouldn't Tunas be added since it decreases the chances of burning Tunas too?

I checked Tip.It's Cooking guide and Tunas are included in the Gauntlets section there. :)

The Great MSSW4 - [story form]

19 October 2008 - 04:53 PM

Note: I wrote this shortly after the MSSW4 ended. I was fairly sleepy so it might not be written the best way possible but I wanted the details to be as fresh in my mind as possible. I wrote this in story form, so please don't get into technicalities.


It has been a year since the great armies have met in battle. I did my best to take part in this colossal tournament, but I had been too late. By the time I had arrived it was all over, and all I saw was my faction ecstatically cheering for their recent victory. I still remember the corpses of those massacred right at the entrance of the ruins. They had been mercilessly slaughtered by the gargantuan faction, now the victor, before they even had time to defend themselves.

I was pulled back into the present when my friend told me that we had arrived. Yes, it was a year later and the armies were to meet in battle yet again. I was amazed by the overwhelming number of combatants already present, as we were early. We quickly began looking for our other friend who said he would meet us there. It took us some time to find him amongst all the warriors, but we finally did. He welcomed us, and then asked "Did you bring the capes?" We had completely forgotten! What were we to do now? With a smile he assured us they were handing out capes for those without, for without it the faction members would recognize you as an enemy. It wasn't long before it was time to journey to the battlefield, and the soldiers split into divisions each following a general. We crossed the infamous Wilderness ditch and began moving forward. The march seemed shorter than it was, but it was not without problems. As we were making our way an arrow appeared out of nowhere and nearly hit my division's general. Nevertheless, we kept moving and were the first ones there.

The other divisions arrived soon after, and after that all we had to do was wait. A scout reported enemy forces awaited to the west, and one of the divisions swiftly made its way to the enemy's location. I had lost my friends since we arrived, and thought to seek them out. I hadn't been more than a few seconds into my search when a fight broke out. There were spies among us, and they had unexpectedly launched an attack on the loyal soldiers. There was much confusion; no one knew who was a backstabber and who wasn't. Only one thing was for sure, there were more than a mere handful of these double agents and they had been planted there by one of the factions. Our army literally began to fight itself, and reports stated that two other factions were making their way to the Ruins. I frantically continued searching for my comrades, but green capes were everywhere and they were all fighting. I looked everywhere, and was so focused on finding them that I did not notice the backstabbers who attacked me from behind. A blow to the head made me fall on the ground, and I lost consciousness.

I was awoken by a familiar voice. I had been taken to a safe place and my two friends were standing beside me. I quickly rose and asked if the battle was over. To my relief they answered that it wasn't, but if I hope to go back to the fight I better hurry. I swiftly grabbed my weapon and rushed back to the battle scene. The few enemy throngs had been wiped out nearly immediately, and the backstabber squad was dwindling in number. Before I knew it the battle was over, and we had won once again! The thunderous cheers of our soldiers echoed throughout the Wilderness. The leaders addressed the masses, and it was agreed that we would march to the cities of the world and wipe out the few survivors of the opposition. My friends and I followed our division to Falador and we felt like we were back during the Falador Massacre, only this time there were hundreds of killers sparing no one.

We slayed all whom we encountered, and half an hour later our faction had completely dominated every major city. My comrades and I entered the Falador pub and went upstairs to sit at our usual table. I ordered us a round of Asgarnian Ale and we sat back to drink it. We looked out the window and admired the setting sun shining down on our soldiers celebrating in Falador Square. It was a long day, but we survived it. The other factions will surely want revenge next year, but we'll be ready.

Make new users unable to post topics

04 September 2008 - 11:14 AM

Some douche bags think they're being funny if they create a new forum account and post half a dozen spam topics per minute. This happens mostly in the General Discussion forum, and it's happened on many occasions (the latest being a few minutes after I made this post, it was what gave me the idea).

A few months ago a guy did this, and although his posts were deleted, the forum account used to spam was not banned (not even temporarily) and I've seen him post in some topics (can't remember his username, something with a T).

So why not make it that forum accounts with less that 50 or 100 posts cannot create forum topics, either in all or certain forums. It would help cut down on the spam a bit.