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In Topic: Strange swirly thingy

04 October 2011 - 09:55 PM

Ancient Curses

In Topic: 02-Sep-2011 - Bonus XP Weekend - 9th to 12th of September

11 September 2011 - 12:17 AM

Obtained 78->80 Farming
Obtained 72->80 Crafting
Obtained 94->97 Herblore (~800 Overloads (3) acquired in the process)

Pretty good day. At 1.2x and been bankstanding since 1.4x, really have nothing to do anymore.

In Topic: Donating to tipit

28 August 2011 - 03:33 PM

The advertisements here aren't that bad to be honest, other forums I frequent you'll have ads that make noises and I'll be scrolling all over the damn page trying to find it to turn it off while awful sounds are blaring through my headphones and I usually just close my whole browser in defeat and open up the page again :angry:

In Topic: Returning after being hacked for so long. How can I secure my account?

08 August 2011 - 10:10 AM

You can do many things to ensure the safety of your account:

1) Anti-Virus Software and Protection:
I strongly suggest the following two,
-Microsoft Security Essentials http://www.microsoft...ls/default.aspx
-Malware Bytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org/

2) A strong password containing both numbers an letters as well it being hard to guess.

3) Exercise good judgement when visiting sites or downloading things.

As well, from Runescape's official Safety & Security Guidelines (http://www.runescape...ity_information)

1. Do NOT tell other players personal information

Not even if they claim to be Jagex staff! The RuneScape game window blocks your password, but it is still a very bad idea to try typing it in, as you may mis-type it in such a way that it is still obvious.

Don't tell ANYONE your password, ever!
Don't tell others your password recovery-questions
Don't tell others your real name, email, ICQ number, credit-card details, etc...

2. Think before using your password.

Never enter your password or recovery-questions into ANY website, other than www.runescape.com, www.runescape.co.uk, www.jagex.com, www.waroflegends.com or www.funorb.com.

You should NOT use the same password at every website you visit; this is very dangerous! Your Jagex password should be different to all your other passwords, and ONLY used on Jagex websites.

When entering your password, ensure that no-one else can see what you are typing.
3. Watch out for fake websites!

There are websites which look very similar to runescape.com but STEAL your password. Don't trust a site just because it looks official.

RuneScape cheat sites - there are NO RuneScape cheats. These are fakes!
RuneScape staff sites - we do not have secret sites on which you can become an admin or moderator! These are fakes!
RuneScape chat boards/rooms - don't use your RuneScape password on these sites! Use a DIFFERENT password or you will regret it!
RuneScape test servers - watch out for fake servers. If in doubt create a NEW account, rather than risking your main character.

4. Don't use unofficial RuneScape add-ons.

There are programs which claim to make RuneScape easier or better, but actually STEAL your password. Not only is using these programs extremely risky, it's also against the Rules of RuneScape.
5. Watch out for fake emails, and fake staff!

There are many people pretending to be Jagex staff or impersonating its creators. It is easy to forge emails, so don't trust an email just because it looks official.

Real staff will NEVER ask you for your password!

To help you be sure that correspondence from us is genuine, we send all messages to your RuneScape Message Centre. This is accessible in the Account Management section of the website (under the 'Account' drop-down menu), or by clicking here, and will require your RuneScape in-game login details (again, please be sure that you are at RuneScape.com).

We never send emails saying we need your password to check you aren't cheating!
We never send emails saying we need your recovery-questions to check you didn't steal the account.
We never send emails containing attachments of any sort.
We never send emails saying we need your password to let you join the Jagex staff.

6. Do NOT share your RuneScape account with anyone else!

A large number of players have lost their account this way. Account sharing is against the Rules of RuneScape and action will be taken against any players caught engaging in this.
7. Make sure your computer is secure!

Most windows distributions are NOT secure unless you take some basic precautions:

If you use windows get the latest updates and security fixes for your computer from windowsupdate.microsoft.com This is a MUST!
Install some up-to-date anti-virus software. Many people use Norton Antivirus. Alternatively, you can get a free virus scanner from www.grisoft.com
Install a firewall to protect your computer from external attacks. You can get free firewall software from www.zonealarm.com
Be very careful about what programs you run to avoid a trojan being installed on your machine. The best way to do this is to make sure that you have up-to-date anti-virus software to prevent any trojans being installed. The best virus scanners will also remove any trojans you already have on your computer.

8. Protecting your computer from spyware (unwanted advertising and tracking).

If, when you visit our website, you are seeing multiple pop-up adverts, they are unlikely to be coming from us. All our advertising partners have been given clear and strict instructions not to sell any form of pop-up adverts.

These pop-up adverts are probably coming from a program picked up from a third-party website, which spawns unwanted adverts whilst you are using the Internet. This type of program is common and known as 'spyware'.

There are free programs you can use to easily remove this 'spyware'.
Ad-aware is a program from a reputable company called Lavasoft which can help keep your system clean. Ad-aware

In Topic: Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!

09 July 2011 - 06:42 PM

99 Slayer =)

Took a while

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