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Color Problems only when watching dvds

07 August 2009 - 05:34 AM

Posted Image

The top view is the 23.6" monitor. The bottom view is the 17"

Well, I have a rather strange problem. I bought the 23.6" asus monitor a couple days ago, and I got everything working fine. I have it connected through VGA because my graphics card only has a DVI-I port, not a DVI-D (it's a pny geforce 8400gs plugs in through pci if that helps). I got everything hooked up, and got the colors looking right (Great color, really has much more vivid hues than the 17" HP monitor running next to it). All the colors are fine, and I pop on an episode of Leverage to watch on the brand new huge monitor. Everything looks amazing!

The next day, I pop in a dvd (burn notice if it really matters). To my dismay, the people are all turning up blue, and none of the other colors are turning up right. Skin tones are blue, magentas and reds are coming up green, and it just looks aweful. I try restarting my computer, reloading the dvd, turning off the monitor, auto resetting it and pulling the vga cords out and putting them back in. I try everything suggested, but nothing works. Everyone is still blue. I try different DVD's and the same thing happens. Everyone is still blue. When I move the video over to the 17", all the colors come out fine. When I move them back to the 23.6", everything goes back all screwey. When I put the monitor halfway on one screen, halfway on the other, if more of the area is on the 17" and only a little is on the 23.6", everything is fine on both. When I move it over more towards the 23.6", everything reverts back to it's blue color, and even the stuff on the 17" goes blue.

23-Jun-2009 Feedback and Blue Blocks [Dev Blog]

23 June 2009 - 06:45 PM

The Unforgettable Tale of a Lead Designer

Mod Mark here, Lead Designer of RuneScape. I’m the Mark who has been here at Jagex for six years - not to be confused with Mod MMG: he is the Mark who is now our CEO. As lead designer, I am ultimately responsible for the new content we add to the game. This includes deciding what quests we develop, which new skills we work on, where we put new minigames, what levels they are, how difficult we want them to be, how much XP they give, which areas get new achievement diaries, and what new aspects of the game we should introduce, like the distractions and diversions, etc, etc. I don’t actually come up with the majority of new ideas, nor do I write the content, I just decide what direction we want to take the game and create objectives for the developers, helping them to decide which concepts we want to take into full development. Then, after they design how these things should work and create the code that makes their ideas real, I get to play it through and advise how we can improve it to make it the best it can be, before it is launched into the main game.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by talented, creative individuals who make my job very, very easy! Our relationship is similar to that of a sports coach and a team - the coach isn’t actually out on the field playing with the team but, ultimately, he is responsible for its performance. My job is just like that, except my team this time is Captain Mod John Aand his Dwarven Raiders.

Playing through content for the first time is always one of the most exciting parts of my job. When you help someone to sculpt their ideas in the design brief stage of development, you always have a visual idea of what the final product will look like, or you imagine how difficult a puzzle should be. No matter how much you discuss things with the writer or an artist, people often have a slightly different opinion from you, which can have interesting effects on the final product.

Anyway, it had been a few years since the last dwarf quest, so I played through a few of the crucial elements of Giant Dwarf, Forgettable Tale... and Between a Rock and thought back on the first conversations I had with Mod Vincent, the original developer of the Red Axe storyline. Mod John A’s style is very different from his, but there were a few things we were keen to keep consistent, like the camera flyover of the city at the beginning (we have had those in all the dwarf quests - Mod Vincent was big on cut scenes but Mod John A less so) and the whole Red Axe/mining conglomerates/drunk dwarf-baiting plotline.

So, I found Captain Veldaban in the north-east of the city. I’d had the new concept art for Veldaban on my desktop for ages, so I’d been looking forward to his updated look...

But things were a little...blue. In fact, most of the new areas and quest-specific characters were just blue boxes, as the Graphics team were still working on the new graphics. Sometimes, with content we write, we ask the developer to create the majority of it using old graphics, and ask the Graphics team to work on the new assets after they have seen the puzzles, gameplay and level design. This is always quite an odd experience, dodging level 70 blue boxes or trying to find the blue box-shaped key amongst your inventory of blue woodblock objects.

Offering Feedback

Posted Image

Mod Mark vs the blue, err, orange and black things.

Playing through a piece of content to give feedback to a developer is quite a challenge. Not only are you playing through it for your own fun and amusement (we never release content we don’t find fun ourselves), but you have to think about the core aims of the project - who the content is for, what sort of audience we want it to appeal to, the rewards, target levels, etc. We also had two reward areas planned for this quest and some brand new Ranged NPCs, which we have very few of in the game. These were of particular interest to me, since we had increased the skill requirements for the quest, taking the Strength requirement up to 69, and the NPC combat levels had to be increased to reflect this. However, with the area just using placeholder ’blue box‘ graphics and temporary stats, I decided to leave looking at the reward areas until they were properly finished.

Playthroughs last for about half a day, as I like to play through the content once, then specific sections again with a more critical eye. I look for all sorts of important factors like: Is it clear to the user what’s going on? Do the different sections of the quest flow into one another? Do they keep the player interested during the more tricky sections, like the mine cart-puzzles (which Mod John A has approached in an original way)? Is the dialogue too wordy? Is the quest self-contained? Are the main characters compelling and believable? Is it rewarding enough? All sorts of issues like this can and will come up in those initial playthroughs and trigger conversation between myself and the developer.

One of the most interesting parts of the quest was the point in which Mod John A chose to reveal the plot twist. I was surprised that he chose to reveal it in that way, and it was very different from how I had expected it from the original design briefs. We’re due to have a feedback meeting after he has come back from holiday, and I am really interested to hear why he did it that way. I’m keen to change it, but I always like to discuss these things with the developer and find out what they wanted to achieve. Sometimes it’s just a case of changing a few words, other times we rethink and try a totally different approach. It’s always a very creative time in the product’s life-cycle.

I’m looking forward to chatting to Mod John A about his content and how we can improve it. From what I have seen of the new models and animations coming from the Graphics team, it’s going to look great!

New requirements in full

We've decided to make the quest's skill requirements higher than the ones that we previously released. Here are the new requirements in full:

* Level 61 Hunter

* Level 61 Firemaking

* Level 69 Strength

* Must have completed Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf.

* There will be an enemy to fight, but we haven't quite decided its level yet.

The Black Knight's Stronghold [F2P quest]

31 May 2009 - 07:04 PM

Quest: The Black Knight’s Stronghold

Requirements: Black Knight's Fortress, 40 quest points, 40 crafting, 50 defense, 50 mining, 50 strength & attack

Reccomended: High combat (at least 75 would be good)

Sir Amik Varse: After the failure to invent the invisibility potion, thanks to you, the leader of the black knights decided to try concocting another means of gaining advantage over the white knights. Our spies have seen him meeting with a chemist outside of Rimmington. We need you to sneak in on the meeting and figure out what the knights are planning. If you hurry, you can follow the progression from their outpost to the chemist.

[You, the hero travel up towards the dark knight’s castle and sneak in as a guard. You find the envoy about to leave, and an elite few knights preparing for the operation. You hang around the periphery, listening in on the dialogue between guards, when one of them leaves to go into a room in the corner. You follow and meet up with him in the room.]

Lone Black Knight: Hey, you’re not suppose to be down here! [drawing his sword, he points it at you pinning you to the wall] I order you to tell me your reason for being here, are you a traitor, a spy?

{You have three choices to choose from}

You: “No, I am afraid I have gotten lost, I am just the guard from the 3rd shift, I am an utmost loyal guard aspiring to one day be a prestigious knight for the glorious and powerful black knights!”

Him: “The 3rd shift guards are suppose to be guarding the outside, only authorized personnel are allowed to be in here, you must be a spy, Prepare to die!” [attacks]


Him: Buahaha, you really are a fool, why would you put yourself in such a situation where you would be at the mercy of me, the great commander Nevsky, do you have any last words?

You: How about a gesture [you bite your thumb]

Nevsky: Pah, such insolence, you will pay for your insult! [attacks]

I am not a spy, I am a fearsome and valiant warrior and paladin sent by the White Knights, prepare to die! [Attacks]

[After you kill the knight, he drops a set of black armour. You pick up the set and go upstairs masquerading as him. The other knights inquire as to what took you so long, but say that that matter would be better discussed later. You and the other knights prepare to leave on the pilgrimage to the chemist.

You get there, and break down the door, and find the chemist. He is quickly tied up and the leader of the black knights immediately starts interrogating him. {Dialogue may be added later, but I feel that Jagex could do a much better job with creating the dialogue}

He says he knows about his recent studies about a new type of acid that has been found, and that he needs a large quantity of this acid. The chemist says that he has only been able to synthesize small quantities of weak spirit of vitrol, and that it was too unstable to transport properly. The chemist inquires as to why the leader needs the acid. The leader says that he is not privy to that information and demands the chemist comes with him. The knights grab him and chain him up, and they prepare to leave on the journey.

In a cutscene, it is night, and the knights are sitting around the campfire. You and one of the knights are guarding the chemist in his tent. The chemist pleads with the knight to let him go. He offers a small fortune just for his release. He, being the cruel knight he is, jokingly lets him off the chains. When he sits up, the knight attempts to slice him from nape to navel. You get up and parry the blow with your sword. Glaring violently at the knight, you bring up your elbow and smite him on the side of his helm, leaving him to fall into the dusty soil; knocked unconscious. You take the chemist, cut the cloth in the back of the tent, and sneak out, running towards Falador.

At the castle the next morn, the leader of the white knights praises you on your rescue of the chemist, and the success of the operation. You report to him that the leader of the black knights has a larger plan, not limited to just the chemist. The chemist was only a small part in his plan.

The leader of the white knights tells him that his spies have also heard word from townsfolk that Hans Copper, a famous craftsman, one of the senior members of the potters division in the crafting guild, has just been reported missing. There were some sightings of three men in very dark robes arriving into town three days prior to the abduction. The men have not been seen since Copper’s capture.

The leader of the knights tells you that you must sneak into the dark knights compound and find out what is going on. He warns you that the black knights are very suspicious of any new guards, and that you cannot get in that way. He tells you that you must use a tunnel that they had unearthed recently, leading into the bottom of the black knight’s compound. He gives you scroll to memorize that will temporarily improve your hearing by sevenfold.

You take the tunnel, and you end up in the basement of the compound. You sneak around, and through a series of doors later, you end up outside the servants quarters. You take some clothes from the servants quarters and disguise yourself as a servant.

You can now walk around the compound in the open without being attacked and thrown out. You sneak into an abandoned closet and find a crawlspace that was once used by the maintenance people to inspect the pilings that held up the compound. The crawlspace leads you right up next to the conference room. You can hear a slight murmur issuing from a crack in the masonry. You use the scroll and listen in to the conversation.

You hear of their plan to create a new type of near-indestructible armour out of ceramic. You hear Hans talk about how it would be possible to create a stronger and lighter armour than the current armour used by either knights, allowing for more flexibility and maneuverability while providing even more protection than current armours. You hear how they figured out that they will use the chemist’s notes on how to create the right concoction to create the armour. Once that is done, their magicians will figure out how to create the final product to create the armour out of. Hans, will then offer his expertise on how to create armour out of the ceramic.

You hear about this and leave, returning to report on what you have found. The chemist says that it is already too late to get his notes back, but what they can do is use his equipment that he had hidden to create the concoction. All he needs is some pyrite to create the spirit of vitrol out of. He has the rest of the materials, and he remembers the process. He tells you that he found some of the material near the dwarven mines, and that the dwarves may know of this material.

You travel down to the dwarves and ask about this pyrite. The dwarf gives you a strange look and says that they have not even heard of this. You tell the dwarf about the fact that the chemist found some of it. Once you mention the chemist’s name, he starts bursting out laughing. He rolls around on the ground in a fit of hysteria, until finally he regains control over himself. He tells you that the chemist was looking around for some ore, and he was exploring with the tunnel diggers, and they stumbled upon what they had a name for in their own language, roughly translated to English meant, “fools delight”. It looked almost exactly like gold, but upon closer inspection, was obviously not. He jumped up and down, dancing around like a fool and took off a chunk of the material and shouting about his miraculous discovery.

The dwarf says that plenty more of this material was available in the tunnel, and was actually a nuisance to the other tunnelers. He says you could take as much as you want.

You go into the tunnel and mine some of the pyrite and go back to the white knight’s castle. Once you arrive, he takes the pyrite and says he will be done, and be able to synthesize some of the chemical in just a short while. The leader of the white knights walks up to you and says that they have located two people that may be able to help with the armour project. One person is Thurgo, and the other is the master craftsman from the crafting guild. You bring both of them to the castle and they discuss on how to make the armour. The craftsman comes up with an idea on how to make a mould and fire the armour once it is made. He has some kilns in the guild that would work perfectly for such a purpose. Thurgo wonders why he is here, because this is not really his specialty. He suggests that they should work on improving the armour, not to match it. That way, the black and white knights would be on even terms. He suggests that imbuing the armour with runite flecks may increase the armours effectiveness. A huge debate rises between the craftsman and Thurgo, with the craftsman arguing that the tempertures to fire the ceramic would not be enough to bind it with the runite. Upon the discussion, they realize that the runite would melt, but it would not bond correctly with the ceramic armour. The chemist interrupts and says that a catalyst would be needed to have the runite and ceramic materials to bond correctly, and he knows of such a catalyst that would work perfectly, but it is dangerous to get to. Above the Al Kharid pit mines, there is a shaft that leads down deep under the desert to a mining shaft originally constructed by the tribes that roamed the desert. There were vicious scorpions guarding the mine, and a large menacing foe that would devour any adventurer attempting to mine the catalyst. You laugh off scorpions, and say that you could take any of them. The chemist cautions you, but you head off.

In the mine, you find traces of the catalyst, but you can’t quite get to the motherload, because you find the boss of which the chemist was talking about; the Shemezu.]

Shemezu specs:

Description: A large man like creature with falcon like wings. Holding a great golden spear, he can give strong thrusts with the spear as a normal attack, or a elaborate whirl of the spear and crashing it into the ground to let rocks fall and do ranged damage.

Level: 153

Hitpoints: 285

Drops 100% Wine of Elid, Charred remains

Gold: 58-675

Weapons: Mithril warhammer, adamant longsword, rune scimitar, steel battleaxe, rune mace, Hautliclaire*

Armour: Rune platebody, adamant kiteshield, rune kiteshield, iron platebody, steel plateskirt

Runes/Arrows: chaos(8-12), Death (2-4), Nature, (4-8), mithril (12-20)

Misc: uncut gems, diamond ring, battlestaff of fire, battlestaff or air, battlestaff of earth, battlestaff of water, eye of newt (noted, 6-12)

*Hautliclaire is a long and slightly curved sword (not enough to be scimitar-like) that has that has the following offensive stats:

Stab: 58

Slash: 60

Crush: -4

Magic: 0

Ranged: 0

Prayer: +2

Strength: 58

Aggressive is a lunge(stab), accurate is a slash, defensive is a slash, controlled is a stab. It is as fast as a scimitar.

[Once you defeat the beast, you mine some of the pyrite and notice that there are some other nice ores around in the place; a couple of coal and iron rocks with two adamants and one mithril rock.

You return to the white knights castle with the catylist and bring it to the chemist. You bring the ceramic material, and 12 lump of runite shavings (go to any forge and there will be a machine that will shave any bar into 1 lump of shavings) to the crafting guild. You go with the craftsman there, and the two wedge the shavings into the clay and make a shavings/clay mixture. The two of you press the clay/shavings mixture into the moulds he made and fire them in the kiln. You come out with armour that you need 50 defense to wear.

The armour all together is a little bit stronger than runite, a few kilos under mithril armour. It has a weaker defense to crush than runite, but a much stronger protection against ranged attacks. Around 319 against ranged.

During the firing process, the armour turns is a light grayish blue, that has a polish and shine akin to metal.

You don the armour, and several of the other white knights do, and you meet the charging black knights outside Falador. You slay a ton of the black knights and eventually meet up with a the leader of the black knights. He is level 112 and is quite tough to kill. Once you kill him, in a cutscene, you remove his helm and you and the leader of the white knights look at his face. You realize that he is not the leader, but one of his trusted generals. The two of you look up at the retreating knights and see a tall man donned in fancy dark armour, guilded with inlays of silver and gold with a sword with an ivory hilt. He stares at you and quickly speeds up and him and some of the remaining knights run up towards their stronghold in defeat.]

Congratulations you have completed the quest, you receive:

4 quest points

The ability to create and craft the new ceramic armour

The admission to the al kharid underground mine

The admission to the fools gold tunnel

The ability to weild Hautliclaire

15,000 experience in attack, strength and defense, 8,500 in mining, 7,500 in crafting.

5k gold

To create all the armour, you need the respective smithing levels for the rune counterparts, and a crafting level of 80 to make all the armours. A dwarven assistant will be at the crafting guild from now on to assist you if you do not have the levels required to make the armour. He will charge money for all the pieces:

55k for the helm

90k for the platebody

80k for the legs/skirt

75k for the shield

To obtain the clay, you need to do the following:

Get spirit of vitrol from the chemist (You can either buy from him, or give him pyrite plus 25 gold per pyrite to obtain spirit of vitrol)

Use the spirit of vitrol on Borax (Mined in the same area as the catalyst) to yeild Boron Trioxide.

Smelt Boron Trioxide together with an equal amount of coal to obtain Boron Carbide.

Then, you mix runite shavings with the boron carbide, press them into the armour moulds, 5k per mould.

Things I am unsure on/leave to jagex, experience/speed of boron trioxide mining, exp from smelting the boron trioxide with coal, experience for filling the moulds + firing, anything not specified.

Feel free to comment on this I should add or change. I would love it if you could give me some exp figures as well.

QFC on RSOF: 80-81-296-58902724

B&W Print

19 May 2009 - 10:39 PM

This is taken with a 35mm Nikon FM10, B&W ISO 400 film, apteture is about 8, shutter speed is around 125. Developed in the normal black & white chemicals (developer, stop, fix), under the light of the enlarger for about 24 seconds, with a 3 1/2 filter for an additional 5-7 seconds.


^ click to view, it is a large image.

I have a better photograph, but this is the work print I can take home.

Smaller image:

Posted Image

I scanned it in today on my scanner, but, it is sort of a junky quality scanner, so the picture doesn't convey the quality the greatest.


18 April 2009 - 08:19 PM

The chawan or teabowl is a vessel used in the japanese tea ceremony. The one I made would be called a yunomi as it is a rough bowl meant for drinking the tea out of.

I created this teabowl from a medium brown colored stoneware, the unfired clay is similar to a dark wheat color and almost orangish brown. I threw a fistsized lump of clay on the wheel, centered it and made a cylinder. Once I did that, I pulled clay from the bottom where it was thicker to pull out clay from the bottom and even out the walls. I made the walls roughly 2/8ths to 3/16ths inches thick. I made the belly wide first, then tapered the ends in slightly. Once this was done, I removed it from the wheel and once at the leather-hard stage, I trimmed the bottom to make a slight foot. I also cleaned up any fatness at the bottom to make it taper down to the ground. At this stage, I also checked the top to make sure it was round.

After I was through trimming this, it went into the kiln for a bisque firing. Once it was out of the kiln and cooled, I glazed it with a temmoku, leech white, tomato red, keator saturated iron and yellow salt by dipping it into the buckets of the glazes. Then it went in to a glaze firing at cone 10. And, this is the finished bowl.

Posted Image

That is the teabowl I made. The opening lip is 3 1/2", the base is 2" and the overall height is 3 1/2"

I have thrown 33 others like this one with varying sizes and glazes.