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Member Since 15 Aug 2006
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About Me


Welcome to the profile of old-school player Polis113, who is focusing mostly on clanning. Polis113 is member of CSF, holding Leader Rank.

- Rs Name and combat level

Polis113. My account was created somewhere around November 2004 while playing in school. As i was really unsure what nick i am going to use, friend adviced me to use this nick. So when Polis was already taken, i took first option with numbers and here i come, Polis113 still going strong :) Never changed my nick.

My f2p combat level is 125, been 124 for very long time, might be going for 126 one day. P2p one is 133.

- Runescape history in general

As i mentioned my first touch with Runescape was around November 2004 in school. I didnt have connection at home for like 6 months from creating my account so i was scaping just during school breaks. After that i started to play more and my playing peak was around 2007/2008 when i get most of my levels, which are similar to my current ones. I was always Pking based and didnt do much of skilling so most of my time was spent in wild. There is no need to count how many sets i lost during wars, because even calculator wouldnt be able to do it #

- Clan history

As i am involved in clanning for very long time, the amount of clans might be really low to anyone´s suprise. It shows that i am not the guy who jumps from one clan to the other and that people can rely on me.

I was also in many small country clans(I am leading one of them), but that was mostly groups of friends and are not worth to mention. So here are the main ones :

Chaos Dragon

One of my first steps into the clanning. This was the main country clan and was real threat in wild, because we were pulling really high numbers. I wasnt there for that much because clan leader decided to close the clan and retired.

Czecho-Slovak Forces

Not much after the point when ChaosDragon closed, co-leader Pihosh decided to start national clan CSF, which consists of Czech and Slovak players. For those who dont know, our languages are almost similar same as culcture and we were one country before 1993 when we split off. This country clan had best period in the start when we were pulling up to 300 opts. The clan was born on 7th January 2007 and i am probably last member who is still in the clan who joined on the first date, even i left for some time this year, because i wasnt happy with way how clan was lead. I decided to rejoin at the end of August and wanted to help them go up, what happened soon, but after few motnhs they couldnt eat that TRWF is by far my #1 Clan and left. Rejoined at the start of the January 2011, after some changes in rules there, in hopes to run Czech/Slovak clanning once again.

After completing school-leaving examinations, i have taken Leader rank again.

The Runescape Warhungers Federation

Posted Image

And here comes the best of best - TRWF. After short amount of time spent in CSF, i was ready to try something new so i was searching for international clan. I was thinking about TRWF, TMRD and Corruption. As i was still kid i wanted clan, whose events starts as early as possible so i wrote topic on TMRD forums when i asked when are their events, they marked me as a spy so i had 2 clans left, but one day during CSF pk trip i was smacked hard by TRWF so i was sure what clan i am about to join. So in August 2007 i wrote my introduction and enjoyed the events. Best decision i could ever make in RS and no regrets about that. I still have video of my first war/screen of my first event. During my time in TRWF i was part of wins and big winning streaks same as losing ones. In TRWF, my ranks were Proud Warhunger, Senior Warhunger, Alphyn Coaltion leader, Legendary and i was Guardian twice, but stepped down first time when i felt its my time to quit but this try, same as others were big fails and still attended almost all events.

After being promoted to Guardian for second time, i was soon promoted to Trial Centurion. After few months of trying this, it looked like its not the right position for me and was given back the Legendary Rank on my request, with calling as backup.

Not a long after that, there were problems in TRWF. After problems with some members, real life problems i was kicked for botting, which wasnt absolutely true and the way how leader decided to act was rediculous. My career in TRWF ended on 5th July 2011, after nearly 4 years of membership.

The Titans

After TRWF´s closure, our core TRWF unit decided to go to the The Titans.

- Real life information

My name is Matej(Matthew). I live in north west of Slovakia - country situated in the middle of Europe. I am studying on grammar school and to my most favourite hobbies belong professional chess playing, going out with friends and attending gym.

- Contact information

IRC - Polis113 MSN - Polisko113@hotmail.com

- Additional information

Feel free to ask any questions connected with my personality :-)

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