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Egyptian Hieroglyphics help

14 August 2008 - 03:29 PM

For along time now I have been in possession of many artifacts claiming to be very old. They where collected around the period of 1900 by a world explorer and history teacher (unknown university) I own about half of his collection that came to my family, of which some are said to be ancient Egyptian. The first one is part of a coffin, what I would like however is some help with the witting in it. Sadly I understand I will not be able to get much from as it as only a small sample....... but every little helps;

Posted Image

Also in the image is apparently a wooden figure found in the coffin.... although I know no details of what it was for, or if it has significance.

Below is an image of the base of both objects, the figure appears to have a mark of some kind on it.... and the lable on the coffin reads:

"A fragment of a coffin (cedar wood) B.C. 1800 from Sakkhara"

Posted Image

Thanks for any help!

Commander Zilyana Safe Spot - A Bug or Not?

11 February 2008 - 07:48 PM

As people typically view something this is a "bug"... although not by definition a bug, it comes to the same thing.

Essentially it's something that Jagex did not intend for you to be able to do, to gain an unfair advantage.... now whilst i doubt they would take any action on players using this oversight, I would expect them to remove or adjust this area making it no longer possible.

The Way we Were: A History of RuneScape

21 October 2007 - 06:36 PM

Posted Image

Hello and welcome, to the history of RuneScape!

Have you ever wondered how Falador originally looked? If buckets look the same now as they did when RuneScape2 was first released?

Well hopefully this is the place for you! Although threads like this have been made before I hope by doing this to create the most organized and usable version around.

But I need your help! Do you have old print screens lurking in the depths of your computer, or somewhere on the forums or the way we where? Do you have a video walking around an area which is now totally different? If yes I would like to hear from you.

I am interested in videos/ print screens/ and other images of:





Past holiday events

And bits of the old web site

Before submitting images please make sure that they are your images to give, and that your subject matter has not already been given (there are only so many pictures of buckets I can cope with :P)

Note: although i am posting allot of images here there are many in the thread that are not posted due to copyright reasons, or because we already had similar, it is very worth looking through the thread :)

Please make sure the images are yours, if they are not I won't post them on the main thread post, it's not our property and we don't have the right to use them. If you find interesting pictures feel free to post them, but make clear that it is not yours in the image so i don't use them. If you find one of the images I have used is taken from somebody else, let me know and I will look into getting it removed/switched

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image






Important notice: As I don't know every website I will not be clicking links that are not to the official RuneScape site, or to YouTube videos. Please remember that all images videos etc remain property of Jagex.

Big thanks to

~ The Thieving Guild ~

04 September 2007 - 09:08 PM

Legal notice: By posting this thread I permit Jagex LTD an unlimited unconditional lincence to produce, adapt, modify, and remove any sections of the suggestion at their discression. Whilst out of their area, I am posting under the full Terms and conditions as stated on http://www.runescape.com. All players posting content and suggestions on this thread, are giving me the permission, unless directly stated otherwise to use their input to improve my suggestion, and you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of Jagex.

For those who don't know this message is provided so that Jagex are legaly able to use the suggestion (if they so wish).

~ The Thieving Guild ~

Underneath the town of Burthorpe, a group of agile thieves founded the rouges den, but that is not all they have done, at the south end of the main room, is a small door, guarded by Big Pete, the bouncer, Pete will only allow the true master thieves (level 70) to go past this door, as anyone who has yet to prove them selves as worthy to keep secrete what lies beyond.

The group of highly organized dodgy characters of the guild have formed their own currency (the black shilling) to support their network of stalls fuelled by thievery.

Along with the new currency the thieving guild will see the introduction of several new items, and features:

-*NEW* Bandits brew (M)

-*NEW* Potion of thieving

-*NEW* 4 new sets of lightweight, thieving clothing

-*NEW* Smuggler tunnel network.

It is important that the market feels busy, it should feel like a real collection point of the scum of RuneScape, with rouges, pirates, thieves, muggers, and highway men, all moving about the area.

Posted Image

1. the current rouges den

2. the entrance to the Thieving guild

3. the smuglers tunnel system

4. Blackened Jack - leader of the guild

5. The black market

6. wall safes.

~ The Black shilling ~

The Black Shilling is the currency of the guild of thief’s; it was developed by the rogues as a way to dodge the taxes placed on the GP by the kingdom of Asgarnia council. IT cannot be used or found outside of the black market.

Getting the Black Shilling – the Mini game!

To obtain the Black Shillings, you must be an accomplished thief, the aim of the game is to……. Wait for it……… STEAL STUFF!

(Well that was kind of obvious)

However unlike normal thieving, where the NPC just there and takes is, occasionally stunning you, you are now stealing from your own, and they can and will steal back!

However don’t worry, the only thing they will take is your Black Shillings, (if you are just starting to thief from them they will stun and damage you, when they attempt to pickpocket you, and find you have nothing.)

There are 4 main thieving targets within the guild, thieves, and dark thieves, strangers, and Market Guardians.


Require level 70 thief.

Possible loot: 10-20 B-shillings, lock pick, bandits brew.

Thieves randomly steal back from you, and will take 5-15 b-shillings away from you, they will also stun and damage you if they catch you red handed.

-Dark thieves

Require level 75 thief.

Possible loot: 30-50 B-shilling, lock pick, bandits brew (M), flash powder.

Dark thieves randomly steal back from you, and will take 5-15 b-shillings away from you, they will also stun and damage you if they catch you red handed.


As seen in desert treasure quest,

Require level 85 thief.

Possible loot: 30-60 B-Shillings, lock picks, thieving potion, flash powder.

Strangers randomly steal back from you, and will take 5-15 b-shillings away from you, they will also stun and damage you if they catch you red handed.

-Market guardians

Require 90 thief.

Possible loot: 30-100 B-shilling, lock picks, thieving potion, flash powder.

These don’t take too kindly to its members stealing from them, although these offer higher rewards, if they catch you they will kick you out of the guild for 10 seconds, but they won’t steal back.

Blackened Jack is the leader of the thieving guild, highly known in the organised crime rings, Jack has ties with both the Phoenix, and black arm gang in Varrock, cross him, or say anything not to his liking, and you may find his guardians are set on you, Blackened Jack is one of only two ways to get Black Shillings. He is often in need of “itemsâ€ÂÂ

Pure Essence! Did it really work?

20 August 2007 - 11:56 PM

I am sure that amongst our readers we have several who where not aware of the time when there was no such thing as "Pure Essence" so I shall start with this brief introduction.

At one time, there was only one type of essence it was simpaly called "Rune Eessence" and could be mined on both free and members accounts, this "rune Essence" worked in exactly the same was as "Pure Essence" does today, and could be used for making any rune!

Over a year ago in April 2006 Jagex made an update that caused major disruption in the runescape community with people taking both sides.... Jagex introduced "Pure essence" spliting the members from free players allowing F2P to only collect normal essance to use in the crafting of F2P runes.

below is the news post made by Jagex on the 20th of April two 2006.

Today we have made an adjustment to rune essence mining due to players breaking rule 7 and rule 12, using macros to mine the rune essence and then selling it.

As you are probably aware we have various systems in place to detect people breaking rule 7 and ban them. These systems work very effectively at detecting people breaking this rule, and make macroing a really bad way to try and train a high level character.

The problem we are now solving is not a problem with our macro detection systems which are still working well, but rather a problem with banning being an ineffective punishment against abusers who only use very low level accounts, and who have no intention of ever playing the game properly.

Over the last few weeks we have banned literally hundreds of accounts a day for macroing at the rune essence mine. However the bans were ineffective as the abusers could just create more low level accounts that they didn't care about to mine more. We also track trades so we can ban the recipiant of the illegally obtained items, but the abusers in this case were swapping the runes for gp, and then selling the gp for real world money on auction sites. Of course the person buying the gp for real world money gets banned, because we track the money they received in an unbalanced trade to a macro account, but the seller doesn't care that their customers get banned shortly after, as they have their real world money by then.

The fundamental problem is that rune essence was one of the few areas of the game which could be used to generate a reasonable amount of RuneScape money on a 'throwaway' low level free account. Normally to earn large amounts of money quickly you need to level up an account first, and then of course you care if it gets banned so our normal deterrant is effective.

We have therefore split rune essence to have 2 grades. Normal essence can only be used to make the six basic runes, whereas pure essence can be used to make any rune. You can mine both types of essence at the same place as before. The kind of essence you receive is automatically decided when you mine the rock. You will always get pure essence only if your mining is over 30 and you are on a members' world, otherwise you will get normal essence.

As a one-off event whilst we introduce this, existing essence in your bank and inventory will have been automatically converted to pure essence if you are a member or have other members-only items in your bank, provided you have level 30 mining or runecrafting.

Since free players can only craft the six basic runes anyway, the normal essence is just as good for its intended purpose of letting free players do low level rune crafting. However it is not so useful for selling to members who want to make law and nature runes (who we believe buy the vast majority of rune essence in Runescape) which should reduce its price significantly and make it a much less appealing proposition for real world traders.

The only people who should be significantly affected by this are players mining very large amounts of essence on free accounts purely to sell to members. There are better way of making money on high level free accounts anyway, so this change should only really affect players trying to making large amounts of money on a low level free account - which is of course the exact idea.

We would also like to yet again remind our players NOT to break rule 12 and be tempted to buy RuneScape gold for real world money. Nearly all the gold being offered for sale in this way was generated by cheating on 'throwaway' accounts. If you buy it not only are you encouraging further cheating, but you run the very real risk of being banned yourself as the money you receive is dirty money and will be tracked. Again we have banned countless players for breaking rule 12 and fuelling this problem, and will continue to do so.

We hope most players will agree we shouldn't let rule breakers spoil this game, and we are determined to not let them do so. As well as banning, where necessary we will also make minimal changes to the game to make rule breaking unviable.

If you wish to read this updates feedback at the time read Here, and the less important post update tweak here

At the time a quote from Paul stated it was his oppinion that gold farmers would not pay the money of membership to harvest the Pure Essence, and that may well stop the trade as members would not be intrested in normal essence.

Just before this update the then only "rune essance" cost between 25-40 gp each, and it is correct at that price the farmers would not have gone after it.

However withing moments of the update the price of the new "pure essence" raised amazingly to 100-120 gp each! alot of player became rich of the back of this update, I know sombody personally who had bought 300k rune essence the day before at 25 each.

It is now almost 1.5 years on, and I bring the question..... did this update help? make no difference? or make it worse?

In my view point at the time of the update, whilst I hated it...... I felt it was at the end of the day nessasary; as without this there would be no way to stop them. However now I belive it may have made the situation much worse.

When coming to our conclusions we have to take into account several factors that do indeed effect it.

1. The change in price. Did the raise from 25gp, to 100gp actually more than counsil out the cost of the membership (+risk of losing it)

2. Are there actually more autoers? now... when I say this I am talking with relative, there are obviousally more autoers now in the entire view of things, but has pure essence autoing actually become more or less popular to the farmers in contrast to other resourses.

3. from a non autoer prospective. when I was a free player mining essence for members was a great way of making money no matter what Jagex said, it was the same for many free players, this is how they earnt!

4. Getting hold of essence. For a member.... lets be honest most of us dont mine our own essence.... we have better things to do xp, time and intrest ways as a member than mining Essence. Members relied on free player to collect their essence, now it is mined by member, it is harded to get hold of.

5. Who do we buy essence off? there is no doubt about it.... the autoers came to members! and yet the majority of rune crafters dont mine their own ess..... so where is it coming from? are we actually buying it from autoers? on the old system it was more likely that it originaly came from a real person.

I hope this debate gets some good well though out discussion points, I feel that enough time has passed to make a fair judgment on how this has effected the game.

I am intrest to know how you felt at the time as well as how you feel now, like me you may have had an opinion shift.

Please note: I know that this will come... so I am going to pre-ask-it-to-stop (is there an actually word for that? :P). The comment "Jagex only did it so they can get more money from membership" is not welcome, if you know more indepth how much Jagex do to prevent rule breakers iin the game you will understand that that claim is totaly false, and probaly quite offenive to them.

Happy debaiting!