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Member Since 21 Aug 2006
Offline Last Active Nov 14 2009 07:40 PM

Cross Out Cross Advertising

25 August 2009 - 10:00 PM

Stop putting up ads for Funorb on Runescape, Jagex. I don't really mind banner ads, but when you replace Runescape news with spiel about how great Funorb is, I kinda get a little pissed. I go to Runescape.com for RUNESCAPE, not Funorb. If Funorb is doing so poorly you have to advertise on the homepage for another game, maybe you need to rethink your gameplan, hmm?

Good Quest, Plox?

12 August 2009 - 05:37 AM

This week we have another quest. Fur and Seek, the sequel to Rag and Bone Man. My problem? The quest itself takes about ten minutes. Then you get a useless reward of meager exp. That's it. Even if you invest the time to go through the trouble of getting every item on the wish list, none of which are one hundred percent drops, one of which comes from a daily D&D monster another from a monster requiring level 78 slayer, you're rewarded with a boss fight and 7K Prayer and 10K Slayer exp. Not bad, right? Especially consider you can do it once a week, right? Wrong. Afterwards, you get 1250 Slayer and 1000 Prayer exp. Considering that the Jade Vine, a daily event, gives double the Slayer exp and 1500 Farming experience, this is inadequate.

But what should I expect? This is pretty much the trend for quests this year. Short, easy, with near worthless rewards. The largest quest this year was the climax for the Dorgeshuun quest arc, significant only because it marks the first quest arc to end.

So, what's this rant about? It's about my want, my NEED, for a good quest. A quest that should fulfill more than one, but not necessarily all, of the following requirements:

-Significant. This is about the only requirement that this years quests fulfill.

-Good rewards. No more of this exp crap. I want a good item that people will use after the first day of release, a new method for training, a new traveling method, or something fun and interesting.

-Difficult/long. I want a quest that requires more than ten minutes of running around collecting items or an easy boss fight.

Ok, yes, it is a short list of criteria. But I can't think of much else and the only one that any recent quest has hit up is the first. Sure, significant is nice, I LIKE learning more about Runescape or meeting new, interesting NPCs, but it simply isn't enough.

Where's Saradomin?

22 July 2009 - 06:15 PM

Saradomin, the self proclaimed god of justice. Supposedly for good, though that's suspect. One of the most well known of the gods, discovered as soon as your character leaves Lumbridge. But how much do we really know about him?

Not a lot. Whereas Zamorak is often mentioned in the same breath as any of the other Mahjarret, and even has a mini-quest that chronicles his rise to power, while Guthix has several quests and minigames all about him, and even Bandos gets his time in the limelight, Saradomin is shrugged aside.

Sure, you interact with factions allied to him, the Temple Knights, the monks of Entrana, and various priests, but how much do really learn? In many cases these characters are no closer to him than you are!

The most I've heard about his origins comes from While Guthix Sleeps- the cutscene with the caveman touching the Stone of Jas has given rise to the theory that he might be Saradomin prior to godhood.

So my question is, where is Saradomin? Why doesn't he have his own quests? Why doesn't he, despite being one of the most basic of gods, ever have his origins even hinted at?

Illogical Things of Runescape

03 June 2009 - 02:04 AM

Come one, come all, to the perennial forum favorite: Strange Happenings of the Scapeland!

Post bizarre, nonsensical monster drops! Wonder at impossible topographical features! Tremble in horror at insane npc behavior!

Post your stories and musings here!

Recently, I was slaying Dagannoths. Whilst there, I noticed that they would occasionally drop tinderboxes. This struck me as odd; what sort of adventurer carries a tinderbox into a dangerous lair with him? And, furthermore, why are the Dagannoths holding on to them? Are they learning to make fire? Have we unwittingly advanced their evolution by millions of years?!?

Another thing that strikes me as odd is the desert. There are no mountains to create the weather conditions, and several rivers run through! Additionally, wells seem to be semi-common suggesting large underground resevoirs. Finally, the Pharoah Queen from the most recent quest mentions it used to be far more lush. What happened? Also, areas surrounding various mountain ranges are NEVER desert. What's up with that?

Hungry for More

02 June 2009 - 11:33 PM

This here's a rant about recent quests. No, not about the number of them, but about the difficulty and length of them: it leaves me hungry, nay ravenous!, for more.

Tale of the Muspah, Search for Red Raktober, Missing my Mummy, even to a certain extent The Chosen Commander were all far to easy. All but Commander were too short, over before I barely began- most of the length came from walking from place to place.

Furthermore, the rewards were all very light. True, several were low level quests, but Chosen Commander was not meant to be. The only reward of any merit so far has been Zanik's Crossbow and those new fish hats simply for the amusement factor.

All I really want is a challenging, long, in depth quest. I'm tired of having to chow down on Nooblets.