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In Topic: Problems with the English language

01 January 2012 - 01:29 PM

However, only one of the following is gramatically sound:
The store is close
The store is closed

Actually, those are both grammatically sound, which likely explains your earlier question as well :)

(i.e., words with multiple meanings develop restrictions on how each meaning can be used syntactically to increase clarity) (open and close both have multiple meanings, but close has more, and more pronounciations, and more syntactic restriction) (actually open has more meanings 88 to 75 in the dictionary I checked, but not in reference to stores, and in many cases open is opposed to closed, like in math you refer to open and closed sets, which distorts the comparison.)

In Topic: Tip.It Times - 25th December 2011

31 December 2011 - 10:40 AM

That was taken out of context. I am not accusing Jagex of censorship, I'm just saying what Jagex could have done better to avoid all the rage when Jiblix's demodding happened.

I'm not intending to take you out of context--but I'm not sure who you were accusing of censorship if not Jagex. Did you mean some other word, because it's hard to think of another word that would typo to 'censorship'? Cover-up maybe? Your explanation above is all well and good, but you did actually use the word censorship and your explanation above has nothing to do with it, which seems odd.

About taking you in context--I was going to reply to something else, from your last paragraph about whether Jagex would succeed against bots longterm or not, which came from whether Jmods are downplaying, which came from Jiblix...you guys are jumping around topics very quickly. Part of the responsibility for being taken in context is with the author staying in the original context, and also using words precisely. I decided the only way I could stay in context was to not reply at all to that paragraph. I end up agreeing with most of your paragraphs, but sometimes it seems like they don't get along with each other, which does indeed come back to context. Like if I take your last paragraph literally, where you say Jagex maybe can't deal with the bots, it kinda destroys all your previous arguments about how they should fully disclose :shock: If they can't succeed long term, they should hide that and keep stalling, tbh. But if you don't like a line by line analysis then I"ll leave it general like that for you.

In Topic: Beliefs, Religion and Faith.

31 December 2011 - 03:10 AM

Here's a quick video on the islamic penality for apostasy;

If the moral values of religion is good, then why do they condemn non-believers to hell, or worse - an actual death penalty?

Why are you using Islam and religion interchangeably? Islam is one religion, not equal to religion in general.

On the James quote:

1. He makes a false dilemma between materialism and theism.
2. He quotes the theory of his time on how the universe would end according to cosmographers. Now there are many theories as to what might happen, rendering his interpretation outdated.
3. His assumption that man's need for eternal moral order, while clearly stated as an assumption by the compositor of the quotes, is not only not an assumption that I share, but it doesn't even seem that tenable.
4. Interestingly, the belief in a recurring physical universe, such as one with enough matter to contract into a big crunch leading into another big bang, does seem to result in an "eternal moral order" without requiring theism.

In Topic: Tip.It Times - 25th December 2011

30 December 2011 - 11:31 PM

Lock all threads talking about Jiblix, but REDIRECT them to that statement instead of just locking them which makes it look even more like censorship.

Honesty can be worth a lot.

You want honesty?

In order to make sure that our forums remain an enjoyable place for our community to hang out, we’ve laid out some general guidelines and rules for posting. These specify what kind of posting is okay and what is not okay.

There, they're being honest that they censor their forums. Really, I have no idea why you bring up honesty and censorship. They mention that they censor the forums like 500 times, the list of rules is longer than this thread.

I wasn't supposed to post in this thread again :shame: But accusing Jagex of censorship just is so funny :oops:

In Topic: Beliefs, Religion and Faith.

30 December 2011 - 10:58 PM

Should atheists celebrate Christmas?

Happy solstice day :lol:

Also it makes for a funny convo if your employed.

Me - Merry Christmas
Customer - Oh im not christian
Me - Well neither am I, trollface.png

lol I like that. What about:

Me- Merry Christmas
Customer - Oh, I'm not Christian.
Me- Oh, me neither, -beat-, but you believe in Santa right? *Angrily stare at heathen customer*