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DK Luring: who's to blame

20 November 2007 - 08:02 AM

First, let's make clear that DK luring is not against RS rules, the only luring the RS rules prohibit is "luring players into the wilderness under false pretences"

Second, this thread is not about the morality of DK luring. That's not a useful debate because the morality of DK luring depends on the choice of moral system used as a yardstick, and in practice such a debate always turns into a display of emotion rather than reason. I personally loathe DK luring, but anyone who admits to doing so on forums clearly wants to be spited, so it's a bit useless to do so and isn't a debate.

Ok, now to business. Let's start by examining the usual targets of blame.

Target #1: The "evil" DK lurer. There have been a plethora of reasons for blaming the DK lurer over the years. Sadly, they all fall under falsely accusing them of breaking RS rules, or emotional arguments about morality, so they don't get us anywhere. If the DK lurer makes money and finds it personally morally acceptable, he will do it unless he has a better alternative. In a certain sense you can't blame someone for that, in another sense you can.

Target #2: The "noob" DK'er. Traditionally, DK lurers blame their victims, saying they could have avoided the death if they were more skilled. This latter statement may be true, but the argument as a whole is an equivocation of responsibility with blame. The DKer who could have avoided the death is responsible for his actions, but that doesn't mean that we "blame" him for dying. Blame implies not just responsibility, but responsibility for an act which is wrong.

Well, there's the problem in a nutshell. If blame requires an act which is wrong, and DK luring isn't against the rules and we don't want to debate morals with DK lurers who don't share our moral system, than why do we want to blame someone for DK luring? The answer is simple-- DK luring is bad gameplay. It's unrealistic, it decreases the total enjoyment derived from the game, and it shouldn't be possible to do at all. The lack of realism is definitely the main reason DK luring is so offensive, though. Consider how it starts, by attracting a lvl 303 monster to attack you. In any reasonable analogy to the real world, as long as no on else attacks that monster, it should keep attacking you until one of you dies. Because DK'ing is a poorly designed activity, it's possible to get it to attack other players who do nothing to it, without teleporting out yourself.

Imagine if you could go into barrows, find someone safespotting dharok in the tunnels, and go just give him a push to the side to get him out of the safespot so that he would kill the unsuspecting player he was fighting. Would people bemoan the evil and immoral "dharok-pushers", or would they rightfully blame jagex for this unwanted update? This example is notable in that pushing dharok to the side actually makes sense in terms of realism, although it would negatively impact gameplay. DK luring is a much worse aspect of RS than dharok pushing would be, as it's both unrealistic and bad for gameplay.

My challenge for those who believe DK luring is a good aspect of RS: what other encounters would benefit from being make "lurable", and why?

My challenge for those who agree with me: How should the mechanics of the DK fight be changed to make DK luring impossible? Do you think other lurable monsters will be released in the future or do you think jagex has learned their lesson about encounter design?