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Member Since 24 Aug 2006
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Hawk's Blag > Hey I haven't posted since last year!

Posted 14 March 2011

What's happened since then? I've gotten a lot busier.

I also bought myself a bass for my birthday, a Fender Affinity Jazz Bass, it's neat but I can't really play it yet. Looking into lessons, but I haven't found anyone yet.

Plus 3 AP classes, an involved engineering course, and student council with an inept advisor yields me being...

Hawk's Blag > Christmas comes tomorrow! [NOT]

Posted 20 December 2010

With Christmas in less than a week, and since I've got a lot of time on my hands right now, I thought I'd write you all something to waste some time on. Since nobody told me what they wanted me to talk about on my last blog [except for some bizarre Engrish rock crusher comment...], I...

Hawk's Blag > Ohai again.

Posted 28 November 2010

I've been up to a lot of naught lately.

Our washing machine is DEAD. So we can't have the new one delivered until Dec. 10 so we've got to go to the laundromat a few times before then... Plus the new one is way better and cost half as much as the original. Never buy a GE appliance. Oh, and I can't take it apart. :(

Thanksgiving was...

Hawk's Blag > AP Lit and Crazy Calc

Posted 20 October 2010

So for AP Lit we have to read novels outside of class and write a one page analysis on each one. My first one was 'The Scarlet Letter' which was an okay book. The second one, 'Sense and Sensibility', I absolutely hated and actually have not finished even though the paper's due on Friday (thank goodness for Sparknotes). Anyway, I'm...

Hawk's Blag > Should I change my forum name? (and other srs bsns)

Posted 10 October 2010

I've been thinking about changing my display name from hawkxs to Hawk. (Although I haven't even checked if it's available...) How do you feel about this? (if you even care). Dang, it has two posts but was last active over three years ago... http://forum.tip.it/user/87511-hawk/

Second thing. Random real life type I-want-a-boyfriend stuff....