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RuneScape Recorder (RSR)

23 August 2006 - 07:35 PM

Making RS videos is pretty popular. But for video makers like me, recording can take a lot data space in our drives. A suggestion that I would like to put forth is the RuneScape Recorder or the RSR. The RSR should be integrated into your RS game client. The RSR will be used to record movement/action data sent by the RS Server to your computer (Not an original idea. Used by games such as Half Life 2, Counter Strike (HLTV), Gunz Online, and more), with the option to choose where to save the data onto your hard drive or even an optional pay-to-use service to place files only a server provided by Jagex. Because the recorder only records movements, it will save a lot of data and CPU usage (Since it's only saving movements in a sequence and not a bunch of images.). A separate or Integrated RSR client can be used to view RSR movie files in your computer or download those uploaded to a provided Jagex server. And while we're at it, you may also provide a movie editor. I however, woiuld prefer to re-record the video and use it with my video editing software.

Discuss away.

Support my post on RS OFFICIAL FORUMS with replies!

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Stats Warning HUD

02 January 2006 - 06:09 PM

The problem I see in RuneScape is that I end up constantly flipping through my menus in the game, especially while I'm in combat. Well I have a solution.

Changes/Warning Heads-up Display (HUD)

Stats icons will flash for a brief 5 seconds with a ##/## next to it above your wilderness icon and will get higher if multiple stats/item changes occur at about the same time.

Stats changes will include potion effects (Including non-combat effects), hp regenerations, stats lowering effects, +1/-1 changes to stats, rune changes, arrow changes, potion changes, prayer changes, teleblock status, and any other kind of numerical change I miss.

A cool effect to have would be for flashing red icons over items running low. Arrows/Runes warning at 25 left, hp warnings at 1/3rd left.

Maybe strap in a mini special meter bar for p2pers.

SEnd this to Jagex or add on to my idea, I'm a bit too tired to finish my thought here and a bit worried I might forget.

Firemaking, a much more fun skill!

11 July 2005 - 02:26 AM

Okay guys, we all know firemaking is a pretty plain skill. I have a few ideas that may spruce it up.

Colored Fires:

To make a colored fire, you need a spell called Enchant Wood (lv 25) that should cost 1 cosmic rune and 1 fire rune. Using this spell on any log produces a selectable (by right clicking) color firewood - White, Black, Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, or Purple.

Higher level logs have a different fire effect when enchanted.

Normal logs: Default fire animation

Oak Logs: Emites Rings of Fire above the burning logs.

Willow Logs: Emites a bouncing ball of fire.

Maple Logs: Fire is in the form of a dancing imp.

Yew Logs: Fire is twice as large.

Magic Logs: Normal looking fire but constantly emites levelup fireworks.


Use a knife on a log and craft a stunt torch (3) or a firey baton (1). You may enchant a color to the torch/baton.

Higher level wood used to make the torch/baton has the following effects:

Normal: Just a nice fire.

Oak: Emites rings of fires.

Willow: Emites triangles of fire.

Maple: Firey dancing imps jump out from the torch.

Yew: Large torch fire.

Magic: Emites sparkles from the fire.

Torch tricks:]

Setting the torch on fire provides 1x firemaking xp compared to the logs.

Triple torch juggle - Self explanatory.

Torch Pass - Toss the torch to a fellow player without any equipment in his shield side.

Ignite web - Burns away webs.

Dragon's Flame - Requires Pyro's Brandy from the Al Kharid Pyro (New guy? :wink: ) Each flame uses 1/4th of the Brandy. You drink the Brandy and shoot a mist from your mouth the create the flame.

Fire writing - Write your words with fire. Clicking on this option takes you to a typing screen. Type down what you want (Small character limit) and your character will write it out in fire (Each character disapears in 3 seconds.).

Baton tricks:

Setting the baton on fire provides 3x firemaking Xp compared to the log.

Helicopter - Spinning the torch horizontally up above your head and bringing it down to your torso. It's hard to explain but it's doable.

Baton Toss - Throw the baton into the air and catching it.

Wheel around - Spins the torch vertically around your body, to the other arm, and back.

Fire Cyclone - Character does Helicopter and spits 1/2th Pyro's Brandy into the air, creating a fire cyclone.

Pyro's Dance - Randomizes the above tricks into a dance and finishes with a Fire Cyclone.

Both Torch and Baton burn away after 5 minutes of use.

Comments? More pyro ideas? Reply here! 8)

Another Money Draining Idea (If good, post on RS forum 4 me)

01 July 2005 - 11:01 PM

The Fun Costume + Toy Shop!

Wizard Gozococo, a wizard from the wizard tower and a long time friend of Diango, has come down to Draynor to sell his magical costumes and toys!

Note: When using these orbs, you cannot wear anything before using it. You cannot trade while trasnformed (No scamming.). You can cancel your transformation (By taking it off your inventory.) but you will lose the orb.


Orb of Scared (10k)-Turns you into a chicken for 5 minutes.

Orb of Cuddliness (10k)- Turns you into a big brown/black bear for 5 minutes.

Orb of the Party (15k)- Turns you into a random colored Party hat (Like a movie party hat.) for 5 minutes.

Orb of Easter (20k)- Turns you into the Easter Bunny for 5 minutes.

Orb of Christmas (20k) - Turns you into Santa Claus for 5 minutes.

Orb of Undead (10k) - Turns you into a zombie for 5 minutes.

Orb of Invisibility (25k) - Turns you invisible for 5 minutes. Cannot be used in the wilderness.

Orb of Ugly (10k) - Turns you into a goblin for 5 minutes.

Orb of the Ghastly (10k) - Turns you into a ghost for 5 minutes.

Orb of Deception (5k) - Changes your character's clothing and/or gender randomly. The change will remain for 5 minutes.

Fire Crackers (5k each) - Lay them down in a line. Light them with a tinderbox and they will all appear. Then they will each pop one by one.

Mini Fireworks (10k each) - Light them with a tinderbox and take cover. They will emite some fireworks from a low height.

Magical firewood (1k each) - Light them with a tinderbox and a fire will be made emitting a random color.

Snowball (500gp each) (Stackable) - Throw them at other players (No damage.).

Prankster's Fireball (1k each) (stackable) - Throw a fire blast at another player to scare them. (No damage.)

Balloon (5k each) - A wieldable floating Balloon. Balloons expire in 15 minutes.

Magical Kickball (1k each) - A ball you can kick to other players into their inventory if they have "Fun Mode" on. After some time of playing, the kickball will pop and the loser will be the last one to have the ball.

Orb of Camoflague (10k each) - Use on an NPC to turn into that NPC (Note, you cannot turn into a banker, shopkeeper, or quest NPC.).

Magical Puppet (level 1, 300 HP) (100k each) - Drop the magical Dummy on the ground and it will come to life. Can be controlled by the Puppet's Wand. Each Player can only controly 1 puppet at a time. Expires after 1 hour of play.

Puppet's Wand (1k each) - Can command the dummy to fight NPCs (No xp for you.), emotes, fight your random events, etc.

Puppet's Sword (5k each) - Equip it on your puppet.

Puppet's Shield (5k each) - Self explanatory.

Decoy Bunny (5k each) - A magical colorful bunny that hops along in 1 direction for 1 minute. If it meets up with a wall, it will turn and hop along another direction. Good for distracting newbies. :wink:

Runaway Lobster (5k each) - Same as the bunny except the lobster zooms away at run speed. Expires in 1 minute or if it reaches water, it will disapear there (Yes, even in a river. :lol: )

Big Fat Glasses (10k each) - Huge eye glasses. May cause your character to walk funny and may drop + break them. Can get it replaced for 1k by the wizard.

Orb of Nature (10k each) - Transforms you into a tree, bush, mushroom, or whatever fits the scenery for 5 minutes. Note, you cannot move.

Mystic String (5k per line.) - A prankster's favorite. Attach the string to an item or some coins (It's magical so =P). Click on the attached items to drop it on the ground. Run along 10 squares. When someone clicks on the item, it will slide along the ground back to your character. Or you can click on the string in your inventory and it will pull the item back. Can only be used once.

Magic Candy Cow (20k per cow) - Using the item will summon a big cow that will run around in circles. The cow has 500 hp (I recommend placing it in a multiway zone) and gives no XP when it's hit. When the cow dies, candy and chocolate bars will appear around the cow. Cow disapears after 5 minutes if it doesn't "die".

More ideas to come. Wizard Gozococo is gonna make diango go poor. :wink:

Mage getting slain easily by Melee?

01 July 2005 - 07:17 PM

I know mages are underpowered in F2P, I don't know if the highest level bubble is necessary (I heard p2p mages overpowered? =S).

Magical Defense bubbles!

Bubbles do not appear until attacked or when bubble is almost expired. You must wear robes and no other armor designed for other classes except for gloves and boots.

Req 25 magic + 25 defense

Level 25: Defense Bubble. +50 defense to all melee damage. Cost 25 Earth, 25 Water, 5 cosmic runes. Lasts for 5 minutes. Bubble will flash or fade to 50% after 4 minutes of use. (blue bubble)

Req 50 magic + 50 defense

Level 50 Double Bubble. +100 defense to all melee damage. Costs 50 Earth, 50 water, 10 cosmic runes. Last for 7.5 Minutes. Bubble will flash or fade to 50%after 6.5 minutes of use. (Green bubble)

Req 75 magic + 60 defense

Level 75 Absorbtion Bubble. +150 defense to all melee damage. Cost 75 Earth, 75 Water, and 15 cosmic runes. Last for 10 Minutes. Bubble will flash or fade to 50% after 9 minutes of use. (Gold Bubble)