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In Topic: 200M in all Skills

26 May 2013 - 06:13 PM

What effect has 07 had on the race to 200m all in EoC? Are world pops down and as a result spawn rates? how drastically is this effecting xp/hour in various skills, i found it nigh on impossible to get within 20-30k exp/hour when hunting in a sup optimal world.

Has allowed people to shit in GP whilst doing AFKables (mostly Ivy), which takes the money making element of it all down a lot. There was also Alkan and possibly others who seem to have all but quit (well, Alkan appears to be on the return) which took a big toll on the ranks whilst also allowing people to gain a "lead" they would've otherwise been chasing.

[naivety] How is '07 allowing people to make so much money? Multi-logging and selling 07gp for EOCgp while afking on their main? [/naivety]

In Topic: Divination - one of the new skills reported by IGN

06 May 2013 - 12:37 PM

Can't say I am really excited about having a pseudoscience - divination, as the basis of a new skill.

Mm, don't you just hate it when games based massively around magical events introduce pseudosciences? Really wrecks their integrity.

I'm looking forward to this, will be interesting to see what happens both with the skill and the markets inbetween the gathering and processing skills are released, however. Will the skill have any use other than its own xp before the processing skill? Perhaps the benefits gained from it would be skill-based rather than combat-based, allowing faster skilling by using Divination 'prayer'-equivalents.

In Topic: 200M in all Skills

12 March 2013 - 12:42 PM

Nobody has 5B total exp and 200M exp in all skills.

That is simply the same as saying ''That was almost a goal, so close!'' in football. Nobody scored, no goal.

Not even remotely the same. For that analogy to work, the footballer would have to have an open goal, get the ball right up to the goal so it was basically guaranteed, and then just boot it away.

(Talking about real football, not American)

Not even that, he'd have to walk up to the goal with the ball and stand by it, uncontested, with the ball millimeters from the line, and he can choose to kick in whenever he likes. Indeed he could leave the stadium, go home, sleep, go on holiday, and whenever he chose he could go back to the stadium and kick the ball in, and nobody else will have done it for him, because this is a solo game of football... With no goalkeeper... But it's a bloody long pitch... OR SOMETHING. (Although someone else may have scored a goal in the meantime.)

P.S He also couldn't move the ball backwards... Though in summer the goal could move further away? Unless he broke the law in which case his ball might be removed from the pitch. TOO MUCH ANALOGY.

In Topic: High Tier Item Access

11 March 2013 - 09:05 AM

Yoko, most of what you talk about is all well and good, but it's all in theory. The exact reason we need these high-priced novelty items is that theory and reality just don't match up.
It's true that some of these items have been a significant upgrade, but considering that the best way to obtain them is to fight that respective boss, it is fairly balanced.

Firstly, tiered combat equipment shouldn't be, and at high levels is simply not 'novelty'. It is progression, and that progression is made difficult by the necessity of vast wealth rather than skills. If spirit shields and nex armour were novelty items, then they sure as hell messed up somewhere because as someone mentioned earlier, the combination of the two, that would certainly cost over a bil, made you nigh-on invincible.

Secondly, the bosses that drop this mid-high level armour (remembering that level 80 is only ~1/6 the xp of 99,) require maxed/90+ stats and high-level gear to kill effectively, this does not make it balanced, it means you have to go far past the required level to unlock the means to access something that you have already technically met the requirements for.

To, go back to the skilling discussion earlier, RS has certainly become a game based, by vast majority, in combat, and the gaining of wealth both by and for combat in order to fund ostentatious outfits and high-rate skilling xp, and frankly I don't see how Jagex can recover it from its current state, (if they even realise how bad it is.)

In Topic: 200M in all Skills

06 March 2013 - 01:57 PM

Is there any news on when SUOMI's planning to get 5b? I feel like him leaving it so long taken quite a punch out of the impact for when he does get it. When it was all a big build up I was excited to go see it happen, but now he's basically been there for the past month, I kind of don't care any more...