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Member Since 26 Aug 2006
Offline Last Active May 25 2014 11:47 AM

SoDB - Slayers of Dangerous Beasts

07 January 2013 - 02:23 PM

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¤¤ SoDB - Slayers of Dangerous Beasts ¤¤

Established 2006

About Us
• Key Info: PvM, Skilling, Community
• Language: English
• Time Zones: All
• Clan-chat: SoDB
• Citadel: Tier 3
• Clan Avatar: EXP Boost
• Forum: http://s7.zetaboards.com/sodb

The Slayers of Dangerous Beasts started off in the summer of 2006 when four friends who were fighting the King Black Dragon came up with a way to bring monster hunters together. Since then, it has grown into a thriving community, with countless hours logged at every boss Runescape has to offer, from Nex to the Kalphite Queen. In recent years, we have spread our wings to encapsulate all aspects of the Runescape experience, and our members have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to help support and enhance each other's gameplay. We are a growing community and are interested in anyone enthusiastic about growing with us!


SoDB has always been known for its inclusive and friendly environment, and we take great pride in nurturing enthusiastic monster-hunters. Most of our staff and older members are max combat and moving towards max/comp capes, and they are keen to share their top-level advice on all aspects on Runescape. However, our community has always focused on slaying dangerous beasts, so we do ask that new members meet our combat requirements. These aim to ensure that you will be getting as much as possible out of us, while not excluding those players that aren't yet near the gear/level requirements of other high-level clans. We have a lot to offer anyone that meets our requirements, and the higher-leveled you are, the more you will get out of us! If you want to talk to us about anything relating to our requirements or SoDB in general, our clan-chat is always open to guests, so pop in and talk to us. Failing that, feel free to message any of our staff members on these boards. :)

Our requirements stand as such:
• Have at least 80+ Constitution/Melee/Range/Mage.
• 70 Prayer (Piety and Grave-blessing)
• Barrows armour or better.
• Basic PvM supplies.
• Join our forum here, and post an introduction.
• Read and agree to our Code of Conduct, found on our forums here.

What we want you to be aiming for:
• Consistently improving your gear.
• Chaotic Weapon(s)
• Extremes/Overloads
• Turmoil
• Unicorn/Yak
• Eventually, max combat, but a desire to raise your combat skills is the most important thing.

What do we offer?

• A mature and friendly community.
• Plenty of high-leveled, experienced Monster Hunters who are happy to chat and share their knowledge.
• Events launched from both the forum and clan-chat.
• Teaching trips to all bosses.
• An active forum. Our forum has been active since 2006 and is a large part of our community.
• A friendly clan-chat in which you can come and find teams for anything you wish to do, or just hang out and chat.
• A council of experienced members that discuss and vote on key issues.
• Presently, our Citadel is at tier 3, and we have an avatar with plenty of avatar wardens. Resource gathering at the citadel is not required, but all help is appreciated.

Key Rules
(Full Code of Conduct here.)
• You must be 13+ to join SoDB.
• You must follow the rules of Jagex and SoDB.
• Be respectful of other clan members, regardless of levels.
• No trolling, flaming, scamming etc. (Be mature.)

How to join
One you have read this thread and meet the requirements, head over to our forums here and post an introduction! Then come and join us in the clanchat, and once our staff have validated your admission, you will be added to the clan.

Current Staff

Thanks for reading! We hope to hear from you soon! :) We will try to respond as quickly as possible to any questions you have to ask, and will add them to our FAQ below.

• How do I contact you?
So many ways! You can respond to this thread, message one of our staff-members on these or our forums, join the clan-chat, or pm a staff-member in-game.

• Do we allow multi-clanning?
We're a community, so we're happy to have people in our clan-chat as guests and even to contribute on our forums. However, to be ranked in the clan, we expect more of a commitment. Ranking depends on activity in the clan-chat, activities with the clan, and activity in the citadel. It is also helpful to be active on our offsite forum.

• Can I join the forum without being in the clan?
Yes, the forum is currently open to everyone. However, only our members get second chances, so don't misbehave!

• What if I don't meet all the requirements?
Our clan-chat is open to guests, and the better to get to know us, the better disposed towards you we will be! If you're only falling slightly short in a couple of areas, and are active enough in the clan-chat and the forum, this may qualify you to join us anyway :)

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Game-feed spam.

14 September 2012 - 12:29 AM

For music accompaniment, click here and play both at once

So I thought I'd break your computers and make you do a lot of scrolling because I'm kind and considerate like that :D It's taken a long time to get to this point, but I have finally upgraded my blue 90s cape into a patriotically-coloured Max Cape :D

I put on this outfit to max out, if you can tell me the significance of every single slot then cookies will be given :wub:
Posted Image

Let the image-spam begin!
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Finally, 14 levels later, I achieved the Max Cape :D :D
Posted Image
Posted Image
Liz kindly screenied the game-feed for me which I've editted slightly to fit :D (Who knew getting 14 99s took so long!?)
Posted Image

The last set of rocks - cooking - then went to get me my last ever completed Dahmaroc Statue! :D
Posted Image

And so the party began!
Posted Image
(Deb had had rather a lot to drink and started seeing things that weren't there...)
Posted Image
Posted Image

And then I took a lovely lady back to mine to show her my new statue :wub:
Posted Image

Please read if you can, but be warned, there are a lot of pictures!
The Story of the prelude

Story read or otherwise, I must address my clan, SoDB :wub:
To say I wouldn't be here without you is the greatest of understatements. I have been in SoDB for over five years, and I now watch new members coming in and being taught how to DK as I was so long ago! I have seen a lot of great members come and go, and it is easy to get nostalgic, but SoDB is still as great today as it always has been. I've quit and I've come back, and every time SoDB has been there and has been the reason I've kept playing all these years. Thank you all so much :wub:

Special thanks to everyone who came, really means a lot! :wub:
Also to Mizzo23 and Quester Rob, one of whom just happened to be there and the other who saw it in the feed and came to grats me specially, very nice of them ^.^
And to those who PMed, some were hilarious, the others just nice so thanks :)
I'd also like to give some credit to Renez for inspiration, and to RuneShark for the idea on how to get many levels at once with the Dahmaroc Statue!

United we stand. The Slayers of Dangerous Beasts.

Summer Party ON!

23 August 2012 - 11:18 PM

When the sun is shining, there is nothing better than a barbecue and now you can do the same in Gielinor! The new summer barbecue is a portable cooking range that you can place at a location of your convenience, giving all the benefits of a standard cooking range plus an additional 10% XP boost. No need to worry about your barbecue going cold anytime soon either, as each one can be used up to 999 times!

After a nice barbecue, why not finish off your meal with a nice ice cream...on your head? Yelps has added a brand new ice cream cone hat which has the handy benefit of preventing dehydration: something that can be troublesome when travelling across the Kharidian Desert. The hat also contains 10 charges of food, in case you get a bit peckish.

Finally, how about letting all your friends know what mood you are in today with your own personal sun or storm cloud which floats above you? Feeling in a positive mood? Then thesummer sun ring will generate a small sun orb which, while worn, will give you a +2 bonus to your defensive stats.

Feeling a bit low and the world is getting you down? Then try a summer storm ring which will generate a small rain cloud above your head for everyone to see. It’s not all this doom and gloom though as wearing the storm ring will give you a +2 bonus to your offensive stats, just in case anyone is foolish enough to take you on during your mood!

When the year ticks over to 2013, all remaining gameplay effects from these items will be removed, and the items will remain as cosmetic items only. Also, it’s worth noting that if you destroy or die with the item you can reclaim a replacement from Diango, but the cosmetic version only.

All four items will be available throughout August and September, but chances of winning are increased for this weekend only (Friday 24th to Monday 27th inclusive - GMT).

Don’t forget that members currently get three daily spins instead of one, so subscribing is a sound way to double your chances to win per day. Check out our Squeal of Fortune wiki pagefor more ways to get extra spins.

Good luck!

The RuneScape Team


iPod/iTunes/Laptop problem...

24 February 2011 - 05:18 PM

Basically this laptop decided it would just blue-screen about two weeks ago, couldn't do anything about it myself so sent it off to be repaired, where they factory reset it and sent it back to me 'brand new'. Problem is that 'brand new' also means 'without your stuff' so I've lost my itunes library.

Now I have the music on my iPod Touch (32GB if it helps) but can't get it off there and onto the new iTunes because my iPod's synced with another library (the one that no longer exists.) I've looked online and it seems that for iPod Touches it's no longer possible to simply copy the files across so I need help from you guys, what can I do??

Really weird bug/problem with my laptop.

21 February 2010 - 06:16 PM

I'm currently experiencing a very annoying "condition" as I shall call it with my computer.

Virus check - no problems.
Keyboard check - no problems.
I'm on Windows Vista.

OK, the weird problem I'm having is quite difficult to define, and may be two seperate problems but it seems unlikely as they started at the same time.
1.) The "start" menu keeps popping up and down, literally every 2-3 seconds. No idea why, the Windows button on my keyboard is working fine, I've cleaned it out and everything and it's got nothing to do with me hitting that...
2.) Typing. This is intermittent, and for the majority of this post has luckily been alright. However, when I type things (and this is not a new laptop, I've had it for a while and know the shortcuts on it etc), either My Computer opens, or "Run" opens, or my laptop locks, or IE8 comes up (while I'm using Firefox). Rebooting doesn't seem to work either. OK editting this now thanks to typing coming back. It appears that some sort of function key has been pressed to cause windows relating to what I'm typing to pop up (r - Run, l - Lock, etc) but when I hit the function key the problem persisted and I do not remember having hit any sort of key like that. (In fact I just pressed the Function Key to try it out and it did not have that effect.)