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27 June 2009 - 07:11 AM

I can't log into runescape, I've tried on all my accounts but it keeps saying "too many incorrect logins from your address, try again in 5 minutes" even though it's my first attempt to log in and i'm the only one who plays rs in my house, i've tried restarting my computer, using the RS client, and the browser version but it always says the same thing.

What do I do?? :o

Anyone else have this problem?

21 June 2009 - 09:30 PM

When I click play runescape, it does its usual loading thing, but once it hits "loading defaults" it freezes then goes to whitescreen eventually, i've tried playing with FF, the RS client and SK but none of them will load runescape.


Some 'blogger' parent thinks RS makes kids fat

08 April 2009 - 09:28 PM

From: http://ambercrummy.b... ... esity.html

I have recently been compelled to type ravenously to warn you all about an epidemic... And that is a game called Runescape. I believe that it promotes childhood obesity, wastes a person's life, and promotes over the internet serious relationships that make it a haven for child molesters and/or cyber sex acts.

First let's cover what this game is... I read a bit from the wonderful Encyclopedia Dramatica, and unfortunately I admit to playing this game every now and then. But I play responsibly. It is a simple game of point and click as you hear simple MIDI music playing, the entire game is played by the click of two mouse buttons, while chat is obviously using all the letters of the keyboard. The camera angle can be adjusted with the arrowkeys. But all in all, you just click on something, wait, then the process gets done. When you work, you click... If you're high enough of a level, you will acquire the resource you wish, provided that you also have the correct equipment. Fighting consists of clicking on a 'monster' and hoping that you win the battle, with occasional equipment switches to suit the fight. Then there's eating....

In the game, if your hitpoints are low, you are wise to eat food, for it instantly heals those hitpoints. And the player's stomach is insane... Immense storage. I have seen videos of people gulping down an entire inventory of swordfish in a losing battle. Younger players can take this in a bad light. They can suddenly be brainwashed that eating immense amounts of food can help them live longer or heal faster from a simple cut or bruise. And that 'brain stamp' the game causes can harm their lives, making them obese and shunned by society for it. And they may eventually be stuck in that rut of constantly being laughed at for how they look, and refuse to even go outside and exercise, much less lead a normal life.

Back to work. Working on Runescape is simple, click on the resource... Well I've already told you the process. But that's it. That's all you do. Nothing else. When you have wasted enough of your time on that resource and have gained another level, you are free to forage for another better resource. The process repeats. Obviously cash is made from work, and then you can spend that on something that you will not own for very long, because you will end up needing the next best thing. The process is always the same. There is an end to it all as well... Let's use mining as an example: You move from level 1 to level 99, the limit. The stuff you mine goes in this order, at least I THINK it does... not naming the member items: Copper/Tin->Iron->(coal?)->Silver->Gold->Mithril->Adamant->Rune->Dragon.

After you can mine them all, what else is there to do? That's right, nothing whatsoever. That's it. Done. The END. By that time you're probably rich, maybe lacking some of the 'rare' party hats and whatever. Then all you CAN do is what a player named Zezima does, who is known to have trained up all levels of his character to 99: Just stay on top of the high score list by continuously clicking things over and over. I feel sad for this Zezima person, and hope that he does have a healthy social, spiritual, physical, and mental lifestyle. But he has wasted so much of his life clicking away, such a waste!

Anyway. I encourage you all to stay away from Runescape, World of Warcraft, games like these that are renown for being extremely addictive. And parents, get your child off Runescape before you see him wolfing down ten steaks with the excuse that the dog bite nearly made him respawn in Lumbridge, save him before the damage is really done!!!!

And here are some videos to go with this long post.

Some kids acting all too serious and talking to inanimate beings, and they make constant references to 'gods', suggesting that there is a religion that some Runescapers follow. Also there is lots of greed shown in this person who made the video. He must stop playing, though it is too late.

A video that shows accurately how female players are treated in the game. I see this all the time.

A simple 'no, I have no money for a drink' would have done well.

Cybersex taking place. No nudity obviously, but plenty of expletives. Beware. Make sure you read in the chatbox.

Oh, and when I said Zezima may not be as bad into the game, never mind... Look here.

Oh, Lord.... Look at what they're SAYING.

Zezima: I never thought I could be happier until I met you.

Elianestp: I have everything I need now.

Zezima: You've changed my life... I'm sure the future can be even better.

Elianestp: I love you Peter <3>

Gizzengard2: I think I'm gonna cry.

After watching this video, I am convinced that this person named Peter, aka Zezima, is a lost cause. But of course nothing is certain.

*SIGH*. Humans.

I read this and thought, "omgbbq"? yeeahhh, guess what guyssss, I can eat a whole shark in RUNESCAPE, now i'mm gunna do it in real life, because i'm cool like that! then I'm gunna go to god wars dungon and kill kree`ara!

Anyway, disscuss the article.

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13 February 2009 - 07:29 AM

loll I havn't posted on TIF in forever :o

anyway, here's a few recent tags :)

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09 January 2009 - 03:13 AM

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C/C, not flame :)