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In Topic: Today...

30 August 2017 - 03:56 AM

A couple months ago I got hit with a fun new, super painful, rare skin condition and I was seeing all kinds of specialists for it.  One specialist prescribed me one thing, and then a couple weeks later another specialist prescribed me something else - he knew what the other specialist had prescribed and said to just take both until I saw the other specialist again and he could decide if I should continue with his prescription.


But when I went to the pharmacy the pharmacist was getting me my prescription and he brought out all this paperwork and said I needed to fill out all these disclosure forms saying that he had let me know of the lethal combination of the different prescriptions.  He said that the 2nd prescription could increase the potency of the first so that it becomes lethal.  But he still let me take both of them, just as long as I signed the paperwork.


So yea, that was a fun trip to the pharmacy!

In Topic: Post pictures of your pets here

08 October 2015 - 02:46 AM

Ammo was filmed for Air Bud TV!  I thought he was only going to be in a tiny part but he's all over the place in the video.  He's even the first dog they show!


In Topic: Today...

29 May 2015 - 12:13 AM

Getting a kitten Friday. Sadly, due to college housing restraints he'll be an indoor only cat. My roommates are lukewarm about the idea and my mom is against it.. But I want one so I'm finna do it anyway.

Will the kitten get bored/lonely while I'm working 8 hour shifts and he's all locked up in my room? I almost feel like getting a second one without running bit by my family. Ha. Don't like the idea of the poor guy being alone for so long everyday

Also, when he's older and litter trained he'll have free roam of the house, if that makes any difference


When bringing a cat into your house it's better to only give them access to one room in the beginning anyway.  Having to adjust to one room is a lot less stressful than an entire house and all the people in it.  If you can, buy cat trees, toys, or things that can hang off door knobs, etc. so the kitten has stimulating items while your gone.  The big thing is to give it actual play time when you're around.  I find even if I can only squeeze in a half hour of play time with my cats it makes a big difference in them (and by play time I mean I can work them up to the point where they are tired and panting).


As for it being an indoor only cat, that's really the best thing for a cat.  Better for the health and lifespan of the cat and much better for the environment since cats are such invasive species.


As for the litter box, you can put him in after he eats and whenever you notice him wake up.  Plus if he does have an 'accident' if you can move any of it into the box that will help them associate the litter box with their waste (a lot easier if their first accident is a solid obviously).

In Topic: Today...

15 May 2015 - 05:20 AM

I used to have a roommate who would make a giant bowl of pasta at the beginning of each week and it would sit in his room for the week while he ate out of it for his meals for the week.  It was so gross.

In Topic: It's Super Effective!

30 October 2014 - 05:52 AM

Oh god, that sounds awful. Hope your kitten is okay.


They weren't entirely sure what the problem was.  He's around the right age that male cats tend to get crystals and other urinary problems.  But it could also be because I had to temporarily switch him from raw food to kibble due to bacterial issues he was having and the change in pH could have messed up him.  Either way they gave him some Metacam for pain/inflammation and put him on their special 'urinary stress' cat food.  They checked what little urine he had in him and said they could not see any crystals just a lot of blood :(  He had blood in his pee for the following two days but then it fully cleared up.  There also hasn't been any changes in his activity level or appetite, so I'm hoping he is good.


He goes in for a follow up with our regular vet next week but odds are he will have to be on that vet food for life.  Which sucks since the food sold at the vet is some of the worst quality food you can feed a pet, but since it has the medication in it, it's necessary for now.  I'll have to do some research to see if it is likely I can make the switch back to raw since I've added additional cranberry supplements to his diet.




One of the kittens peed basically straight blood :(


I took him into the emergency vet and gave me some anti-inflammatory's and some of their specialized cat food for cats with urine stress.  But it's basically a waiting game for the next couple of days in hopes that the blood lessens and no blockages form.

Not to sound pessimistic but your vet bill will be horrible compared to the blood problem



They had to do one test on his urine to see if he had crystals and I had to pay for the new food and medication and it was at emergency rates, but it only came to about $320.


And to be perfectly honest it really wouldn't matter what it had cost, I would have been willing to pay it.  The poor cats have been through so much and I don't think I could handle losing two cats in one year :(