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Disease ticks

21 August 2015 - 08:18 AM

Whether or not you pay the farmer to take care of your plants, they may suffer a disease tick which makes them take longer to grow. That is a correct statement.


However, when the only patches that do not update or have not updated 24 hours after you planted them are the fruit tree patches with the exception of the Tree Gnome Stronghold patch that is a bug. You should file a bug report. When that happens over and over again exactly the same way, that is a highly annoying bug.


So if you take the old grow times as a guideline, that means that the disease ticks happened over every single tick for at about 10 hours and only on the tree patches other than the Tree Gnome Stronghold one which never seems to have them and is always full grown the next day if I replanted it the day before.


May all fan boys/girls die when Runescape does since they can't seem to live without it.


Now Goodbye and Good riddance.



Graphical error defintion

21 August 2015 - 08:07 AM

There seems to be a common misconception on this site as to what a graphical error is. So to clarify it I will try to explain.


A graphical error is when something like a tree or a building renders incorrectly. It might even be part of your avatar that stops showing up at times. That is what a graphical error is.



The game loading upside down is not a graphical error. It is an error pertaining to the workings of the game (mechanics) and not rendering. The game changing the view when you go in and out of your house or mini games is not a graphical error. That is also an error in the game mechanics.


The moronic placing of the House settings panel is just an ignorant placing and not actually a bug.

Will it ever get fixed?

20 August 2015 - 06:31 AM

Hello. The question in the post title refers to the bug in the inventory in Legacy mode. Here is the copied and pasted entry that I wrote on the Runescape forums on 8/17/2015:


"Starting just a few minutes ago, I noticed that when I open a bank my inventory switches from 28 to 35 available spots. The last 2 in the sixth row and the entire seventh row are empty when it switches and if I try to take more than 28 items out of the bank it won't let me. Any items I do remove from the bank into my inventory only go into the first 28 spots. The inventory reverts back to 28 spots when I close the bank window.

Is there a plan to increase the inventory? Will this ever have a bug that would make someone take out 35 items only to lose the last 7 when they close the bank?

I play in Legacy combat and interface. I am on world 97 in the Gnome Stronghold not the Grand Tree bank."





Several others agreed with me and a Jagex employee even acknowledged that it was a bug. It has been three days since that and this bug that happened with the last small update has not been corrected.


Do you think that it will get corrected or do you think that Jagex is just being manipulative and trying to get people to switch away from Legacy interface mode so they can get rid of it?

Polar Kebbit in Private

23 June 2015 - 04:35 PM



It would seem that the points for the polar Kabbits in the Private hunter area have been drastically reduced from what is listed on tip.it.


In the hunter guide and the calculator the polar Kebbits (box trap) are listed at 450 XP. When checking the box trap I only get 253XP.



Golden Rocktail Eggs

24 April 2015 - 06:14 AM

Examine: Add these to the bathysphere in your house to unlock rocktail in your aquarium.