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Wilderness Guardian vs Final Warning

06 May 2012 - 09:34 PM

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Today we massed up for a war vs RYCERZE APOKALIPSY. Unfortunetly, Times stinked up, His Lordship had an asian moment and they thought the war was an hour earlier, sorry if we messed up on our part, hope to war you soon <3. We heard FW were already massed up, so we approached them for a war.

Round 1 - Matched Ops - All Styles - WG WIN

This round started off well for us, they piled our more experienced tanks...and me. His Lordship managed to actually tank people at the 10 man mark, this was a first, even for an aus/asian of his might.

WG Starting: 17

FW Starting: 23 (Cut to 17)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks for the fights +)

Euphoria Vs Cheer Up

11 February 2012 - 03:06 PM

Euphoria vs. Cheer Up

After disappointing performances our last 2 times fighting CU without having won a round in either, we looked to better ourselves today and prove our spot at the top of the CWA team ladder.

Rules -

Best of 3 matched

All styles

Middle bounds

DG on

Corrupt off

North spawn attacks

EU blue, CU yellow

Round 1 startings -

Posted Image

EU: 45 (cut to 31)
CU: 31

The fight started off with a bang and was fast paced from the start. CU took the advantage after taking the majority of our FI leaders out early in the fight leaving us with normal yet capable members left leading the lower numbers. We were down a couple but had a few solid tanks in a row letting us even the lead back and eventually take it with CU leaving the portal shortly afterwards.

Round 1 ending -

Posted Image

EU: 18

Round 2 startings -

Posted Image

EU: 47 (cut to 32)
CU: 32

Same deal as last round but the fight went back and fourth evenly for the majority of it. With some solid leading from Sem, it left us in a good position after he was piled and with the better of styles between the teams, we simply were doing more damage faster, getting our piles down rather quickly despite the numbers. CU left the portal again.

Round 2 ending -

Posted Image

EU: 11

Thanks for the fights CU as they're always a challenge knowing how good you normally always are. Impressive as always today EU, keep up the excellent work and be proud of the wins. Top notch pull as well.



13 June 2011 - 11:10 PM

I wasn't going to post, but since RBH posted and failed to mention how we smashed them in a third round, or even mention the third round at all, I decided I should post :thumbsup:

Our PK Leader Armybuilder went up to RBH asking for a 3 round matched fight. Knowing we hadn't done much f2p, we wanted a bit of a fun type of a fight.

So the rules were decided.

Round 1: MBR
Round 2: Melee Binds
Round 3: Range + Blasts with only bronze armor (Only if needed)

We were unsure of what to expect coming into the fight. We had a short prep, not a great pull, and hadn't stepped in F2P for a long time.

We had 14 in game at the start of the Round 1. It was north spawn attacks, so we head down, waiting for RBH to cut. For some reason, they stopped cutting at 15, and rushed our fall in. We expected as much so got straight to work ko-ing their members all over the place. We cleared their 4 rangers straight away, making it easy for our tanks, while RBH decided to pile our tanks.

Ending Round 1:

WG: 8
RBH: 0

Next round was Melee Binds. We had 18 by now, so RBH dropped one and actually started even with us this time! RBH decided to let us attack properly, so we did, but we had some bad tanking on our half, and left the CC early after we couldn't bring it back.

Ending Round 2:

WG: 0
RBH: 11

We wern't really up for a decider war being bronze, so we asked RBH if they would be up for an all styles regular fight, but they declined. Guess they have more experience in Bronze :whistle:

We started with 13-12, so had to drop this round (We made it non-mandatory since it was bronze). So we started with 12 and got straight away into their pile, smashing anyone with our high amount of blasters, easily tanking RBH as well even in bronze armour.

Ending Round 3:

WG: 11
RBH: 0

Notes from the war:

RBH decided to have some members not in their clan fight for them, which was funny, but we let it go.

[08:12:29] <@MEGAJAYSON> .clan viz
[08:12:31] -[UT]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Viz is in Bloodshed Empire and Team Bloodshed. | URL: http://runehead.com/....php?search=viz

[08:26:13] <@MEGAJAYSON> .clan ix dclaw xi
[08:26:15] -[UT]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Ix Dclaw Xi was not found in the RSHSC.


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Posted Image
Posted Image

On request of QJD +)

Wilderness Guardians vs TMRD

02 May 2011 - 07:17 AM

Wilderness Guardians vs. The Mighty Red Dragons

Today, WG decided to go out in F2P to get some action. After wandering around and hopping worlds for a bit, we ran into TMRD.

Rules: Unplanned PKRI, no rules

WG starting: 54 options
TMRD starting: 39 options
Posted Image

The fight lasted about 45 minutes around Greater Demons, and was pretty even throughout.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

TMRD eventually stopped returning, giving WG the victory.

WG Ending: 48
TMRD Ending: 0 (left battlefield)
Posted Image

Thanks for the fight TMRD!

Next turning point for runescape?

22 December 2010 - 07:57 PM


Runescape trailer

So new trailer just came up on teh jagex channel on youtube.

At the end is a dragon like beast looks like a wyvern but it has Muscle tissue so i think not. Next slayer monster? Or boss even?