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What makes someone a "bad person"?

19 June 2011 - 01:36 AM

After reading the '5 Worst People' thread, I got wondering.

What kinds of thing make someone a bad person?
What groups of people would you consider bad people?

Would you read this book?

01 June 2011 - 12:15 AM

This is my most recent draft of the Query Letter for my current project, a novel titled 'Ace, King, Queen'.
A Query Letter is what you send to either a Literary Agent, or a Publisher, along with the first 3 chapters of your work in a hope to get them interested. However, if the query letter isn't good enough, they won't look look at the chapters. Thus, it is important to have a good query letter.
I don't feel that this draft is perfect, but I would like some feedback on it. So any constructive criticism is welcome, but the fundamental question remains: would you read this book?

Dear Agent,

The relationship with his brother in tatters and his lack of a soul beginning to decay his senses, Gael Brett is a teen on the verge of suicide.

A victim of mankind and depression, Gael is dragged even further into the world of deception than he’s grown accustomed to: but this time in the name of salvation. If he can obtain an entire ‘deck’ of souls, then his shall be returned to him.
However, as with all offers of this kind, there is, of course, a catch. He is not the only one attempting redemption, and the charity of the organization which now counts his soul as their own will only extend to the return of one contender’s essence.

Torn between an attempt of reconciliation made by his brother and his only chance to ‘feel’ again, Gael’s lies entrench themselves within his reality, until his crimes against humanity far exceed the petty theft from days of old.

ACE, KING, QUEEN, a fantasy/gothic novel of [insert number] words is a sinister competition seen from the point of view of both competitors.

I have previously had a poem published in the Writer’s Forum magazine.

Thank you for your consideration,

Andrew E. King.

Problem Solved! Thank you! :D

01 June 2011 - 12:01 AM


I have a fairly old computer.
To be precise, I have an Aspire T180-UB72. I don't know if that'll help but I figured I had to start somewhere.

The computer manages most things fine, such as emails and facebook.
However, whenever I try and play games such as World of Warcraft or Runescape, my computer will turn itself off.
It does not always do this with World of Warcraft and when it does I have usually been playing for an hour or so. However, it will always do it within half an hour of playing RuneScape. It has also done this whilst playing games such as League of Legends and Age of Empire, but I do not play those enough to comment on how frequently the computer turns itself off during them.

Is there any way I can stop it doing this?

If any extra information is needed just tell me how to get said information and I will!


Is it worth coming back?

27 June 2009 - 02:10 PM

Hey all.

I'm quite an old player... Last time I logged on was to get the easter event, and I did quite a lot of stuff but only stayed for about a week. My question is, is it worth coming back to the game?

If so, why?

If so, why not?

Runescape randomly closing on all programmes.

28 February 2009 - 03:43 PM

I've had this problem for bloody ages, I actually quit for quite a long time over it, it got so annoying. But I came back and had forgotten about it until it just happened again. The window just randomly closes, and I have no idea what sets it off. But the actual RS part of the window occasionally flashes white or moves like three centimetres to the left for about half a second. It does it on everything I've tried...


Internet Explorer.

RS client from JaGEx


However, I have about three computers, and it only does it on one of them. However, it's the one I use most, and is the one that's mostly accessible to me.

Does anyone know what it could be? :?