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Behind the Scenes - February

01 February 2012 - 02:34 PM

Those who joined us at RuneFest may remember designing a boss to be fought in the Dominion Tower, and we promised to release it this year. We also promised a TzHaar rework, and a single-player creature more threatening than TzTok-Jad. Well, this month we fulfil all of those promises, and give you much more besides!

Dominion Tower – New Boss and Improvements

We will be breathing some life into the designs you voted for at Runefest, giving the 'Sunfreet' some vicious battle tactics. It will be able to take off out–of-sight, raining fiery death on even the most battle-hardened warriors, and it will have a claw-full of devious manoeuvres to keep you on your toes. To make sure that all members get a blast of Sunfreet, we will create two versions: one designed for players of combat level 110 and above, and another available to all, at a reduced combat level but with the same impressive attacks.

Posted Image

We will also be making a tower-load of other improvements to the general experience. To name a few:

  • The Dominion Tower Item Exchange – Getting more power-ups than you can use? Exchange the items you amass for XP books!
  • Goliath, swift and spellcaster gloves improvement – You will be able to own multiple pairs of gloves and we'll also make them last longer. You shouldn't find yourself running to and from the Tower when you want to be fighting or finishing off a Slayer task.
  • Increased XP rates - We will also take another look at the XP rates. Although the main reason for fighting in the Tower isn't XP, we felt that the rate wasn't quite competitive enough.
Potion Flasks

It is a sad sight for anyone to see an empty potion vial or 12 sitting in their inventory, whether you're deep in a dungeon, or halfway round an agility course. We've all wondered if it'd be simpler to pour them all in a bucket and wade into the next encounter like a milkmaid.

While we don't really plan to add potion buckets to the game, we're added something far more suitable: potion flasks.

You will be able to mine (at level 81) a brand new resource called red sandstone. This is a non-tradable resource that is used to create 'robust glass' (another non-tradable, player-crafted resource).

To gain access to a robust glassmaking machine, found in the town of Oo'glog, you will need to have completed the As a First Resort quest. Potion flasks can be created from robust glass at a Crafting level of 89.

These completed flasks will be tradable and will hold up to 6 decanted doses of a potion of your choice, meaning you can take far more doses of potion for those long training trips and boss fights. The flask will shatter once emptied of its contents.

Each player will be able to mine a maximum of 50 red sandstone per day. We hope that the limited supply and high demand for these flasks will mean those who have the Crafting and Mining levels to make the new potion flasks will make a healthy profit (if you choose to sell them rather than keeping them for yourself, that is).

Carnival Time! – Free and Members

Throughout many parts of the real world it's cold, wet and windy right now, with gloves and scarves aplenty. However, in other parts of the world...it's carnival season! What better way to warm up than by donning the new carnival headdress, soon to be available at an in-game toy store near you. Diango's giving them away to free players and members, so there's every reason to get down and party like its Runeday 1999. Viva El Carnivale!

Graphical Rework of the TzHaar

Posted Image

Races like the TzHaar are unique to RuneScape and deserve the best of treatments when it comes to graphical reworks. So, this time round, we're graphically reworking EVERYTHING that there is to rework in the TzHaar City. Equipment (aside from the fire cape), environments, characters, monsters, minigames and quests will all get a lick of molten lava paint...and with some really rather amazing new animations.

And what better excuse to visit these magmatic enigmas than a brand new quest and minigame!

The Elder Kiln Quest

Posted Image

The lava is cooling in the TzHaar City, and the Birthing Pools are full of TzHaar that are born without memories. The ancestral wisdom of the TzHaar is being lost, instead of passed from TzHaar to child, causing upheaval that threatens the race most opposed to change. Only an ancient power, The Elder Kiln, can offer an answer but it has not been visited by the TzHaar since the world was formed. Reveal the secrets behind TokKul, and engage with a storyline that satisfies both the lore and combat-craving players among us.

This new master level quest will have requirements of 75 Magic, 60 Agility and 41 Mining, and will require some refined combat abilities to reach a conclusion where you'll face multiple creatures of around combat level 300. There are no other quest prerequisites, so anyone with the relevant stats can join the fight.

Rewards for completing the quest will include XP, a new ring that increases combat damage when engaging in sport (combat) with the creatures of the TzHaar City, and a brand new title. Last, but by no means least...you will gain access to the Fight Kiln minigame.

Posted Image

The Fight Kiln Minigame

In our most challenging minigame yet, you'll be asked to sacrifice your fire cape once before even stepping through the door! But who needs a fire cape when there's a new +8 strength cape waiting on the other side? In this very, very high-level sequel to the Fight Caves, you'll be fighting waves of increasingly difficult monsters intent on showing you how tough the new 'TokHaar' really are. How would you feel about fighting two Jads...at the same time? This double team against some of the toughest bosses in the game will be nothing compared to what awaits in the final wave. You'll just have to wait and see what resides beneath that bubbling, molten rock...

Players with any combat stats lower than 90 will find progress almost impossible, and you'll need all the overloads, curses, potion flasks, mega food and top-end combat gear you can muster.

Early Bird Bonus

Posted Image

To encourage you to give our new updates a go, we will be offering a pretty handy skill boost to those of you who master the content within two weeks of launch. Get double XP rewards for completing the quest, and another 70,000 XP if you reach wave 30 of the Fight Kiln within this two week Early Bird period.

We really want people to engage with our best and most up-to-date content as soon as it's launched, so now there's an incentive to do so. Look out for more Early Bird bonuses in the future!

Have fun!

Mod Mark
RuneScape's Lead Designer

Behind The Scenes – January

02 January 2012 - 10:53 AM


The random gift boxes are opened, the decorations are going back in the dungeon and way too much chompy bird has been eaten. After dreaming that our Christmas crackers and party hats were digital rather than paper, we're ready for another year of quality updates from RuneScape!

Once again, were committed to bring you a mix of brand new content as well as reworks and total redesigns of some of the older parts of the game... starting with the Barrows!

Barrows Graphical Rework

Sliske and his merry cursed band of wights might be old and mouldy, but they don't need to look old and mouldy... well, maybe a bit. Coming very soon is a graphical revamp of the ever-popular Barrows. First off, you'll notice improvements to the burial mounds and murky mist swirling about you. Break into the earth and you'll no longer be greeted with a grey, dusty tomb, but an ominous catacomb complete with gloomy lighting; macabre masonry; creepily detailed sarcophagi and glowing magical inscriptions. Finally, the brothers themselves are no longer just purple shades, but look like the burly, brutal bad-boys they were in life! The worn versions of the Barrows armour and weapons have also been updated, making them some of the best-looking gear in game!

To celebrate, there'll be a chance to find loot not previously available in the Barrows, such as a draconic visage, as well as a chance for double drops, for a whole week after launch!

Posted Image

The Firemaker's Curse

Posted Image In this quest, aimed at high-level firemakers, you'll join a rag-tag group of fire fans as they delve deeply in search of secrets of firemaking. Lead the way through a new dungeon, using your skill and dexterity to protect them from a fiery foe who's anything but warm and fuzzy! This entity is bitter, angry, and able to possess intruders in her underground lair, driving them to acts of murder, so you'll have to decide who you think is possessed in order to protect the rest of the group.

While you'll need to be tough to survive, this isn't an enemy that you can face with swords, spells or arrows. This is a quest about using your ingenuity and judgement to find a way out of a bad situation. Make it through, and you'll unlock a new Firemaking training method, two Firemaking events in the circus, and one (at a time) of four toasty new pets.

Finally, this quest features Sera – the winning character from our recent Guaranteed Content Poll!


  • Available to members only.
  • Level 90 Firemaking
  • Level 76 Constitution
  • Level 64 Agility
Hati and Skoll

Posted Image This month will see the return of Hati Wolf, as well as her sun-munching brother Skoll. The Fremennik are whispering fearfully of the return of Hati and the arrival of Skoll, and need all the help they can get. There'll more chances to fight Hati for the Combat XP boosting gloves, if you didn't get them last year, as well as a recharge if you did. You'll also face Hati's brother, Skoll, earning you a set of boots that boost Agility or Woodcutting XP gain for a set time. You can also get the cosmetic headgear from Hati if you missed it last time, and there's a new cosmetic cloak from Skoll to keep you warm.

Troll Warzone

Finally, we're closing the month with an overhaul of Burthorpe. This is designed to take newly-minted members through the their new skills, but it's worth taking a tour even if you're a veteran. There are massive graphical improvements; an awesomely cute baby troll pet who really is what he eats; improved versions of Death Plateau, Wolf Whistle and Druidic Ritual, which can be replayed even if you've completed the originals; and a new quest called Let Them Eat Pie where a particularly unpleasant war profiteer gets his just deserts...so to speak.

Along with improvements to the Skill Guide and other interface improvements, 2012 is already looking good.

Happy New Year!

Mod Mark
RuneScape Lead Designer

01-Jul-2011 - Behind the Scenes – July

01 July 2011 - 04:05 PM


Clan Citadels are floating over the horizon this month. Perform a portal ritual to gain a huge, customisable and personalised area for your clan, equipped with a Battlefield Editor to design your own battles and minigames! Before that, two queens await you in July: the Slug Queen's after your mind (with a side order of world domination), while the Jadinko Queen seems more interested in your help.

Salt in the Wound (Members Quest):

Posted Image

The slug storyline comes to a swift and bloody end this month, forcing you and Mother Mallum, the Slug Queen, to settle your differences, adventurer-to-mollusc. You won't be alone, as Sir Tiffy has given you a squad to lead: Kennith, who has 'decided' to grow up ; Ezekial, who's been putting on the pounds; and Eva, a close relative of Sir Tiffy, who's eager to show her worth. The Slug Queen won't be alone, mind you, since she has an arsenal of slime-covered obstacles and mind-controlled thralls to toss in your way.

While the odds sound in her favour, you and your team will have access to a new weapon: a serum that disrupts the Mother's mind control. The problem is it sits within Daemonheim, where the Fremennik are reluctant to let anyone leave with tainted items. Time for a Daemonheist!

Through a short Daemonheim foray and, later, when you infiltrate the Slug Citadel, you will have the opportunity to command each of the three accompanying heroes. They have different strengths, and you will need to cooperate with them to complete puzzles and battle slug thralls, in this experienced level quest that has the following requirements:

  • 60 Defence
  • 50 Constitution
  • 47 Herblore
  • 45 Summoning
  • 35 Dungeoneering\
Jadinko Lair (Members Skilling Area):

Posted Image

The Herblore Habitat, and the origin of its mysterious jadinkos, has long puzzled druids. Later this month, one of the druids reveals the truth, as you enter a newly-discovered living cave featuring a mixture of high-level skilling and combat, similar to the Living Rock Caverns.

It turns out that Papa Mambo's wondrous enchanted Jade Vine isn't as harmless as previously thought, and some of its ever-moving roots are causing corruption among the brood of the Jadinko Queen. You are called upon to cull the mutated strain. Corrupted jadinko babies, guards and males can be freely killed or given as a Slayer target (level 80, 86 and 91); protect or guard from their attacks, however, and you will find that the environment retaliates, with nearby roots giving you a light whipping. Those who work in cooperation with woodcutters, or chop down the roots themselves, will find their mission more relaxed, but by no means safe.

Cutting down the jade roots (level 83 Woodcutting) will yield a variety of logs. Curly roots are to be burnt in firepits (level 83 Firemaking) whereas straight roots can be fletched using a primitive process to make sagaies (sar-gay) , javelin-like weapons that are particularly strong against the jadinkos, especially if you stand at a distance (level 83 Fletching). The collection of material from defeated jadinkos will allow level 87 fletchers to create bolas, which can stun the jadinkos and most other targets.

For conscientious helpers, there will be buffing fruit and ecosystem seeds. For the persistent slayers, there is a chance of coming across the mysterious whip vine, which may sound incongruous but does wonders when attached to an abyssal whip (requiring 80 Slayer and 80 Attack to wield). It raises the whip's stats, has the chance of delivering a small amount of poison damage to your targets and gives the old whip a brand-whipping-new special attack. Find that elusive vine and you'll be able to vine-tune your abyssal vine whip to perfection!

Clan Citadels (Members Clan Areas):

Posted Image

Clan members may have hiscore tables, capes, insignia and clan chat channels, but they haven't had a place to call their own. That is about to change, as clan citadels, floating castles in the sky, can be seen on the horizon!

Gather five clanmates who have membership and you will be able to complete the portal ritual, gaining entry to your clan's very own citadel. Choose from four different layouts before deciding whether you want your citadel to be in glorious sunshine or perpetual night. Banners and flags fly the colours of your clan, and there are dozens of hotspots for you and your clan to make your own.

Of these hotspots, a maximum of seven are skill-related, allowing you and your clan to train skills together. Although the XP you receive is slightly lower than you would receive on the surface of RuneScape, skilling here will contribute to the maintenance of the citadel, allowing you to upgrade it from tier 1 to tier 7. As your citadel gets upgraded, you'll gain access to better customisation options and even more hotspots. Contribute enough to the weekly upkeep of the citadel and you'll find you have access to a clan ring, which gives you a temporary 1.5x multiplier in certain skill tasks about RuneScape.

Your clan can gather in many areas of your clan citadel – in meeting rooms, a senate, a party room – but the centrepiece is the clan battlefield. This offers you and your clan a large area to battle together or face-off against other clans, and a full-blown Battlefield Editor to create your own combat situations or minigames. We've had endless amounts of fun concocting clan wars between departments, elaborate mazes, obstacle courses, and twists on the traditional 'capture the flag' format, but we expect you to blow our ideas clear out of the sky. Get to grips with the locations, obstacles, enemies, enemy behaviours, win conditions and other tools, and then share your creation with your clan mates or other clans. The limits of what you create will only really be defined by your imagination.

Our graphics department have been busy adding over 4,000 new models and over 20,000 new animation frames to the game for Clan Citadels, making an environment that we are particularly proud of. More information about Clan Citadels will be revealed over the course of the month, with a clan blog on the 7th which will answer many of the questions you may have.

So, start growing your clans in anticipation of the Clan Citadels release!

In Other News:

July means the release of the Cryptic Cluefest! Follow clues in the forums and be directed to places in-game. Successful sleuths will gain insights into a future game update, as well as an exclusive item.

Members will have the opportunity to obtain a new item this month, with the introduction of the Dwarven Army Axe. This tool, aimed at lower-level players, will be useful as a weapon, hatchet, pickaxe, needle, chisel, tinderbox and toothpick*. Details of how to obtain this will be given upon logging in.

*Now removed, following note from Seers' Courthouse.

Mod Mark
RuneScape Lead Designer

Large BTS images:

READ ME: How to submit info!

30 June 2011 - 01:02 PM


The Website Crew voluntarily spend a lot of their time updating the site with all of the latest updates every single week. This could not be possible if Tip.It did not have such an active community helping out by posting information, tips, and images from new quests or updated content. As RuneScape is such as vast game, and the Crew is a small group of people, it is impossible for us to do everything by ourselves. This is why we need YOU to help out in any way you can.

To make it easier for you (and us!), follow these simple set of rules when submitting information:
  • Only post information and screenshots from yourself. This means do not copy and paste from any other fansite or from the RuneScape wiki. This would be considered plagiarism of potentially copyrighted material. Everything must be in your owns words from your own findings. All images and screenshots must be taken by yourself.
  • If you see another thread that you can contribute to, you can post your own ideas and suggestions if you want to.
  • If your information is used on the website, you will always get credit for your efforts, there is no need to ask.
  • Always provide the highest quality images possible. If you do not know how to do this, simply save your image as a .png. Do not try to re-save images from one format to another.
  • Crew member(s) will look at your thread, and decide the best course of action. This may consist of updating the information on the website and closing your thread, or they may ask you to provide some more details.
  • You can post all small corrections and spelling/grammar mistakes in the pinned thread.
Here are two examples of helping in a meaningful way:


Because Tip.It strives to provide the most accurate information possible for its users, we ask that you provide in-game screenshots, or an equivalent method of confirmation with any posted submissions or corrections. Why is this necessary? Screenshots confirm your submissions and make them much more helpful to us and the website. They are a great help for corrections that are difficult to verify, such as quest-related topics. For information about taking screenshots and displaying them in a forum post, visit the tutorial below.

Taking Screenshots and Posting Images Tutorial

If you ever have any questions, you can always PM one of the Website Crew.

[DevBlog] Development of the Mahjarrat

24 June 2011 - 03:10 PM


The Mahjarrat storyline is one of the longest running in RuneScape. Unlike many of RuneScape's storylines, it is not a linear series of quests; many of the Mahjarrat have their own individual story arcs.

The first hint of Mahjarrat in RuneScape was in early 2002 when I wrote a history of the RuneScape world for the website. I made mention of undead necromancers who raise armies of undead to fight against humans. This was my first vision of the Mahjarrat.

Back then most of the quests in RuneScape were standalone stories, but we were starting to see the need for some ongoing storylines, and one of the best ways to do that is to have recurring villains. So, I wanted something evil, powerful and also intelligent to provide a worthwhile ongoing adversary for the adventurers of RuneScape. Amongst the various fantasy creatures, liches seemed to fit the bill quite well. Back when I first wrote that history of RuneScape I envisioned the Mahjarrat to be liches.

My idea of what Mahjarrat are has evolved quite a bit since then, though they still hold some lich-like qualities: they are magic-wielding, skeletal-looking and tend to have power over the undead. This is where the similarities stop. Mahjarrat aren't technically undead, rather than reanimating their own corpses they have found a way to stop themselves dying in the first place. Mahjarrat are a race in their own right rather than an undead form of human, and come from a terrible and distant world.

Introducing the Mahjarrat

Posted Image
Watch out!

The first quest to directly feature a Mahjarrat - Temple of Ikov - came out in the summer of 2002 and introduced Lucien. It included the first mention that Zamorak used to be a Mahjarrat and introduced the concept that Lucien was after powerful artefacts so that he could follow in the footsteps of Zamorak and become a god. While writing this quest, I came up with the idea of the Stone of Jas, which wasn't featured in game for another six years.

In retrospect, I might have done that quest a little differently. The choice of whether to help Lucien or hinder him was meant to set up differences in future quests, but, when it came to it, the storyline of future quests rather relied on Lucien getting the Staff of Armadyl, so the choice you make ends up being rather irrelevant. The Mahjarrat in the earlier quests also tended to be weaker than I'd now have liked, which was partially because there were fewer high-level players back then, and partially because I hadn't realised quite how much of a threat I wanted them to pose.

More Mahjarrat were revealed shortly after, in the Hazeel Cult and Fight Arena quests. At the time, Khazard and Hazeel weren't named as Mahjarrat. This is because Mod Tom hadn't specifically designed them to be Mahjarrat; he just needed some villains for his quest. However, later on, we needed more Mahjarrat in the world and it seemed they had some rather Mahjarrat-y qualities, especially the skull-headed Khazard who was already a Mahjarrat in all but name.

Desert Treasure introduced a Mahjarrat called Azzanadra. He had been mentioned briefly as a Mahjarrat by the guardians of Armadyl, but we hadn't really had much of idea who he was till we wrote this quest. Mod James introduced some changes in direction from the original Mahjarrat concept in this quest. This was the first time we'd released a Mahjarrat allied to Zaros and helped create the concept of different Mahjarrat factions. This was also the first time we'd released a Mahjarrat who wasn't obviously a villain.

A lot of this was covered by a Postbag from the Hedge entry.

Getting Organised

Posted Image
What could DIRAKS mean?

You may have got a sense that, up to this point, we were making the storyline up as we went along. This would be because, in the early days, we often were. We were trying to make interesting updates for our players, rather than plan long-term story arcs.

However, our number of developers was increasing, so, with lots of different people working on storyline, inconsistency and contradictions were starting to creep in as different people tried to pull stories in different directions. So, around 2005, I started to document my storyline plans more. For example, I compiled a master document of the timeline of the RuneScape world from the 1st Age to the present day, which included a mixture of information that had already been released to the public and some of my ideas for things to be revealed later.

When it came to documenting the Mahjarrat, I wanted to think of solutions to some of the loose ends and inconsistencies. For example, various Mahjarrat had mentioned that they were heading to the north. Originally I had just intended that they were heading off into the Wilderness, as it is a lawless area suitable for those Mahjarrat who want time to set up their diabolic schemes. Other developers picked up on the heading north and sent their own Mahjarrat that way, which started to imply we were building to something more significant going on in the north.

Having a think about this, I decided that a reason for all Mahjarrat heading to the area would be some sort of periodic event or ritual which was the secret to their phenomenally long life. I thought it would be suitably dark if they needed to sacrifice one of their numbers so that the rest could live on. It was clear that at some point we were going to need to do a quest featuring this ritual. The ritual, for some Mahjarrat, is a time when their paths briefly overlap before they carry on with their plans and schemes. We then knew to bear this in mind for all future Mahjarrat quests.

Mahjarrat Appearance

Posted Image

Another problem I had was that the Mahjarrat didn't have a consistent appearance. Hazeel and Azzanadra didn't look a thing like the skull-headed liches I had originally envisaged. I decided at that point that the skull heads were their default appearance, but one of their abilities was to change what they looked like. I then made sure this got conveyed in Enakhra's Lament, which was in development at the time.

While Guthix Sleeps is the most epic Mahjarrat quest so far. This is one I had originally planned to do myself, as Lucien's plan to become a god was a storyline which had been in my head for years. I had already written a teaser involving Movario and Darve in anticipation. In the end, though, Mod Tytn ended up writing the vast majority of the quest. He managed to include the key plot points I needed while adding plenty of his own plot and writing style.

The four 'Mysteries of the Mahjarrat' quests of 2009 were originally meant to be released as subquests of one single quest, in the same style as Recipe for Disaster. For me, this was the opportunity to introduce more of the nature of the Mahjarrat to RuneScape's adventurers, and to move a couple of the Mahjarrat storylines in a direction ready for the ritual quest. Ultimately, the four sub quests didn't really have enough in common to hang together under the same quest title, especially Missing my Mummy which was really more of desert quest than a Mahjarrat quest. Fortunately, they each ended up being strong enough to stand as individual releases in their own right.

What's Next for the Mahjarrat?

Posted Image
A new area to explore

So, what is next for the Mahjarrat? Well, this brings me onto the quest I am developing now. Finally, we get to the quest where the ritual actually happens! Unreleased quests are about the hardest sort of content to talk about in a devblog. As a quest writer, I have designed the stories to be mostly revealed during the course of gameplay, but I'll try to say a little about its development.

In writing the story for Ritual of the Mahjarrat, I had to tie quite a lot of elements together; after all, this is the time when nearly all of the Mahjarrat come together. This was quite a challenge. While I have written more of the Mahjarrat material than anybody, there is plenty which has been written by others, both in quests and in website material.

In fact, there's so much going on that I couldn't hope to finish all of their storylines in one quest and do them all justice. There are stories I most definitely want to bring to a conclusion at this point, so, in some ways Ritual of the Mahjarrat will have something of a finale feel, but there will be some loose ends.

What's more, one major plotline - which has only really been touched on before - begins in earnest during this quest. You'll know what I mean when you play the quest.

So, when is Ritual of the Mahjarrat going to be released? I am sure that this is what many people reading this blog are hoping to glean. Well, it's not yet in a state where I can be confident of giving a release date.

Right now, I've written my first build of the quest and other Jagex staff have played through it and given me feedback on how it can be improved, especially in regards to rewards and cutscenes where I need to make some heavy changes and additions. So, now, I'm implementing feedback. Once I've done that, it will need to be handed over to our QA team for a good bout of bugtesting and then over to the Localisation team who will make versions of my quest that I can't read.

What else can I tell you about the forthcoming quest, without spoiling things too much?
  • There will be some Mahjarrat death. It's not really a case of players getting to decide who dies, though; that would leave me in a bigger mess than the choice at the end of Temple of Ikov.
  • The rewards will feature useful equipment for mages.
  • The rewards will feature equipment which will be useful for rangers in certain situations.
  • You will learn some more of the history of the RuneScape world, including a significant reveal concerning the Third Age.
The storyline dictates there will be quite a lot of combat, and while I want it to be challenging, I'm not aiming for it to be as hard as Nomad as this is a quest that seems to be most anticipated by the sort of questers who are more interested in storyline. As combat goes it will be particularly interspersed with plot. There will also be lots of exploration and puzzles