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Member Since 20 Nov 2006
Offline Last Active Jul 16 2012 06:53 PM

Inb4 Jagex makes us view adverts daily for an SoF spin.

16 July 2012 - 01:58 PM

IDK, Wtf just happened, or if this old news, but in a quick skim of page 1 I didn't see it, and clan had no idea what I was talking about...so....here it is:


I had just completed Circus for this week, and received my bonus SoF spin from it...So I use it, get and claim a thieving lamp, when I noticed a button below the 'buy more spins' or w/e button. The button was labeled 'Earn free spin'.

So I click on 'Earn free spin' and it basically popped up and advertisement for the Axe bodyspray deodorant line of products that we all know. It stayed on the screen for 30 or 45 seconds and had a timer count down the whole time. Obviously I didn't wanna watch it so I tried to click the 'back' button on this advert, leading me to receive a "Are you sure you want to forfeit your free item?" message.

So I hung out the final 20 or so seconds to recieve my spin, after clicking continue to have it take me back to the game/SoF it had the SoF "prize you won" screen showing as if I had just won Queens Royal Legs or w/e they are called. I tried to claim this item, and it wouldn't let me since, "I have no prize to claim".

So I just clicked play again, and used that "Freely earned advert spin" and won 20 gold ore.


So I ask you this, did I somehow see this to early / while they are still testing this? (Hence the wierd shit with the queens royal legs)

Or is this gonna be showing up tomorrow or sometime rather soon? (Viewing an advert a Day to earn a free bonus SoF Spin?)

There's more ways to "Bank Exp" then just Effigies. ;)

15 May 2012 - 08:33 PM

So I have had a Goal for a while...To beat my Personal Best Daily Exp...

Sounds easy right? Handful of Effigies I had laying around should do the trick? NOPE!

Problem is...I kinda set the bar REALLY HIGH when I did Lvl 68-98 Summoning/11.8M Exp in a day...
Pair that with the Effigy Nerf from a few months ago( :cry: )...and I knew I was going to have to Get real 'CREATIVE' if I was gonna stand a shot at this...

So...After ALL of THIS...

I was able to Achieve my Goal and End my Day like this...
Posted Image

Which, come to find out...after Logging in today...was good enough yesterday for...
Posted Image

So...I guess I came, I saw, and I conquered! :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :thumbsup:

(P.S....Clan Just got T7 Citadel while I had to rewrite this a 2nd time. Thank God I had 2 Build ticks to use. :lol: )

Facebook Exclusive 20% Discount

08 June 2011 - 07:48 PM

08-Jun-2011 - Facebook Exclusive 20% Discount

Our audience on social networking sites is growing vastly. It won’t be long until we reach half a million fans on Facebook. This means 500,000 players following us around the clock 24/7 just to be the first ones to read about the latest RuneScape news, offers and other cool stuff on the go. We thought that we simply have to celebrate this amazing number of fans and reward their RuneScape obsession by launching an awesome Facebook exclusive offer.

Several J Mods have decided to place a bet with you on whether you can unlock an amazing 20% store discount within a time limit by “sharing” the offer on Facebook. If enough people share it in time the deal will be unlocked and the J Mods will receive a forfeit. It will be up to you to win the bet and to choose a punishment. The punishment for the Mods can be anything from an hour in the stocks being pelted by tomatoes to being forced to wear a ballerina outfit to work, it’s up to you! We will be taking your suggestions via Facebook over the next few days.

You will be given 7 days to sign up for the 20% discount deal starting today. The only thing you will have to do is go to our RuneScape page on Facebook, select the tab Jagex Store Discount, click on the Share This Deal button and fill in the deal form. Once we have enough sign ups to unlock the deal we’ll send you an email with the exclusive code allowing you to save 20% off all items from the Jagex store, and we’ll follow that up by publishing some photos of our humiliated Jmods.

See you on Facebook!

RuneScape Cm Team

Wow, the month of Jagex Desperation and self destruction is still continuing...

And here I thought they wanted to wait till the end of the month with their loyalty program for all of us to want to quit...


I Didn't Get a Level 99 today. ={

01 April 2011 - 08:19 PM

APRIL FOOLS!!! SUCKAS!!! I didn't get 1 99 today, I got 2! (LOL! really wasnt that funny, but couldnt think of a catchier title)

Figured today would be a good day to get this Joke of a skill to 99...on the day of jokes.

Posted Image

Also went ahead and got 99 herblore as well so I would feel like the day wasnt a TOTAL waste of time. Started getting hard doing herb runs with only being a few k away from 99 herblore....since Bonus exp weekend.

Posted Image

Got some bad pictures and I was gonna vid it but it was [bleep]ing up. Not that it matters, that just further makes me want to not play for a few more weeks, which was the whole point of getting these 99s today anyways. ;) Gotta finish up this semester and pass and right now its kicking my ass!

Thanks Capn Stu for coming, although you totally sucked at you're messages. ;) As did my picture taking thing today, [cabbage] was all laggy and [developmentally delayed]edly slow.


22 March 2011 - 11:52 PM

This [cabbage] is just too crazy! I come back from doing my Wyverns task...and low and behold...look what I find running around the room with me as I pick up my new task of Bloodveld!!



:ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: