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3rd March 2010 - Shattered Heart

03 March 2010 - 06:39 PM


New KB article!

Throne Room Table Correction.

21 February 2010 - 08:57 PM

http://www.tip.it/ru...ble=Throne room

Hey Crewbies. :)

Just thought I'd point out to you a missing detail from that page, the 3rd last one on the page - The "Greater Magic Cage", it also has the option to teleport everyone trapped in the cage to any of your portal destinations.

eg. Since I have portals to Varrock, Falador, Yanille, Ardougne, Camelot and Kharyrll, my Magic Cage has the option to expel anyone in the cage to these destinations - everyone has the option to use this teleporting feature.

Picture confirmation:

Thanks and I hope I helped.

Kuradal - The New Slayer Master?

05 December 2009 - 01:16 PM

From the RSWiki:

Kuradal is an NPC that appears randomly on various slayer locations since 3 December 2009 using a strange teleport. She uses the Monster Examine spell on monsters while saying "Hmm... you'll be coming with me." She also wears an untrimmed Slayer cape. As far as known she can't be talked to yet.

It was speculated that Kuradal is in fact Duradel, due to the similar appearance and name. However, as even people who haven't done While Guthix Sleeps can see Kuradal, she can't be Duradel. In addition, it was confirmed by Mod Chris L on the official RuneScape forums Duradel didn't leave his grave.

* Only people who have completed Smoking Kills have reported to see her.

Posted Image
Credit to viralaether for managing to take a picture of her in-game!


Just me. :) Nothing much.

20 November 2009 - 12:51 PM

I posted a rate this about this time last year marking over two years of rs. :)

Now I am back with a thread marking over three years.

Posted Image

Again no bank picture because it isnt anything worth looking at haha!
I like to skill, kill and chill, being doing a lot of chilling recently. :P My stats would be better if I wasnt so busy with IRL, but I'm not complaining. :)
I have all quests done, all diaries too expect the Ardy Elite because I don't think I will ever get that high summoning but theres always room to try and achieve.

I am proudly in TET about 3 months now. I am learning so much and working with a great team, you should come to our events, great fun to be had!

My goal of 2009 was to get all 85s, seems unlikely now but I will keep trying for it. About half way done i think.
Couldn't of even gotten 1 85 without the support of all my friends, chats like Hyt and Fsc are da bombs!
Please give me some tips on what I should do to help improve my character and stats! You can give them but i dont really like that out of 10 stuff. Up to you of course. :P

Dont want to ramble too much so please post away

Dev Diary - Elite Tasks - 19-Nov-2009

19 November 2009 - 03:24 PM

Elite Tasks - by Mod Maz 19-Nov-2009

Back in 2006, Mod Mark and I sat down and started to develop what we then called ‘area tasks’. This idea was concepted and developed into the very first Achievement Diary: Karamja. This was a completely new idea within the game - not a quest, yet not a minigame or skill. It was quite an adventure finding and pushing the boundaries of what was possible at the time, and yet staying within our core ideas for what was to become Achievement Diaries: "To highlight existing content that perhaps players hadn’t used in a long time or simply didn’t know about, and to show players around an area by using existing content in the area."

Posted Image
So, seven diaries later and what has changed? Well, we give far greater rewards for the newer diaries than we gave to Karamja; we’ve added a special beginner diary to Lumbridge to introduce new players to the concept; and, of course, we recently released the Ardougne diary with a hidden elite section.
We were a little wary about how this elite section would go down considering how few players could actually complete it. Overall, the feedback appears to have been positive, with many players using it as a goal, rather than seeing it as a disappointment that they’ll never reach.

So, I’m now starting to design the elite sections for all of the diaries (hard for Lumbridge). What does this involve? It’s generally split into two parts: coming up with tasks and coming up with rewards.

By far the easier part is coming up with the tasks, which is in no small part due to you, the players. I cannot begin to count the number of good tasks that have been suggested for previous diaries on the forums. Being a player of RuneScape as well as a developer, I’ll also use my own game knowledge of the area to come up with some tasks, as well as walking around the area to get a feel for it.

In the case of elite tasks, I will also be talking to the curators of the other diaries that I didn’t develop or do not curate - that’s Mod Roderick (Lumbridge and Varrock), Mod Trick (Falador) and Mod Hew (Fremennik) - to see what they’d want. Oh, and listening to the squirrels’ instructions for world domination... Wait, what?

Task master

What do we look for in elite tasks? Well, pretty much the same as any normal task, but they should be higher in level than the hard tasks for the area.

This means:

  • Bearing in mind the core aims of the project.
  • Trying to stick to the skill ‘theme’ of the area, if at all possible. This is the loosest requirement; after all, a diary that only featured Thieving tasks would be fairly boring and predictable!
  • Avoiding anything that relies on a random possibility, as this has caused problems in the past (remember the gout tuber in Karamja’s Achievement Diary?). This means avoiding things like monster drop tables, clue scrolls and other such random features.
  • Avoiding bottlenecks - e.g. things players can only do one at a time, such as successfully Thieving from one particular stall or killing the KBD, which prevents other players from doing the task for a short time.
  • Never using any part of a quest as a task. This last one is quite tricky, as things like getting some boots of lightness would make for a nice little task, but as it is part of a quest, we don’t add it as a task because the mechanic has already been used.


Having found some good tasks it’s then on to the hard part: the rewards! At least here we have a small start, as all of the diaries have XP lamps as part of the reward, but what else to give that is both balanced (so as to not be overpowered) and in keeping with the previous rewards? At the moment, that, along with the tasks, is a question I am pondering and coming up with ideas for.
Overall, I’m very proud that I am able to reward players through these diaries for their everyday playing of the game. Not just the XP and the item rewards, but the reward of discovering (or re-discovering) parts of the game that you find fun and useful.
If you feel you’d like to contribute ideas for elite tasks, elite rewards or tasks/rewards for any of the areas that don’t yet have an Achievement Diary, please post them on this forum thread. If you have questions relating specifically to this blog, please visit this forum thread.

Link to Dev Blog