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Check out my latest Pourfondeur level

19 April 2009 - 02:56 AM

Yeah, I thought it was funny cause it's a french server and at least half of you would click just to see what the hell "pourfondeur" was. Despite being fluent in French I honestly do not know what the hell a Pourfondeur is but there's no real better translation for slayer. The other translations of "slayer" would all be synonymous with "killer" or "murderer" so you can't really have people going around saying "i've just got lvl 85 murderer" now can we? :<img src=:' /> so yeah...

Anyways, that aside this is a pretty solid achievement as I worked on it for about 4 weeks straight doing nothing but boring assignment after boring assignment. Believe me, it's a lot easier if you DON'T focus on the slayer exp because you get it at a very slooooow rate.

AND ALL OF THIS WAS JUST TO GET A FASTER KC AT SARA! (although I did get 79 summoning along the way and several millions to get some nice equipment and now I'm only 2 levels away from abbysal demons and 99 attack and got very close to 99 strength BUT STILL my main focus was doing this doing this just to get the kc at sara much faster).

So yay, now I can go slaughter Zilyanna a million times and believe me, I WILL get a solo saradomin hilt. It turns out, ironically, that solo Zilyanna is vastly superior to the other gwd bosses as you can stay there a hell of a lot longer. It's ironic cause I always thought of Zilyanna as insanely dangerous and soloing there would be suicidal (this was before spirit terrorbirds).

Drop probability database

12 April 2009 - 05:56 AM

So people have figured out that there's a 1/150 chance of getting armadyl hilt or 1/65 chance of getting a dragon axe. I was wondering if there was some sort of database where people have recorded the probabilities of rare drops (or recorded educated guesses at least).

Is there such a database and where can I find it? Or where is this information?

99 #6. Yeah, It's been a while.

11 April 2009 - 01:39 AM

Took long enough to get a new 99 :wall: . Now this isn't a mind-blower like Runecrafting but still, it was a necessary steppingstone for other grandiose achievements. Also this is the first time I got to see all the cool effects added (special fireworks are ftw =D).

Should pure ess and rune ess be re-combined as one?

28 March 2009 - 12:13 AM

This is something I forcefully ask myself every time I buy absurdly overpriced pure ess for making nats.

When rune ess could make every rune, there were problems with autoers and RWTers (this is one of the first autoer outbreaks actually). Rune ess was easy to obtain and very highly demanded so it made sense to spit it into pure ess and rune ess as people would mine it on a "throwaway" account and transfer the profits (before the throwaway got banned) onto a main account.

Nowadays, it's completely impossible for such a maneuver to take place so I think that things should go back to the way they were. The benefits would be that rcing would be more profitable (Nats use to give a 200 gp net profit DURING THE TIME PURE ESS WAS AROUND, now it's less than 100 gp, ridiculous), slightly cheaper runes (more rcers means more runes). Downsides would be some volatile prices at the beginning.

Your thoughts?

Solo bandos w/ pet turtle

25 October 2008 - 05:49 AM

I've got news, I'm back. That's right, I did say goodbye back in January but I'm not quite done yet. So I got my account back (long story) and decided to try gwd again.

I missed the whole summoning awesomeness update, so I figured I'd test out my brand new pet turtle at bandos.

First trip was an epic fail. I got one kill ok, then took a while to kill the minions. Then things didn't go so well. You see, this is my first trip with a familliar so I thought you had to open the familiar's inventory screen and then dump all the items in my inventory. After failing to do this over and over again I nearly died and was forced to telly. That's when I discovered that useful button on the summon info screen that automatically dumps all stuff in my inventory. I must say that makes things pretty convenient.

Second trip went much better, I only had one near death experience (78 hp right down to 30, healed and got hit by bandos's wave). 3 kills, but a slight bit of profit.

Third trip, first kill was fine, second pretty much speaks for itself


It's great because a huge amount of my wealth has gone missing so I could greatly use 11 mill just like that. Well it's great to do gwd after such a long absence. :thumbsup:

Credit to toast for making the solo bandos guide, which I used to get this awesomeness.