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Hunt xp options

07 January 2011 - 08:26 PM

The last time I lvled hunter must be over 2 years now, I can remember I was still ranked top 10k when I got 85. Since then there have been introduced quite a number of new ways to gain hunter xp, either very fast, very profitable or some kind of compromise between those two extremes.

As I want to lvl hunter to at least 90 on short term, could some of you more experienced hunters enlighten me as to the (reasonably obtainable) xp rates, potential profits and best spots/setups etc for the following techniques;

1: Pawwya/Grennwalls
2: The new area on Karamja
3: barehanded butterflies (as far as Im aware these are only good starting at lvl 90, but who knows)
4: any other methods that might be interesting to me

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A question for experienced astral/zmi runecrafters

11 May 2009 - 02:55 PM

Right now I have 84 runecraft (since 80 all xp has been reward xp from WGS and from cashing in penguin points really), and I have been thinking about getting 91(+) somewhere in the near future.

I used to runecraft by using the abyss and then crafting natures, deaths and bloods (whichever I ended up closest to in abyss). This usually yielded me about 20-21k runecraft xp per hour. There are of course a number of other methods, hence the following questions to all you more experienced runecrafters out there

Astrals - What is the optimal method for making them (as in, teleports, familiars etc.) and what xp rate could I expect there

ZMI - What is the xp rate here, and in your opinion does this xp rate justify the money 'loss' from not using other methods? (feel free to provide elaborate mathematical models to prove your point!)

Graahk - I rather not use this method as Ill most likely be paying plenty visits to the nature altar once Ive achieved 91, but if you really think it by far outmatches the others, feel free to elaborate as well

Im sure there are a number of good runecrafters out here so Ill be looking forward to your replies!