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99 Prayer - 14th 99

09 June 2010 - 01:50 AM

So, I got 99 Herblore about a week and a half ago, and got 7m Herblore xp in 3 days (5m in 1 day). Well, decided to burn the rest of my cash, and get 99 Prayer, for my 14th 99, 138 combat, and the second to last combat stat to be maxed (97 Summoning now, will be 99 soon enough). So, 28k Dragon Bones later, and with only 2.5m cash left, here's 99 Prayer.

Posted Image

90-99 (with 450k xp from Blood Runs Deep) cost me 160m. I was ready to level over 24 hours ago, but had to wait for a friend of mine, since I promised I would level with him online.

And to make the week even better, as most of you know, I decided to dig up a clue that had been sitting in my bank for 3 months. Six simple steps and I got the 3rd most expensive Treasure Trail item (I believe?), the 3rd Age Kiteshield.

Posted Image

I just finished my 2nd to last final for my first year of college, I have one more easy final left. I then get to go home, and immediately get to go to the beach with some of my best friends. Then after that, it's my birthday on the 15th :) and then I start work at the Oregon Zoo again the next week :D I'm excited for Summer!

99 Herblore - 13th

28 May 2010 - 11:00 AM

Well, I took my first ever break from Runescape. I went away for 2 months, and didn't have any want to be on my computer, let alone Runescape. However, 1 week ago on this day, decided to start playing a bit again. I thought I'd just play a couple hours a week. I was wrong haha.

I ended up getting sick over the weekend and all I really felt like doing was play Runescape; not to mention my friends isolated my so I had very little to do. With this, I decided to spend some of my cash pile, and ended up buying 91-99 Herblore. I thought I'd get it in a couple weeks. I was wrong again.

I got 92 Herblore as I was very close to it in the first place. Then I got 93 the next day, as well as most of the next level, but I leveled up on Wednesday to 94 Herblore. Today, on Thursday, I decided to burn out a lot, as I had just finished a big lab report that was due for Biology. So to relieve some stress, just decided to keep mixing the potions together, and eventually realized I was only a few hours away from getting 99, as I just had overloads left. So I played a lot today, but I got 5m experience in Herblore, 94-99. I don't usually do things like this, however, a combination of recovering from being sick and just completing a lot of school work allowed for this to happen. So in just a few days, I got 91-99.

Anyways, here we go, my 13th 99, Herblore. Cost me 210m from 91, using just extremes and overloads. I now have 2413 Overloads (3) in my bank, as well as a hefty supply of extremes. Guess I'll use them up in Slayer :) Next will be Summoning and Prayer.

Posted Image

Have fun :)

Your Woodcutting Xp Rates

17 March 2010 - 11:26 PM

Alright, so I'm invested in finding the fastest xp/hour with Woodcutting. Normally, people would recommend Ivy, or Sawmill if you feel like concentrating. HOWEVER, I am not looking for recommendations.

So, I'm interested in if you have ever timed yourself Woodcutting. And I mean, really timing yourself, for at least 30 minutes to find an xp/hour rate. An hour is best, fully concentrated, if you've done it before.

Anyways, I'm trying to decide, on average, if Ivy, Sawmill, or Teaks is the best.

I did 90-99 WC with Ivy, and with decent attention, I noticed roughly 75-80k xp/hour. Sometimes I could see it spiking more than that, however, I have some doubts about the average versus max experience per hour with Ivy. Since you cut the ivy at a similar pace to Yews (little faster, obviously), but with a ton of experience, it's a bit more random. As I recall, it's roughly, what... 4 game ticks between each log is possible, at the fastest. So, normally, Ivy is cut slower than this, but it CAN be cut within 2.4 seconds or so from the last Ivy being cut. So this means, if you happen to get lucky, you could get well over 100k xp/hour, but then the next hour, being unlucky, could get you 60k xp/hour. Potentially, if you can cut it every 2.4 seconds, that means that the max xp/hour would be about 498,750 xp/hour without lumberjack. So, that just shows, Ivy won't give constant experience, it'll vary some. So your average and your max will be different.

Then there's the Sawmill. I was testing out a few things there at 96 Woodcutting, and I didn't actually time myself very well there, as I was only going to be there for no more than a few minutes really. However, I tested how long it takes to complete a task, and figured out all the experience from what I did, and at about max speed, I calculated roughly 80k xp/hour. Now, this could vary a bit obviously, and it wasn't that accurate. However, I felt as if it'd be extremely difficult to get over 90k xp/hour there, at any level. Maybe 99 could just barely hit it? I don't know.

And finally, teaks. Remember when everyone that wanted to get fast experience went and cut these? Well, guess what, they're still really fast. I just did a complete hour timed at Teaks today, and I'm impressed. In exactly one hour, with Lumberjack, Fire Ring and Flame Gloves, as well as an ADZE, with WC cape boost and Beaver familiars, at obviously 99 WC, I got 93,110 Woodcutting experience. This came out to be 37,137 FM xp as well, for a total of 130,247 experience in an hour. This was also 1,069 Teak Logs, 337 of which were burned by the ADZE for a 31.5% burn rate (in case anyone is interested).

tl;dr: So, my question for you guys, as I stated before: What are your Woodcutting experience rates for these three methods? I don't need xp/hour rates that people believe, or haven't completely tested, as I've heard and seen lots of different rates myself. So only if you've tested it out for a decent amount of time. Also, if you do have any rates, please post your level at the time, and if you were using any extra equipment, such as Lumberjack, etc.

Thanks so much guys. This is just to figure out some hard facts, and not just speculations.

Hope this all makes sense :D

EDIT: Changed to 4 game ticks. Not sure why I thought it was 3.

91 Runecrafting and quite the year

31 December 2009 - 11:11 AM

Well, to finish the year, I just achieved 91 Runecrafting. Got it on December 31st, 2009. I was level 85 at the beginning of my winter break, and really wanted to finally get it, so I did a ton of ZMI in order to do it. Gained about 2.6m xp in about 2 weeks (2 and a half with a 4 day vacation). I also got 2250 total with this level. Anyways, here it is.

Posted Image
Posted Image

And now, I will show my 99s of this year, in order of achieving them.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

So that's eight 99s in 2009, which is quite good for me, considering I only had three 99s prior to 2009. And a comparison in stats and experience, I will show the first picture I took of the year, on January 3rd, which was a Runemonkey picture showing over 1m xp in one day (which was my first day with that much experience... I later smashed that with 2.9m, but whatever, lol).

Posted Image
And now my adventurer's log. And Djay, you get some spotlight, for killing Bork :P
Posted Image

I also achieved 85+ all stats, and managed to buy a purple partyhat at about 86m when they first began to rose a while ago, and I've kept it since. I am planning on probably selling it in 2010 to help afford some stats. But I'm not entirely sure yet. I've also managed to get 1 visage, 9 whips, 5 dragon skirts, 2 dragon legs, 2 half shields, 2 dragon meds, 17 dragon boots, 2 dark bows, and 1 Kalphite Queen head. Not too much for a year, but I haven't done too much hardcore slaying for a while.

So there you have it, one pretty dang good year for me. Will be getting 99 Wc next, and will probably go for 99 Fishing after that. But not sure otherwise of what to do, besides RCing every so often when I can.

And also, here's a link to the video guide I made about ZMI. I've recorded 55,062 xp/hr as my best xp rate, at 88 Runecrafting. I bet I could top that now, but oh well. Anyways, I also have some other short video guides on my Youtube account.

Take care everyone, and have a happy new year. Hopefully 2010 will be a great year.

Codgirl gets 3 more 99s, 11 total :)

16 September 2009 - 05:28 AM

Yay, finally did it :) 2 weeks of nolifing basically got me these 3 99s :) Thanks to everyone who came, and I'm sorry to everyone who missed it :( I couldn't fit everyone in (that's what she said). Sorry for the delays, I was making sure everyone was at the party, as well as having problems finding a man to pickpocket within range of me, so that I could screeny everyone's messages.

But thanks so much! And thanks to The Old Poet who game me an apron to get into the Crafting guild <3: Thanks to Ace for an epic Ranging method <3: Thanks to those who followed me to get my 3 capes. And thanks so much to those who have supported me these last couple of weeks!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And my last thank you goes to all of FSC, my heart and soul... LOLZ JK. <3: you guys :D

OH I ALMOST FORGOT. For teh lolz. When I went to pickpocket a man for 99 Thieving, I FAILED. WTF? 98 Thieving and I failed on a man. Epic :P Got right afterwards though :)

For your information, I did mainly Green D'Hide Bodies to 99 Crafting (with a few battlestaves and black chaps thrown in there). I went 92-99 in about 8-9 days (but 3 or so of those days I didn't log into RS).

I chinned from 97-99 Range. I normally don't chin, but I wanted to get these three 99s before I go off to college, and I had to chin if I wanted to get them. Ace has an uber sekrit method for chinning that's epic. I went 97-99 in a little over a day, while still Crafting in between the chin trips.

And I did Pyramid Plunder for Thieving. Once I mastered the timing and everything down, I was able to average around 265-275k xp/hour. I've heard people talk about 200-240k xp/hour... If you're only managing that, then there's still more you can do :P I did 94-99 Thieving in a few days. The most experience I gained was 2450k xp in one day, which was the last day :P

My next big goals are 99 Fishing and then 99 WC. I will be doing these throughout my first year of college. Easy skills to train while studying/doing homework. I won't be playing that much though, but I will still be around to check in on FSC.

And that's the end. You can respond however you feel. If there's any flaming (that's obviously not joking), I will just ignore it.

Oh and btw... <3:

~2227/2376 Total~Eleven 99s