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I am worried about infections

05 February 2009 - 07:58 AM

Alright I'll keep this short and simple cause I got to go get some spectacle frames in a bit.

I got caned and my [wagon] has an open wound.Lets say fecal matter gets in,is it possible to be infected by anything?

I got cut by a rusted penknife a while back and didn't have a chance to wash it for an hour.Tetanus chances?

Contact lens safety measures?

And finally,I just gotta say.I'm bringing it here cause I don't want to pay a doctor 30 bucks for consultation and not receive medication.If it comes down to needing one,however...

Too fat to adopt-A new species of faceplants

12 January 2009 - 04:22 PM

LONDON - A BRITISH man has been told he and his wife cannot adopt children because he is so fat that the authorities fear he will die, he said on Monday.

Mr Damien Hall, who stands six feet, one inch (1.85 metres) tall, weighs 24 and a half stone (155 kilogrammes). He therefore has a body mass index (BMI) of more than 42 and is thus considered morbidly obese.

The call centre worker, 37, and his nanny wife Charlotte, 31, cannot have children of their own and approached Leeds City Council in northern England, about adopting.

But their local authority told them that Mr Hall must get his BMI down below 40 before they can be considered as potential parents due to concerns over his weight.

'The bottom line is I'm too fat,' he told BBC radio. 'It's hard to lose weight under pressure. I'm not a couch potato and I don't sit eating takeaways every night.

'I just feel as though we were only judged on my weight and not all the other good things about us.

'We don't drink or smoke and we could give a child a happy and safe home.' The letter the couple received from Leeds City Council said they were unable to process their adoption application 'due to the concerns that the medical advisers have expressed regarding Mr Hall's weight.

'The Adoption Panel are unlikely to approve applicants with a BMI over 40 because of the long term health risks.

'It would therefore be to your advantage to begin the assessment with an up to date medical where your BMI is clearly recorded as being under 40 and to demonstrate that you are able to maintain this weight loss over the period of the assessment.'

Mrs Charlotte Hall said the letter was 'gutting' and 'to be turned down flatly just on that, it's just harsh.

'We're here ready to take a child on.

'They seem to be saying it's better for them to be in care and being shoved from pillar to post just in case Damien dies.'

In a statement, Leeds City Council explained: 'The council's adoption service has a legal responsibility to ensure that children are placed with adopters who are able to provide the best possible lifelong care.

'Part of this responsibility is advice for applicants on a range of suitability criteria, including any health and lifestyle issues which may impact on an applicant's long term ability to adopt.' -- AFP


Now as far as I'm concerned,I poke fun at obese people,but in a friendly manner,if you know what I mean.I've had friends 150 and 100,but to be denied adoption because of his weight is just stupid to me.

Its not like it would influence the kid badly.I mean,I'm fine with low-EQ denial,mentally askew denial and generally bad influence denial,but just have some access meat is not a bad influence.This coming from a guy who could strum a guitar with his ribs,so you know I mean it.

LFG-The Tourney

22 December 2008 - 01:19 AM

Ladies,gentlemen.Children of any age whatsoever.This is the LFG Tournament.Where warriors and mages of all walks of life come to vye for the penultimate prize.

Skilled with blade,axe,club or bow.They could conjure fire,wind or snow.Money,charm and a pretty face,ready to convince you night was day.Yes indeed,the LFG is one of the more prestigious RP tournaments,but in case you've been living under a rock for the last few years,here's the concept.Each person has a secret,be it their choice of deity,or a special ability.This is kept to the roleplayer until the end of the game,whereby they will guess what the other people have played.Its more of a roleplaying test than a game:Can you play the role well enough for people to guess it?

As for the rules,

[*]Don't control other characters,it screws game play.

[*]Don't make obvious hints of what your secret is,seriously.

[*]At least TRY to represent what you are.Like a guy worshipping the God of Death isn't going to carry around healing droughts for strangers.

[*]DM is in control.

Okay,so due to my lack of patience,I will be the DM for the first match.Your secret is your deity choice.I am lazy,so I shall only link to the gods/goddesses.





Now for me,I will assign this bio;







Items' Powers:

For sake of speed,we will only us d6's,and since no skills are shown in MY bio set,no skill mods will be used.

Name:Dennal Talonial




Wields:Staff of Darun,Phylactery Robes,Dagger of Prindegas

Inventory:Darun's Phylactery,Prindegas' Phylactery

Items' Powers:Staff gives free infinite cast of light,only touchable by owner,and a variety of other spells,once a day.

Phylactery Robes provide -5 damage to be taken from elements and cannot be removed from wearer involuntarily.

Dagger cannot be seen by enemies until it has drawn blood.

Both Phylacteries allow Dennal to use their previous owner's special powers.Darun's being paladin-like and Prindegas's being rouge-like.

For all intents and purposes,lets say warrior classes have 150 health,magic classes have 75 and everyone else has 100.

We all begin in a small clearing,we obviously know each other and have set up camp.Begin.

Its time for a show,I guess.

01 December 2008 - 07:47 PM

Haikus keep coming,

But are people reading them?

I'll post and find out.

I keep replying in limerick,

But its like talking to a brick.

At least in the Kingdom,

Haikus emerge from boredom.

You people are trying,makes you look quite thick.

So this post will comprise

of various types of poetry,

My failure comply results in my demise,

And you shall therefore take pity.

Currently this is a sonnet,

Perhaps not my best shot.

Nothing really rhymes with sonnet,

Therefore there is no God ( :anxious: )

My next poem(s) shall be

an ode and a ballad respectively.

The ode will speak of Henry V

and his battle outnumbered heavily.

The day is Saint Crispins,

Year the fourteen-fifteenth.

War was declared the month fourth,

And in September we took a port.

More than a month it was sieged,

And soon we were racked by desease.

The French are at least 25 thousand strong,

We have six thousand,five of which equiped with bows long.

I don't know what happened that day,

But it was a miracle in its way.

We lost a mere hundred,

Of the French thousands were murdered.

We had won the war,

But what is war good for?

So you've read my poem,

I'd like to hear what you think.

Is it worth your time,

Or is it another timesink?

This is how I assume ballads are written,

In an A,B,C,B like pattern,

With no syllable counting.

Damn,what rhymes with pattern?

Sometimes when writing,

You need lots of forethought.

Or you might end your work like I do,

With a "There is no God"...

I seriously forgot to add,

To avoid looking bad,

Please comment in poem,

Poets-I'd bow to 'em.

I messed up limerick-ing

But those were getting boring.

This is an ode,now.

I'm going to go...tip a cow.

Enlistment (and stuff)

29 November 2008 - 04:58 PM

Hi everyone.Backstory a little here.

I'm,as you can see,a Singaporean,Chinese.My father is Peranakan (which I spelt wrong),so I have ~1/4 Malay blood,1/4 is simple Chinese.The other 1/2 is Anhui province.

Anyway,I'm 17,and that means I finished my first year of Junior College recently.Next year I will be completing my education (hopefully) , and at the end of the year will be enlisted in the army.Its compulsury.

Though I have been a Staff Sergeant (and consequently,am a CLT now) for my Secondary School's National Cadet Corps,I WILL be started off as a recruit once more.For three months I will be going through the worst days of my life in BMT,and another 21 months of...I dunno.After all that,I will have a PoP,and thus ORD (Operational-Ready Date).Following that,I may still be called back for a further ten years for (I assume) [cabbage]s and giggles,to ensure I am able to defend my colony country.

So anyway,I just wanted to know...What are your thoughts on army enlistment,especially in low-population countries.Should they be compulsory,or voluntary?What would an ideal term be?And what about mommy's boys who can't live without their parents?

I especially want answers from Returned.Carry on.