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Yoko Kurama

Yoko Kurama

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Jagex Poll on new MTX stuff

01 March 2015 - 09:58 PM

From Reddit:


Thread: http://www.reddit.co...ied_survey_for/









'Profits plummet at Jagex' - Insidermedia

25 November 2014 - 03:40 AM


Profits plummet at maker of RuneScape

Full-year revenues and pre-tax profits have plummeted at the UK's largest independent developer and publisher of online games.

But Cambridge-based Jagex, the maker of RuneScape, said it was positive about the future and praised the performance of its flagship game, adding that the team finished the year "on a high".


According to the financial accounts for the year to 31 December 2013, Jagex reported operating profits of £944,833, a significant drop from £9.7m the year before.

Gross margin has decreased from 45 per cent to 31 per cent, reflecting the bigger investment in talent during the year. Headcount increased from an average of 472 to 515 in 2013 financial year.


Pre-tax profits slipped from £9.8m to £968,123.


This was on the back of a decline in revenue - from £53.1m to £46.5m. Game income, which includes both subscription and microtransaction sales, fell from £52.3m to £46.1m, while advertising revenue declined from £735,118 to 332,496.


But other income, which includes revenue from advertising and the sale of merchandise, rose from £27,907 to £89,537.


A statement by company secretary R Hodgson said: "During the year the company focused on its two leading titles RuneScape and Transformers Universe and decided to pause the expansion of the Third-Party Publishing division to ensure the two main games were prioritised above other activities.


"Revenue decreased in comparison to 2012 but the management team is pleased with the current underlying game engagement and community sentiment going into 2014, which is stronger than the same period in the previous year.


"The landscape is continuing to be very competitive but the group is positive about the future, given the successful engagement with the RuneScape community and the upcoming launch of Transformers Universe in the coming financial year. The company made the decision to invest further in Transformers Universe and extend the launch date into 2014."


Source: Insidermedia


Interesting to say the least. The last time profits went down, Jagex came up with micro transactions. I wonder what they'll do this time.

Invention Skill - To be or not to be?

01 October 2014 - 05:23 AM



From the Reddit AMAA hosted this past week.


Here's the link to that topic: http://www.reddit.co...maa_56pm_today/


Here's the link to the relevant section: http://www.reddit.co...m_today/cks8ioz


Too hilarious.

Old School Drama

01 October 2014 - 04:20 AM

So apparently Sparc Mac was doing a stream, and some people came and decided to troll him by crashing him, and they also sent him trollsome tweets. He sent those to J-Mods who promptly went ahead and gave all the 'harassers' perm mutes or 14 day mutes. This is causing an uproar since it's a clear case of streamer favouritism. Streamers of all reputations (not just famous ones, even completely unknown ones) frequently get people that are trying to troll their PVM activities and be on their stream by trying to crash them - most of the time, you just deal with it, you don't get to have Jagex come in and hand mutes to everyone (crashing, obviously, is not against the rules). Normal players also have to deal with crashers, and normally you can't just report them or contact J-Mods to deal with them, you have to fight them off. But apparently, if you're a famous streamer, you can punish crashers by contacting your J-Mod buddies to mute them for crashing, and for tweets (which are not in-game messages!). I found this all amusing:




The first, second, and fourth posts all reference the incident in OSRS/2007 Reddit.


Some more screenies:












Jagex favouritism rearing its ugly head again in perhaps one of its most blatant forms ever.*


*Assuming this all actually happened.

Jagex refunding items | Server disruptions

18 August 2014 - 09:30 AM

Apparently there were server disruptions earlier today (I don't know anything about them, I was soundly asleep then).


There's a post on Reddit about Jagex finally changing their stance and are now actually providing a medium for people who lost items due to server issues to contact Jagex - if your report is verified by Jagex as being authentic (they do indeed have the technology to see what items were lost, they keep detailed logs), then items will be refunded. Of course, abuse won't be tolerated, as it shouldn't be.


Up until now, Jagex's policy was complete silence on server disruptions, no acknowledgements, and refunds only being handed out to famous or prominent players.


Better late than never. They finally seem to have gotten the right idea.


Link: http://www.reddit.co...shes_read_here/