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A fisherman's journal

22 April 2007 - 11:48 AM

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Thank you for looking at the title... good luck reading the blog!


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The Stockmarket of RuneScape

13 April 2007 - 11:40 PM

Now, I'm 15 years old, I might have the wrong idea of the Stockmarket so please correct me if I'm wrong!

The Stockmarket of RuneScape

So, what's a Stockmarket? A stockmarket is a place where people are buying and selling percentages of a firm. The more points of a firm/company you own, the more owner of a company you are.

But how will this fit into RuneScape? Well, fitting it will be quiet a big work for Jagex but then it would also give the players another way of earning their daily.

First 5 buildings should be added to the game each of them a stockmarket building. Each of these buildings can hold a limited amount of Companies registred (this is too avoid flooding of companies). And each building will be accesable in:


Keldrahim (phrasebook needed :oops: )




Each city able to hold a limited amount of companies, around 50-100 each.

Now, should this be accesable to everyone?

-No! Members only! And after having done a small quest!

The Quest:



1000 overall level or higher

Items: 250.000 gp

Part one

Starting point. Out side any Stockmarket in anytown

You walks up to the door of the Stockmarket and a guard who stands permanently stops you!

Guard: "You Can't Enter!"

2 replys:

*"Okay... sorry, I didn't know!"

This results in that the quest is not started.

*"Why not?"

Guard: "Formal dressing required and you are not wearing that!"

*3 replys:

*"Where can i get that?"

Guard: "By a cloth shop! There is one somewhere in this town!"

You go the the "*"

*"Okay I'ill get that!"

You will go to part 2

*"Why is that required?"


Guard: "You know what a Stockmarket is?"

2 replys:


This results in you return to the "*"


Guard: "It's... ehm... I don't really know, some guy in there can explain it to you!"

You: "Does that mean i can enter?"

Guard: "No, you need the formal dressing!"

This results in you return to the "*"

Part two

Starting point: Cloth Shop

Items needed: 100.000gp

Speak to the shop owner

*You: "Hello I need a formal dress!"

Shop owner: "Oh, we can sew one but it costs alot!"

You: "How much?"

Shop owner: "Well, we need to sew one fitting specially for you so it is expensive..."

You: "HOW MUCH!?"

Shop owner: "50.000gp!"

You: "---"

You: "You got to be kidding me!"

Shop owner: "Well it's required for entering the Stockmarket and other buisness!"

Shop owner: "You want to get one or not?"

2 replys:

*"NO!" Resulting you in leaving the store and returning to the "*"


Shop owner: "Great, please hand us the money or we won't sew!"

2 replys:

*"I don't have to money!"

Shop owner: "Oh dear, you better get it then!" Resulting you in leaving the store and returning to the "*"

*"Okay, here you go!"

Reward: Formal dress!

The formal dress looks just like the suits that Miles, Niles and Giles are wearing and looks the same on both Males and Females. The stats for it is the same as the frog token cloth without mask.

Examining says: "I feel really important in this!"

Part three

Starting point: Inside Stockmarket

Items needed:

Formal dress

You enter the Stockmarket.

Stockmarket assistant: "Hello to the Stockmarket of RuneScape's department in *City's name*, you look new, can I help you?"

You: "Yes acctually, I'm here because I'm interested in economy!"

Stockmarket assistant: "Yes, yes! Do you know what a stockmarket is?"

2 replies:

*"Yes" You now go to the "*"


*Stockmarket assistant: "So, what's a Stockmarket? A stockmarket is a place where people are buying and selling percentages of a firm. The more points of a firm/company you own, the more owner of a company you are."

You: How many points do each company have? And how can i buy sell them?"

Stockmarket assistant: "Well, each company have 100 points total and can be owned by everysingle trader! The value of the points depends on howmuch cash each firm has. The current amount of cash devided by 100 is the value of each point. So if your company have 100.000.000 gp the value of each point is 1.000.000 gp. If your company have 500 gp the value of each point is 5 gp."

Stockmarket assistant: "You understand?"

2 replies:

*"No!" You go to the "*".

*"Yes, I do understand. Please keep going!"

Stockmarket assistant: "The your company have less than 100 gp it is worth nothing and if the number of coins doesn't rise within 24 hours the company is bankrubbed and will be deleted! The Stockmarket keeps the 100gp!"

You: "How can I add money to the company?"

Stockmarket assistant: "In the stockmarket you can go to managing your Company/Companies here you can see some information that cannot be changed and some that can. You can see name, founder, date of foundation, the person who offically is the owner etc. But you can also change how many of the points you have that is for sale. This will be shown in the stockmarket. There will also be ability to transfere items from your bank box to the company but they will be turned into cash and the trade can't go backwards."

You: "How does this help me earning something?"

Stockmarket assistant: "The number of points you have is equal to the percentage of the cash of the company you can withdraw from the company's bank-account. If the company has 100.000 gp and you have 46 points you can withdraw 46.000 gp. Also every 24th hour the amount of cash the company has will increase by 10% So if the company has 30.000 gp and the amount rises it will have 33.000 gp."

Stockmarket assistant: "I think that was all!"

You: "How will i remember this?"

*Stockmarket assistant: "Well, you will be issued a book with all the details - better safe than sorry!"

Stockmarket assistant: "Interested in starting a company or you want to buy in the stockmarket all ready?"

Stockmarket assistant: "Either way we have to be sure that you are able to help your companies grow! Remember you can own as many points as you want in as many different companies as you wishes to!"

You: "Make sure i can help?"

If your total level is below 1000 this will come up:

Stockmarket assistant: "Well, it seems you aren't fit to help your company! Come back then you have a overall level of 1000 or above!" (you can only complete the quest then you have 1000 or above!)

If your total level is 1000 or above this will come up:

Stockmarket assistant: "Yes! Your overall level seems to be okay!"

You: "So can I start now?"

Stockmarket assistant: "You just need to speak to my boss, then it's okay!"

Part four

Starting point: Boss room

Items needed:

Formal dress


*You: "Hello, I'm interested in buying and selling in the stockmarket!"

If the maximum of companies is registred this will come up:

Boss: "Okay, well we can't have another company registred so please don't start a company now or try another department! Yet we can still set up a Stockmarket account for you"

2 replies:

*"I will try another time or place so I can get a company!" You go to "*"

*"I would like a stockmarket account!" You go to "*"

If there is space for another company:

Boss: "Certainly. Now, do you wish to registre a new company or just a stockmarket account? If you registre a new company you will have to get a stockmarket account asswell!"

2 replies

*"I would like to get a stock market account!" You go to "*"

*"I would like to start a company!"

Boss "Okay, we need a fee of 100.000 gp! 50.000 for the company and 50.000 for the account! Also if you starts a company you will need to put in some cash for it to live, 100.000gp to be accurate!"

3 replies

*"I have changed my mind!" You go to "*"

*"I don't have the money!" You go to "*"

*"Okay! I'm ready!"

*Boss: "Hand me the 50.000 for the account!"

You hands the money over, the boss signs some papers

Boss: "And what about the company?"

2 replies

*"I don't wish to start at company!" Go to "*"

*"I would like a company please!"

Boss: "Okay, I need the money!"

You hands over the 50.000 gp and he signs a paper!

Boss: "Now please fill out this paper"

*Company form

1. Name of company:_________________________

2. Slogan:________________________

3. Amount of gps to be transferred to company account (minimum 100.000 gp):____________________

4. Type of company (select skill) *dropdown*

You now fill out this paper manually by using your keyboard!

If the company name or slogan is all ready in use:

Boss: "Sorry that name or slogan is in use!" You go to "*"

If the company name is not in use:

Boss: "You have now a company, remember boy/girl to make sure it's okay!"

You: "Thank you very much sir!"

Boss: "No need to sir me, you are not employed in the same company as me, if you understand!"



*Ability to use stockmarket and create 1 company at the time.

*Formal dress.

*Book with details about stockmarket trading and tips!

So my idea is that you enter a building which is pretty much like RuneScape-classic bank with some NPC going around. These NPC's will be yelling the updates of what happened forthnight. You can talk to them and they will be telling what happened to the different companies that you own points in. You also access the stockmarket through them.

In the stockmarket there will be a big list of the different companies registred in that city and you can see the different information of how many points you got, how many points is for sale and so one. Now even as the stockmarket is updated every night (00:00 english time - Jagex is english therefore) but even as the stockmarket is updated every night the updates you do to each company is instantly.

Now to avoid that some people post loads of money in a company and another person takes all of it you acctually needs most people in the company's agreement too redraw the money even if it's a person only owning 1 point and only can take out 1% of the value of the company!

Also the company can be set up to be a fishing company so that in the "Stockmarket" there will be a Shop counter where each company can sell items. So if a company is put up as an mining company their shop will be able to sell mining equipment, bars, ores and other stuff related just a bit to mining. They can set the price as they wishes and it will not be affected by people buying or selling to the company like in NPC controlled shops. The owner can control the price that the company wishes to buy and what the company wishes to sell at.

Pictures to explain

No pictures yet, please if someone could make some.


1. Veltia

2. nman95

3. Gehackte

4. LeggoMyEggo

Now, where I'm sitting it's 1:40 in the morning and I have been working on this topic for 2½ hour so if anything is badly explained or you got questions just ask. Also I don't get sad or anything if you directly says it's a bad idea. I wondered my self a little bit if it was a bad idea.

Where should I train cooking

21 March 2007 - 05:10 PM

I have looked around using the search function but I couldn't find anything so I will descripe my problem:

I've 74 cooking and is going for 80, but where should I train my cooking?

The Twax Story

16 March 2007 - 12:17 AM

I've posted this before, it ain't here anymore and nobody have told me why it's gone!


Now, it all started in a future not far from where we are now. In the year 2032 a computer code error in the software of a defence ministry called Pentagon fired a weapon, horrible designed to killed many lost decades ago. The weapon flied thousands of kilometres hitting a national monument of another country... Kremlin. Soon the alliances flew across and the world was thrown into a full scale war. After many a decades it was all over but the world had survived and that was most important or what. Even though the evil was fought states was gone under too. Poverty and hunger made it impossible to survive and soon underground gangs started to form, all with the main goal, to overthrow the government and form a super state to conquer the world. But also because of the nuclear waste the humans who survived got affected so mutation and evolution had reached rocket speed and people got different abilities.

Chapter 1.

Never again?

Veltia stood there, at the ruins of yet another shopping mall. He was just standing there with red-orange hair looking the city. He sighed and mumbled "Never Again they said, but nobody should ever say never ever." He looked up again over looking a city. Yet it was a jungle of stone and rock it was a busy city. Medieval like, yet not many stilled believed in God or Allah or Jehovah or anything. Most of them believed in science. Veltia sighed again, in his left hand he held a book, old battered leather bound book but still a book. At his feet a blue bag with white faded text was. Then another sign of life appeared. A little boy, properly not much younger than Veltia but looked more boyish appeared. He had short brown hair. He came up to Veltia. "So, I knew you were here." He said, Veltia snorted and opened his mouth "So much for friendship Virtualpenguin.â€ÂÂ

Welcome to RuneScape...

12 March 2007 - 08:51 PM

Often I see on the forum people with pictures with the classic (Yet annoying) text saying "Welcome to RuneScape" but underneath another message appears such as:

You set up a trap


That was just weird

I think if we have a thread to post them all in if you don't want to put them in your signature.

My first one, another one being planned :<img src=:' />

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