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.-~* No Cb Skils *~-.99 Cooking Down...Who Knows What's Next

23 May 2007 - 02:14 PM

Posted Image

^^ Clicky! I'm on the highscores! ^^

No Cb Skils

RIP - Nivel 3 - F2P Skiller wrongly banned for breaking rule #12

As some of you might know... I like making mega-threads...Just don't like updating them often...And no guarantees, this may be the same way...But I'll do my best to update it as often as I feel right :)

If you find any mistakes in the coding of this thread - PLEASE POINT THEM OUT! ;) It always annoys me when I see those snippits of code in threads :P

Which is better, my rune kite or obby shield? Argh...

15 May 2007 - 05:12 PM

Well, I don't really know about many others, but when I'm deciding which weapon is better for what I'm doing ... I always have trouble figuring out the exact stats of each.

Definately when the obby shield first came out, with it's +5 to strength, nobody could decide which was better, and for some like me, who had just gotten the shield, it took a while to find out the stats (I finally went with an obby shield after writing down the stats on paper and comparing them with 2 visuals :roll: )

Sure you can unequip everything and only equip the item to see the stats like I did, but that's somewhat tedious.

Why not either make it so that when you put your mouse over an item you can see the stats ... Either that or a new right-click option being "Stats"

It could look like this:

Posted Image

(same image as my other topic, I know ;) )

*Note - For Pkers and duelers who may say that this could interfere with their fighting if they constantly havd the stats of a weapon popping up, you could use the right-click option as I said before, an option to disable these constant popups while switching weapons, or just plain have this feature disabled in the wilderness and dueling arena.

Ha! My iron scimmy's better than yours! ~ 41+ Supporters.

15 May 2007 - 03:14 PM

Well, my idea is simple, yet would change a lot about the game. As of right now, all of the same items are the same, a whip is the same as any other whip, and a rune scimitar is the same as a rune scimitar. My suggestion is to make it so that some rune scimitars are better than others, and some whips are better than others. This mattering, in some cases, what monster dropped it, while in others, what smithing level that you are.

Experience wouldn't change (in my mind) and levels to wear things would change (also, just in my mind). Durability could come later (like barrows, yet for all armor), but not yet as I know many people hate that part of other games.

They would look somewhat like this:

Posted Image Yet could also look like Posted Image

Showing the stats would prevent scamming, and therefore be called the anti-scam ;)

If you understand what I'm saying without the picture, you can reply, else, please wait until I get these pictures up to get the full-scale idea of what I'm talking about.

If you'd like to know in relation to other games what this idea is like, look at some of Diablo II's weaponry and that is very similar. The attributes of these weapons would be the same, we wouldn't add any of the many other attributes that Diablo II has like poison and change of critical hit etc., but it would stay with slash damage, bash damage, stab damage, etc and the defenses, those would just vary.

Clarifier - (Generally) The armor classes would stay the same. i.e. Rune better than Addy, Addy better than mith, mith better than black etc etc etc...

Addressing the scamming issue:

Second screen (I'll make a picture later) could look similar to the way it looks now, yet you could click on the item, or hold your mouse over it and the stats could be shown.

If you get what I mean...the second screen would remain looking clean and you could decide which items you'd like to re-view to make sure there isn't a scam in order.

Another idea I came up with on this issue would be to name the lower items differently from the higher items by adding prefixes such as "Low-Quality [item]" as opposed to "Excellent [item]" which would be applied to each item.

For example:

"Low-Quality Whip"

"Excellent Whip"

Addressing the economy:

... it would also ruin the economy, and if you haven't noticed, the economy is already messed up

Not necessarily ruin it, but could in fact possibly save it. Having higher and lower whips/weapons would allow poorer players to be able to buy lower-weapons and richer players to buy higher-weapons. Then, instead of people complaining about how high certain items have gotten in cost, they could buy a lower - yet still effective for what they want to do - item to complete the task. :wink:

No way! 5 separate spots for the same type of item?! Waste of space!

Well, I've actually come up with a solution to that and made a visual .gif image to simluate how this problem could be fixed by simply adding a "specific item screen" over the actual bank screen. You could X-out of this second "specific item screen" and you would be brought back to your bank screen.

Posted Image

(Best/Worst would be calculated by adding up all stats - including negatives. The one with the highest number is considered the 'best')

Yes this would add more words and dimensions to items, but again, no new items


1.) None2None

2.) Toxicologist

3.) mrmyk

4.) Gyroman26

5.) ThruItAll

6.) Artificial_Doom_Flavor

7.) Flamebade

8.) roguecow1

9.) iwatake

10.) highlanders

11.) FusionX

12.) iwldwonu

13.) ickdeep

14.) nicrune008

15.) Domo

16.) piman1053

17.) Albel_8492ed

18.) Chewylobster

19.) dsavi_x4

20.) Doughnut

21.) newb4lyfe7

22.) Mouseydude

23.) Kilo

24.) salim123

25.) Jeda45

26.) Stewie_Griffen

27.) Moonlapsed

28.) Silentsurf

29.) Legionwizard

30.) DarkVincent

31.) NinjaChicken

32.) dtbrehm

33.) deathlord552

34.) chiknstu

35.) Gabe93walla

36.) shadow_hawk

37.) Borschwicz

38.) mininpure

39.) GlowinRedM

40.) Masterthias

41.) go461

A related idea that I liked, suggested by ThruItAll but not included in the support list, just for Jagex or others to look at and ponder: (comment on it if you like/dislike it. If there are enough I'll make a new support list)

The suggestion made was to have only the basic weapon tradable - All higher and lower variations of the weapon could only be gotten through drops from monsters, and most likely only sold to a general store for a certain amount based on the quality - Nobody else could see this item appear. This would make slayer more useful as well as add a point in looking for drops like a rune scimmy.

WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

10 April 2007 - 06:40 PM

Or...Should I say:

- Spells


- Ranged weapons


- Healing/damaging prayers.

I'll make it short, I don't want to go in-depth. It's a GENERAL suggestion, so I won't go saying:

"The spell should be named fire bomb and do up to 20 damage to 5 targets and it requires level 60 to cast and would inlist a whole new quest that would get you a book you would have to read and answer a quiz to finally open up the spell tab that you would be able to switch to or from at the Mysterious Old Man in the house in Draynor"

...Phew that was a mouth-fill... :XD:

I'm just suggesting that there should be a few more spells that one could cast to be able to hit more than one target within a radius of X from where the spell is cast...I think these types of spells are too limited as is.

Rate My "Defence Pure" (Hehe, Defence Rocks)

10 April 2007 - 06:31 PM

Well...After quite some time, I finally got an old account un-banned and it happened to have all of my old pures' names on it's friends list! (Why I did that, I really have no clue, but Woot!)

Most of them I don't know their passes, but I remembered a few...My best 'PKer' was 40 attack, 44 strength, and 5 defence...so nothing very special...only decent in RS2, not even close to as God-like as he was back in RSC.

Anyway, on to what I'd like you to rate...1 account I got the password to was my old defence pure, and when I say defence pure, I mean it. :lol:

Posted Image

I know she's not at 40, but I tried for 2 hours in getting her to 37...and to tell the truth, she'll be at 36 for a while. :roll: She's level 16 for all thoes who wondered. She'd be level 17 at level 40 defence.

Just a PS. What you see on her is what I used in RSC to get her to that defence level. I was pretty much as poor as it gets and I got there by killing the level 1 rats :lol:

Here's a screeny of the log-in screen for fun :P :(IP was edited out by me)

Posted Image

Rate whichever you'd like, but I, personally, thought it was awesome. :<img src=:' />