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Quick question: Can you refuse the exp from MM?

12 May 2014 - 05:19 AM

Hey! Haven't been here in ages, but i'm sure no one remembers me so i'll just move along with the question.


Can you refuse the exp from MM? I recall seeing an update on the 07RS home page months ago saying that they made it possible. Which upset me as i had already completed it to make a Zerker pure(Would have rather been able to refuse the exp and make a rune pure). Well i returned to 07RS and made a new account members thinking i'd have to start over. However i'm seeing some conflicting information saying that you can't refuse it. Clarification?

Razz signing out

18 May 2013 - 06:36 PM

Hey guys, I've been dormant for quite a few months now. I started on 07RS' for a while, but then abandoned that project and basically RS entirely. And now it's coming to light that i'll most likely never have time to come back to RS and play it as much as i have in the past. Simply due to a full time Monday - Friday job and IRL friends taking up most of my free time.

In total, I've clocked 203 days and 23 hours into the game just on my main. That's not counting the at least 100 days I've clocked in various other pures and accounts. I've had an amazing time with this game, namely with the friends I had made. I believe most of them have quit as well, as EoE seems to be dead(Logged into the chat and saw no one in it. Which is depressing to see, as i have no idea how this happened). But honestly, it may seem cheesy but i'll think about and miss our skype conversations and crazy chat banter in my daily life.

As of right now, i plan on signing in occasionally and doing a few quests. As this is one of the things i miss the most about the game. And the RS3 alpha looks promising, i may come back for a little while when that hits. But in my entirety, i'm mostly retired.

Thank you Tip.It and EoE. For everything. You made this boring homeschooled kid's life a lot more social and enjoyable. And i will think about all you guys and this game(That practically made my childhood) often.

-Hexiled Razz

(07RS)Black Arm partner needed for Heroes'

15 March 2013 - 05:25 PM

Reviving this from yesterday, i finished Shield of Arrav and have done 90% of Heroes'. Now i just need a partner to get the armband with. You CAN help someone if you've already finished the quest. I've done that multiple times. So if you're feeling generous, that would be awesome. PM me in game! "Hexiled Razz"

Dorgeshuun c'bow

06 March 2013 - 04:04 PM

I remember the Dorgeshuun crossbow used to be REALLY cheap for range training. But it was nerfed because bolts were raised from 2 GP to 18 GP each and they limited the stock in the shop.

Although, did they change the stats on it? Is it still powerful/fast enough to use it over a yew bow with bronze arrows? I recall the bolt strength was somewhere between steel and mithril. I'm not sure on the crossbow speed, either. That's basically the deciding factor. I would buy it and test it myself, but i'm a bit short on cash and don't want to spend the 2k if i can get my answer here =P

07RS: Equipment questions

24 February 2013 - 11:28 PM

Is there any database that has the stats of equipment pre-eoc? Also, in terms of DPS(mind you this is 07RS) is a long sword of a better-tiered metal better than a scimitar of the leaser-tiered metal? Eg: I have a mithril scimitar and I'm training on rock crabs. Is it better to buy an addy long sword(or even an addy sword) and train with that?