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Blog Entries

Dax's Blog > The End.

Posted 20 January 2014

Well, for the forseeable future.

Yeah, it's over. For now. Over the past few months I've grown tired of RuneScape. It no longer holds my attention like it once did. I no longer felt the excitement I once felt when I logged in. I didn't care for logging in, but did it just for the sake of checking ports and doing dailies. Re-sub time came around and I dec...

Dax's Blog > 02: Dax Reviews: Rage (PS3).

Posted 20 December 2013

Fun fact, I actually completed Rage about a week before Flower. BUT TOO BAD I WROTE ABOUT FLOWER FIRST.


Shelf-time: Around a year and a half.
Time to complete: Roughly 20 hours, all things considered.
Price: Technically free, but I had to buy two $25 games to get it, so really like 17 bucks.

So, Rage. What can be said for Rage? I bought Rage afte...

Dax's Blog > 01: Dax Reviews: Flower (PS3).

Posted 17 December 2013

A few nights ago, bored with all my other games, I threw in the Journey collection, intending to continue my Journey, but I decided instead to finish off Flower, and after I finished that, I felt compelled to write this up. I might do a short thing like this as I finish this massive collection of games I have here. We'll see.


Shelf-time (Time it...

Dax's Blog > 102: A Month in Review: November.

Posted 01 December 2013

Welcome to what I guess will be the new format for my blog. Over recent weeks and months I've just not done enough to warrant a weekly thing, and I don't put much effort into it at all. So, hopefully, doing it this way will make me give more of a crap about it, but probably not. I don't even know why I still do these. Haha. Anyway, onto stuff.

First up,...

Dax's Blog > 101: 80+ Stats. Again!

Posted 30 October 2013

OH MAN. GOD DAMN. Closed the tab accidentally after typing up this entry. eh. 80+ stats. lots of div. here's pictures