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93-99 Smithing Help.

15 May 2013 - 11:43 AM

I've done a little research and I'm fairly sure I'll end up having to do Adamant platebodies, as the method has been for a long time, but you never know, there might be a nicer method out there somewhere. I've got around 50/60M I'm willing to spend on it, if that gives any help at all (Which it probably doesn't). There isn't much out in the world of RS I can't access or get to if there's any ridiculous method I've never heard of, either. Any and all assistance is appreciated.


10 March 2013 - 09:18 AM

First of all, my stats.

I'm a bit behind on my EoC battle techniques, and I haven't seriously fought Sunfreet before. I've taken him down in his easy version, but that's a five second job.

I know I need to memorise the fire patterns and his moves and such, but what is the best course of action (Abilities, combat style, everything) to take him down? I have a reasonable bit of money set aside and could likely get a few weapons (Though maybe not Drygore or Nex gear or anything) or whatever to help out.

He's my last special challenge to take out and that'd be awesome to get them gone for Elite Desert tasks. That'd leave on Pest Queen and quite a few journal pages.

Dax's 75.

05 February 2012 - 11:08 AM

This list is 75 of my favourite albums, it's in alphabetical order and is in no way representative of a good to bad order. It's all amazing. Two warnings, this is no short ordeal, and I ran out of adjectives quickly, so awesome and amazing are used to a large extent.

Ashes Against the Grain - Agalloch (2006).

The Exotic Sounds of the Alter Boys - The Alter Boys(2005).

The War of Art - American Head Charge (2001).

Pomegranate - Astronautalis (2008).

Since I Left You - Avalanches (2000).

Teen S*** Pimp Strut - Bankai (2009).

Mirrored - Battles (2007).

Heavy Rocks - Boris (2002).

Broken Bells - Broken Bells (2010).

The Cat Empire - The Cat Empire (2003).

Come With Us - Chemical Brothers (2002).

Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (2010).

A Piece of Strange - CunninLynguists (2005).

Welcome to the Monkey House - Dandy Warhols (2003).

Hunky Dory - David Bowie (1972).

4x4=12 - Deadmau5 (2010).

For the Whole World to See... - Death (2009).

Sing-Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious - Diablo Swing Orchestra. (2009)

Endtroducing - DJ Shadow (1996).

Adultery - Dog Fashion Disco (2006).

L.A. Woman - The Doors (1971).

Train of Thought - Dream Theater (2003).

Heart On - Eagles of Death Metal (2008).

El-Creepo! - El-Creepo! (2009).

Fire - Electric Six (2003).

Quadropus - Estradasphere (2003).

The Real Thing - Faith No More.

I Told You I Was Freaky - Flight of the Conchords (2009).

Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam (2010).

Hot Rats - Frank Zappa (1969).

All Day - Girl Talk (2010).

St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley (2006).

Demon Days - Gorillaz (2005).

Progress EP - Ideamen (2010).

Grace - Jeff Buckley (1994).

Cross - Justice (2007).

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West (2010).

Mix Tape - Kram (2009).

Presence - Led Zeppelin (1976).

Purple Onion - Les Claypool's Frog Brigade (2002).

Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - Lovage (2001).

Mechanical Animals - Marilyn Manson (1998).

The Golden Age of Grotesque - Marilyn Manson (2003).

De-Loused in the Comatorium - The Mars Volta (2003).

Life in Cartoon Motion - Mika (2007).

Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield (1973).

Play - Moby (1999).

Absolution - Muse (2003).

Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails (1989).

Metaphorical Music - Nujabes (2003).

Modal Soul - Nujabes (2005).

eMOTIVe - A Perfect Circle (2004).

Purgatory Dance Party - Polkadot Cadaver (2007).

Presidents of the United States of America - Presidents of the United States of America (1995).

These Are the Good Times People - Presidents of the United States of America (2008).

Music for the Jilted Generation - The Prodigy (1994).

Rated R - Queens of the Stone Age (2000).

Songs for the Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age (2002).

The Bends - Radiohead (1995).

Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine (1992).

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991).

Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999).

Li(f)e - Sage Francis (2010).

Scars on Broadway - Scars on Broadway (2008).

Elect the Dead - Serj Tankian (2007).

Skunkhour - Skunkhour (1993).

Superunknown - Soundgarden (1994).

Hypnotize - System of a Down (2005).

Mezmerize - System of a Down (2005).

Shallow Graves - The Tallest Man on Earth (2008).

Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (2009).

10,000 Days - Tool (2006).

Drake Equation - Tub Ring (2001).

The Great Filter - Tub Ring (2007).

Ooky Spooky - Voltaire (2007).

And there we go. Have fun, and I hope this wasn't a waste.

How does Barrows Compare to Bandos?

13 July 2011 - 01:52 AM

Well, I did some quick calculations and worked out that if I sell my Bandos armour, I'll be looking at around about 94 Prayer, with some 700k till 95. That's awesome. I'm decided in that I'll be doing this, but now I'm wondering, how does Barrows compare to it these days? I know it's a higher defence than Bandos, lacking the Strength bonus. And what parts should I be looking at? I recall Verac's skirt with one of the other melee brothers' top was the way to go a while back, but I'm not too sure now. It's not terribly important, considering I'm Fishing, Farming and Cooking at the moment, but I'd like to have some armour in case the urge to slay appears. Also, are Infernal ashes still that slight bit better than Dragon bones?

How do Bandos/Barrows compare?
What Barrows top and legs should I get?
Infernal ashes or Dragon bones?

Signature Request. :o

05 June 2011 - 06:56 AM

Well, I don't want to put too much pressure on anyone, so I'll keep it simple. Work with what size and such you like, I only have three things I want, otherwise it's all up to you. I need it within TIF's signature limits, as I'll be using it here, I want 'Dax' to appear on it somewhere, and I'd like this image (http://www.creativeu...jdpl-daxter.jpg) to be part of it. Only, you know, resized and such to fit. Hopefully that's not too much work or anything. D: (As you can probably guess, I'm not too good at this signature business)

Hopefully someone can help me out, and if there's anything else you need to know, tell me.