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In Topic: Today...

Yesterday, 09:19 PM

I'd get rid of the word "random" and it's interesting that you capitalized "Old Ones" but not "God"

New lighting look spectacular though

In Topic: Today...

Yesterday, 02:58 PM

Yeah I got distracted by MTG arena on Monday so I didn't get to download the latest version of Itsyrealm, my b. I'll give the link to my brother, he spends a good deal of time on the computer so he should probably be able to squeeze some play time in.

There was another game dev that posted here something like...god...9 years ago? The game played a lot like Golden Sun and the handheld Zelda series and my brother loved that back then. He even asked me for the link again when he got a new computer a while back.

Anywho, I would love to be more active in play testing for you Veiva but the reality is I spend next to no time on my PC. Maybe I'll get a day where I have a few hours on it, but then not again for 3-4 weeks. I think I've turned it on twice this year so far

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Yesterday, 02:05 AM

Insurance is such a scam. I thought we were entitled to life...

In Topic: Today...

22 January 2019 - 12:05 AM

You are what you eat after all

In Topic: Today...

21 January 2019 - 09:10 PM

An investigator position opened up in an office closer to my house that I'm probably qualified for but it would involve me learning a whole new set of statutes and laws and I just don't know if it's worth the headache for an extra $250/month per paycheck. Plus I love working for my current boss.

And now with minimum wage getting bumped to $15/he, it might be worth just getting some bogus retail job on weekends instead