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28 September 2010 - 03:56 PM

Is Runescape fun?

So many times we, as players, see the moniker of 'fun' being thrown around. This usually has the purpose of defending a certain tactic that other players may not like. It can also be to defend one's beliefs about how to play the game. But in every case, the reason of it 'being fun' is the only evidence offered.

It seems that 'fun' has become a blanket statement that, though surely situational, seems to cover all facets of gameplay. To every player fun means something different. It's definition has been made to suit the playstyles of the individual playing. To me however, there is not much that Runscape has to offer that is 'fun'.

Note: The 'fun' that I have in Runescape is not defined by me smiling and having a good time. That does happen though it is rare. Instead if I were to give fun a definition that explains why I play the game, it would be to say that I enjoy accomplishment. Following this idea, I want to point out that I have every quest complete, have mastered every position in Barbarian Assault (and never bought a piece of armor), a cape in a skill that I have liked since classic, and a couple more just to trim it. I own a fire cape, I have killed Bork, the skeletal horror, and have a pheonix pet. Heck I spent this last weekend power leveling herblaw simply to complete the Seer's Diary. This is how I have 'fun' though nothing about it is fun in the sense of enjoyment. The finished product however is what I like.

In light of that statement I am sure there are many of you who disagree. I am sure that many of you do have fun. So my question is "how do you have fun in Runescape?".

Possible problems with the way Dungeoneering works

22 April 2010 - 03:17 AM

Now I make no claims as to being an expert on Dungeoneering or even the economy of Runescape. Heck to that end, I am a pretty self contained player that has much of all that I need. It seems to me however, that due to the nature of Dungeoneering, many players that would usually provide things for the economy may find themselves in the bellows of Daemonheim instead.

I think that since Daemonheim is self contained it could potentially create a hole that other players used to fill. Unlike other activities in Runescape, Dungeoneering has levels, worthwhile rewards, and is actually really fun. In the past, other things that may have caused players to take a small detour from their regular gaming were soon forgotten and players resumed their positions as wood cutters, fishers, or flax collectors [etc]. Dungeoneering however could keep players interested for large portions of time and judging by the Runescape homepage, Jagex seems to want this. Even the level cap of 120 seems to promote the idea that Jagex wants players playing this for a long time to come.

We can all agree that higher levels outside of Daemonheim can and do benefit players trying their best to complete the next floor. There however is NO absolute need of those levels and a player could spend all of their playing time in Daemonheim. Now a very dramatic and over the top view of this is to say that so many players will follow this mindset and Runecape will cease to be what it is today. We can probably assume that this is not the case but I would be willing to bet that a large portion of players may find themselves in Daemonheim quite often. This in my opinion drastically splits Runescape into two groups.

That all being said, let us look at some things. First, Daemonheim provides everything that a player needs in order to complete each floor. This means that when a player is Dungeoneering they do not require fished foods, they do not need potions, nor do they care about any other produced items in the regular world. More so, they no longer have need for items such as the GWD gear, rune armor, or even nature runes. Sure there will still be players in the overworld but ultimately my question is this:

[TL:DR] In your opinion how much will Dungeoneering affect the rest of Runescape?

Pirates needed!

18 August 2009 - 09:37 PM

P2P perferred as they have better pirate choices. f2p will be used for the video however so come one come all :D

Hey guys and gals, I need some help with my machinima video. If you are availible tonight from 7 pm to 8 pm central time and would be willing to help me, I would be greatly appreciative.

The theme is pirates so bring any pirate gear you have. A friend and I will be handing out as many scimitars and long swords as we can but if you want please bring your own. Iron, black, or steel only please. Other than that come as piratey as possible, the meaner looking the better.

I will need a couple dwarf cannons as well but bring them only if you already have them. I will have spare pirate costumes if anyone should need them.

If you can help please just join my clan chat 'kietaro1' at as close to 7 central time. I need around 20 people but the more the merrier.

If you are willing to help then please come with an attitude of helping and please do not be disrespetive. I need to get these shots and I really would love to have fellow tip.iters help. Thanks in advance and hope to see you there.

This will take around an hour and the majority of that time any pirates will be mainly standing around. Just a little heads up for those that may not want to help after finding that out.

Why slayer?

24 July 2009 - 02:00 PM

I spend a good bit of time lurking, only coming out every once in a while when I have something I want to know. Though it seems more frequent these days I still cannot help but ask what makes slayer so enjoyable? I mean I constantly read posts over and over regarding the greatness of this skill, and yet fail to see the allure.

Now please do not misunderstand me, I find slayer to be quite enjoyable from time to time and even boast a rather acceptable slayer level myself; I just do not see it as a stable of gameplay that keeps players coming back.

With that being said, what is it about the slayer skill that makes it enjoyable? Why do people give the cape so much respect? Why is it even seen as difficult other than time invested?

The 'Fine then, you fix it!' PVP thread.

22 July 2009 - 01:56 AM

Well with all the negativity surrounding the PvP updates how would you guys (and girls) make PvP into a liable activity that would allow for the least amount of people being unhappy? I mean we all complain about all the changes and the effects that it has on the game/economy/welfare of the players so why not try to put together an idea that would make it the best PvP out there.

I will provide my idea but it was written when the No items kept on death came into effect and before +1 worlds so keep that in mind. Please provide your ideas and let us discuss what makes PvP worth doing, would allow for profits, and keeps things balanced.

Eh that is bare bones but I think you get the idea.