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In Topic: 31-Aug-2011 – The Branches of Darkmeyer

01 September 2011 - 12:04 AM

Is anyone else able to keep their "Vyrelord" title after the quest? I kept it on mine but have yet to run in to anyone else with any variation of the titles given within the quest...

title pops up when you wear the vampire outfit

best quest in a while, got a game service error like 8 times while trying to sneak around getting the clothes, but otherwise everything was great

In Topic: Nex Hunting Guide

18 January 2011 - 01:12 AM

This guide works for masses but unfortunately it does not work as well in smaller teams (for more efficient kills). You missed a lot of the subtleties about the different forms and did not mention bringing dragon claws to speed up the most dangerous forms. That inventory is very suspect: it's doubtful you can last 4 overloads and 2 yaks in the boss room unless your team is gigantic; 2 overloads is a much more reasonable amount. Also, you missed bringing a unicorn + scrolls in the yak which makes a difference on the last few kills.

Not a bad guide but should have be farther along 4 days after it was posted now that some pretty good tactics are known.

Yeah, fell a little behind, with my laptop LCD breaking and moving back to college i've been a little busy, but hopefully i'll be more on top of it in the next few days :pray:

very briefly mentioned the offensive spec wep and bringing another familiar, but if they make a huge difference i'll rearrange it so that it isn't lost in a wall of text

And yeah, i'll admit i haven't really gone with smaller teams. i spent most of my time going with bigger teams so i could figure out what was going on and ask other people what methods they used. since most of my friends don't boss hunt, i couldn't really assemble my own team and try the new ways myself

In Topic: Nex Hunting Guide

14 January 2011 - 07:35 PM

Points in no particular order:

I'm fairly sure agressiveness is only governed by max defence roll (e.g. potted levels, defence bonus, prayers, steel titan/wolper defence boosts).

Dragon boots with a ranged setup are not a great idea (at least use bandos for more defence & prayer, or snakeskin, or ranger's). I would recommend you get a picture of the void setup and, if you can find a person, one setup picture with a divine and/or Pernix.

Melee works great on reavers and mages (e.g. karil's top, void deflector & switch helmets, for example) but Verac's is not great (chaotic maul beats it & allows much easier swiching with void). I don't think ranged-only will actually suffice for all but the most elite teams, I think people should try to be those elite teams.

I'd add defence and magic levels to the recommended levels, as well as dungeoneering and melee levels with notes about which chaotics.

I have heard that the Statius warhammer/Bandos godsword are not very effective, but dragon claws can be if used to shorten the blood stage.

Otherwise it's a good guide, don't worry about the length, it's a complicated boss after all :).

Thanks for the advice! just a few notes on what I changed

Added in the defence, dungeoneering, attack/strength preferred requirements. Mage was harder to do, as there isn't a specific spell that helps out yet (possibly vengeance, but still working on that), I think what I've added works all right though :wink:

Mentioned the spec weapon in the blood section

Added in notes about chaotic maul+void knight

Will add in a picture with void once I get the chance

For the agressiveness, are you saying that for the warriors it should be another defence requirement and not a barrow's item, or am i misreading it? I don't doubt that you're right, my brain's just a little slow at the moment :P Planning on doing some more testing and asking around later today, but any more details you can give would be awesome

In Topic: 10-01-11 God Wars - The Ancient Prison

10 January 2011 - 06:52 PM

Posted Image

In Topic: 10-01-11 God Wars - The Ancient Prison

10 January 2011 - 06:10 PM

Posted Image

haven't figured out much of a strategy yet, pretty much just swamp her and hope for the best

also, range is the way to go against her