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Daeyalt ore in the Mourners hideout??

08 July 2008 - 09:57 PM

First of all, i should introduce myself to this comunity as im not a regular poster, but i bet that would go in the "Introudce yourself to Tip.it!" thread so ill just go ahead and continue my thread...

As you may or may not know, with the new HD runescape, many changes were made. Many places, Npcs and graphics were modified. Well, the other day i found something that shocked me, i couldnt believe it but i didnt feel like posting it. Maybe it was cause the lack of my english writing skills or i was just lazy, but after reading Jagex, **** or get off the pot, i felt it was my obligation to show another example. Yes, another so called hint from Jagex.

I went to west Ardrogue (sorry the spelling) to the elves hideout to get my bazooka back when i found something very interesting...

Next to the cell there was a little cart with some light blue thingy inside. It drew my attention so i searched it, as usually, "nothing interesting happens". But there was something weird about it so i examined it and guess what i found:

Posted Image

For the ones that didnt complete Darkness of Hallowvale, the Daeyalt ore can only be mined in a mine underground Meiyerditch, the Vampyres territory.

Yes, what is an item that can only be found in Meiyerditch doing there? The Vampyres live in the East of Runescape, far away from the elves, there is something very fishy here...

The ore has no purpose at the time and we dont have any information about it. The little we know is that the Vampyres use the humans that live in Meiyerditch as slaves to mine it. Here a pic:

Posted Image

This may stun you because this opens many doors and unsolved questions.

For now we have answered one question, What are the carts for? But now we have many many new unanswered questions like What are the elves and Vampyres plotting? Why do elves need the Daeyalt ore? Why are Vampyres helping the elves?

I dont know much about the runescape history but there are 2 things that both have in common.

They are evil and the blood tally is mention in both series...

As far as i understand, both series will be conected in the future or somehting...but all this puzzles give me a headache and i hate it, so as Noble Aloof says, **** or get off the pot...

I want to apologise for the spelling mistakes and everything :oops: , this is just an amateur thread so please dont flame :( . Btw, compliments about my english writing skills are really appreciated =p .

Discuss and feel free to give your opinion.

Mourning End Part 2 (Temple of Light Guide)

08 August 2007 - 02:21 AM

Temple of light guide!!!!

Its long, but usefull!!!!!!11

Plz note that i put this guide in the Runescape forums too.

Ya, its here, free and i`ll update it (erm forget the last part =P)

Hello, i`m Dark Bota (owner of a questcape) and this is Temple of Light guide for those who are gonna start mourning end part 2. :P

Before starting you have to understand im not gonna tell you how to do the full quest, but i`m gonna tell u useful tips, what you have to wear and other things.

I made this guide because I was boring, and I love this temple (ya I know, im crazy).

Note: if you dont like this guide…I dont care =P, but if you think this guide needs any other info, plz let me know and i`ll update it.


Understand that i`m gonna start this guide when u have the newly made crystal, NOT when u first enter the dungeon and get the color wheel


1. Requirements and items needed.

2. What to wear?

3. Wait a minute where am i?

4. The handholds =(

5. Safespots =)

6. How to save inventory space

7. The dwarf and 50 pieces of junk

8. Last things to say

9. Stupid FAQ

10. Good luck with the quest, and plz read this =)


1: Requirements and items needed

Quest: Finish Mourning end Part 1

Items: Full Mourner, Chisel, Rope, a Death tally (you can buy it from another player) OR 50 items( i`m not gonna list them) and new key

Suggested items: at least 10 sharks or good food, Ardrouge teleport runes, teleport crystal, weapon to kill Shadows (explained in What to Wear), prayer bonus armour (explained in What to Wear), prayer pots (10), Holy wrech. A LOT OF BAD WORDS TO SHOUT TO YOUR COMPUTER or A LOT OF PATIENT (maybe both).

I strongly recommend a high agility lvl (who no?), my tactic was 65 agility so you don`t have to take agility pots and you save space in your inventory.

Agility lvl: between 58-70.

.2. What to wear?

There are 2 ways to finish this quest: the FOOD way, or the PRAYER way.

I recommend the prayer way because it`s hard to run out of p pots and they save a lot of space.

Prayer way: The tactic is to use Prayer to protect from the Shadows because they have very low hp (15) and high attack (can hit up to 15 I think). So when you are in the temple always have protect on melee (except if you are in a safespot, explain below in Safespots=)) and when you need to rotate a mirror, first kill the Shadow ( if it`s attacking you).

Items to wear for P way: Full Proseylate or Initate

Holy or Unholy Symbol

Dragon Mace

God Book (with pages or without) nearly 35+ prayer bonus!! (if wearing proseylate)

Remember that to enter in the dungeon you need to have only the full mourner on and then change it for this armour. Dont take away the mourner cloak gloves and boots, it doesnt care.

Food way: I dont really like this method because you`ll need a lot of food and if you eat all your food inside the temple you`ll have to teleport out and get more (a waste of time).

But if you want to do it, you need: Your best best best best armour (a possible answer can be full guthan so you can attack Shadows and get some hp, but remember they only have 15hp) Like 100 sharks

3. Wait a minutewhere am i?

If you are confused (or you dont remember anything about MEP1) the temple of light is under West Ardrouge. To get there enter the W.A. doors, go a little north from where you are standing to a house full of mourners lvl 12 or something (you need full mourner to enter, go west and you`ll notice a trapdoor, go down. Here, you`ll see a lot of 100+ Mourners with crystal halberds (oh yeah!) DO NOT TAKE OUT ANY OF THE MOURNER CLOTHES OR THEY`LL ATTACK YOU! Talk to the head mourner and he`ll give you a new key, you can use it to enter the dungeon. Inside the dungeon there are no mourners so you can put on your prayer armour.

Now pass the Dark Beasts, put protect melee on, and run. When the Beasts stop attacking you, put protect off. Now yes, you are in the Temple.

If you do this steps correctly, you should be near a big white crystal.

Inside Da Temple: The Maze has 3 floor: ground floor: in this floor there are lot of Shadows so protect melee is a must. If you fail the handholds, you fall in the ground floor and get hitted 5.

second floor: if you go up the stairs in the ground floor, you stand in the second floor (ya, I know, its stupid) Go east of the stairs and you`ll be in the collector.

third floor: to get here, there are 2 ways, if you go north of the 2nd floor, you`ll see some stairs, go up and you`ll stand near a pillar and some ruins next to it. If you go south from here, you`ll notice there are some ruins that block the way. To go south of the 3rd floor, let`s go back to the 2nd, go south from the collect and go up the other stairs. Be careful because there are some blades that can hit you 5, to avoid them well, you cant avoid them, your character will be hitted or jump depending on your agility lvl.


4. The handholds =(

Oh ya, you were waiting for this a long time. Here they come (my tips)

To finish this puzzle, you`ll need to pass this handhold 2 times, the first time in the first door and the second in the fifth floor.

The handholds are ubicated south of the second floor, there are like (I dont really remember) 10 handholds and each 1 can be failed. But don`t be afraid, if you have an agility lvl of 63-70, it won`t be so difficult. Remember that if you fail, you`ll be hitted by 5 damage and stand on the ground floor.

I know some ppl that tried more that 50 times and they fail!

Me? Well it wasn`t difficult, I tried 3 times in the first door and 7 in the fifth. It was so easy that in the fifth door, when I pass it, I pass them again to come back!!! (it`s true!).

My agility lvl was 65 and I did`nt drink any agility pot.

Note: I recommend having prayer on when doing the handholds because when you fall, there are gonna be lots of Shadow waiting for you.

5. Safespots =)

It was very difficult to find some safespots, but I only got 3 (luckly): In the 2nd floor, next to the collector (if a Shadow is following you and you go there, he`ll attack, but if you kill it, no Shadow will attack again unlees you leave the collector). In the double stairs in the 2nd floor (although you`ll need to go up to the 3rd floor to get in there). In the 2nd floor, where you need to use the rope (you`ll have to pass a low wall to get inside) DO NOT GO DOWN, BECAUSE DOWNSTAIRS, THERE ARE SHADOWS.

6. How to save inventory space

There is a big problem with this quest, and it`s that you have to carry lot of mirrors and crystals while you need p pots and teleport crystal.

The only answers I found were a little simple. If you have to pass the handholds, remember to save some more food for the fifth door because you`ll see it`s not easy to pass them. I you are in the last door and you can`t carry the mirrors, just drop something, put 1 or 2 mirrors in the correct position (remember to rotate them so you won`t be confused) and grab them again. Other tips to save space are: use a holy wrech and take less p pots (the holy wrech lets you get 1 more prayer point when you drink a p pot) because you can drop it if you need space (you can get another from the braindeath island). When, in the first part of the quest, you go with your chisel and get an example of crystal, take your rope too and use it with the hole, so you won`t carry it during the puzzle.

7. The dwarf and 50 pieces of junk

Now you are in the mysterious ruins, take a break, sleep and..ffs, stop shouting to your computer and breaking your keyboard!!

If you read your list, you`ll see that this 50 items are easy to get, but if you don`t have the time or you are a poor rich guy (lucky) you can buy a death tally from another player, I don`t know the price, but now, I think they cost around 300k. Another option for the lazy ones, is to ask anyone with a questcape to let you use it then YOU GIVE IT BACK (don`t scam, you noob!). When you enter the death altar, take your time to see the great view and explore this wonderful and peaceful place, then use your newly made crystal with the altar, and your crystal will start to glow (or something), then, go up the third floor and use it with the black crystal, then teleport out and go to Letya, then you know the story, YOU GET YOUR QUESTCAPE =0. :D

8. Last things to say

Well, I don`t know if you need anything else, if you like this guide, i`ll put a list of ppl who like it.

If you think this guide needs anything else, i`ll add it.

WTF, YOU DON`T LIKE IT!!!??? :evil: Go make one by yourself, let see if its so easy

Don`t ask for my death tally because IT`S NFS AND I`M NOT GONNA LET U USE IT

Plz, if you like it, plz bump it, or let me know (I really like compliments).

I really like the Temple and i`m waiting for MEP3.

9. Stupid FAQ

-I cant pass the handholds, help me!!!

//Keep trying.

-Erm, oops, I forgot to rotate the mirror to get inside the mysterious ruins, plz don`t tell me I have to do it all again! :wall:

//No, there are some secret stairs next to the dwarf`s house in the underground pass

-OMFG!!!!I accidently pull the collector and I cant get in the ruins!!! No, why God, why!!! Help me Dark Bota, plz!!1 #-o

//Bad luck buddy, you`ll have to do the last door again and my nickname is Cavi btw

-Hey, i`m a noob and I don`t know what to do with the cyan crystal and I have finished the quest (I asked this question in a forum =P)

//Just drop it, you don`t need it anymore (thats what they told me).

-I sold my death tally, how can I get another one without killing Dark Beasts?

//You can talk to the dwarf again and he`ll give you another list (don`t know if you need to take the same items but i`m nearly sure yes)

10. Good luck with the quest, and plz read this =)

Well, this guide took me like 5 hours to make it, I gave my heart, my knowledge and my mom gave me a cookie!

Sorry for the misspelling, English isnt my mother language and I doesn`t spoken Ingsheel very better (in other words, I don`t speak English very well) :oops:

Well, if any Mod is reading this, I always wanted a Mod to tell me Nice, good work Cavi!, so if you are a Mod and you are reading this…can you plz write that =)?

Oh and I was jking, I AM GONNA UPDATE IT.

Sorry for the bad jokes (if you don`t understand them, better for you, rofl!)

TY, and good luck with the quest! :thumbsup:

Plz discuss my guuide here...plz! If you see any wrong info plz tell me and sorry... :-w

//¡Se que no soy un hombre de plegaria, pero si estas ahi arriba, salvame Superman!//

quick dragonstone itmes question

16 May 2007 - 01:21 AM

how much is a dragon bracalet?

dream mentor_ help plz!

15 May 2007 - 10:42 PM

can someone tell me any tip to kill the finla monster?

can i use prayer?

help with my signature

24 April 2007 - 10:59 PM

can some1 explain me how to change my sign. cause i want to change the quests i need =p