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Member Since 24 Apr 2007
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Chaotic Spear?

04 March 2011 - 05:07 AM

We have a long sword, a rapier, a crossbow and a maul.... GIVE US A SPEAR!

Conquest help

17 February 2011 - 05:43 AM

Anyone know what the strategy to gain commendation points are? Only want to save up to buy armour (Excluding deflector) for when I die at Nex.

Chaotic item - Kept on Death value

01 February 2011 - 06:04 AM

Dungeoneering - Is it a skill or is it a minigame?
My quarms are not with this, it is however with the high alchemy value of the rewards costing 200k tokens.

As we all should know, the items you keep on death depends on the high alchemy value allocated to the items. I am disgruntled because the value (And the deciding factor of what is kept in the unlikely event your character dies) is not directly proportionate to the cost.

Basically, why should one weapon or shield that cost the same amount of tokens have a different high alchemy value?

I currently have a mere 81 level in the skill that is Dungeoneering, and with my 200k tokens, I purchased a Chaotic Rapier, which is still safely in my bank.

Trouble is, I know of people who have lost Chaotic Weapons or Shields because their high alchemy value was deemed to be lower than, say a CLS.


I would argue on the basis of the cost, that the high alchemy should be the same, or proportionate to the amount of tokens required to obtain.


1) Since these weapons and shields are non-tradeable de-grading items, should/are they currently treated like other items of the same nature? PVP gear? They aren't re-chargeable. Barrows? Erm no, you can trade repaired barrows.


1) Allocate 0 alchemy value to all Dungeoneering items.
2) Allocate an alchemy value directly proportionate to the token cost.
3) Change the token cost to reflect the difference in alchemy value.

To be continued Do bear with me, I'm at work and wrote this in the last 5 mins of my lunch break.

What chaotic for Nex?

18 January 2011 - 12:50 PM

Ok, I'm almost at 200k tokens and 80 dung!
Need to decide on whether I should get Chaotic Crossbow, or Rapier!

Have Divine atm, was thinking should i get bow + divine + full veracs.
Or Bow + rapier?


Drop Parties

07 May 2007 - 02:07 AM

Last night.... minding my own business growing oak trees in Falador in World 42.

Walking along, I notice a crowd gathering by the square and that there was a drop party with around 40-50 people.

Thinking it would be fun to tag along, I did, only to find that the full dragon, full ahrims, full black mystic, whip and other goodies being dropped were being picked up by everyone bar me :P

(Thanks to P K E R80)

So to all the lucky people who got so many items, I work my A double S off to get 5mil in cash and then someone picks up a d chain in a split second ;)

If only I lived in the United states and didn't have a ping of 500ms