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How Much Would You Pay?

10 July 2008 - 01:11 AM

How much would you pay for an instant teleportation to your favorite training spot and back to bank? Personally, I'd pay around 100k (I'm cheap). Now, here are the two methods of payment.

~First Way~

Unlimited trips, one-time payment. Costs 10k to change bank/spot. Expensive.

~Second Way~

One trip there and back, one payment for one trip. Changing bank/spot is free after current trip is over. Seems cheap*, but can build up and exceed First Way's charge if used enough times.

*Note: Second Way is 1/500th* the cost (per trip) of First Way.

**Note's Note: Is 500 the average amount of trips someone does to their training spot? I need help with this.

Of course, you could always just teleport/walk there.

Would this help you? Tell what your usual training spot/bank is, as well as how much you'd pay and which method you'd use.

By the way, I do realize that there are teleportation spells. I'm not stupid.


New Detail Mode Dragon

20 June 2008 - 02:46 PM

I could've named this "Just a Thought," but no one reads that kind of crap.

Anyways, you know how low detail and high detail have a warrior and a skeleton representing them? Well, there were two other pictures of them with a small dragon on a chain near them.

What I'm guessing is that this dragon will represent the new detail mode coming out in July. It might also be fully grown and broken his chain, like "unleashing" this new update on us. I'll kick myself if I'm right.

Post your thoughts!

Here are those pictures! Sorry they're so friggin' enormous!

Posted Image

Posted Image

The Chat Censor

12 June 2008 - 04:06 PM

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Kind of like a Jolly Rancher. Anyways, I made this before the Great Forum Crash of '08, and here it is again, shorter, because I really don't feel like doing it all over again. Moving right along...

Our Censor is stupid. Try saying "gash." Yeah. You can't, can you? You can say "pee" but not "urine," and for some reason, "fetus" too. Before this is perceived as a rant, I'm suggesting a sliding bar in the Options Tab that controls what words pass the Censor. Very simple.

It will have 2 or 3 settings. Child, Teen, and (optionally) Mature. I don't care if Mature is implemented or not, but if you could, do it. Simply, no profanity in Child, mild profanity (damn, crap, [wagon]) in Teen, and all profanity in Mature. Everyone's happy.

It's not that hard, Jagex.

A good, mention-worthy argument was made by Ouchy_S:

RuneScape is designed for teenagers, and I'm sure the majority of the community are teenagers. We are old enough to make the decision whether we want to have the Chat Filter on or off and we are old enough to look after ourselves and handle most situations.


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Dark Monday: Pros and Cons

11 December 2007 - 05:21 AM

This is the account of the reaction of one RuneScape player on that fateful day...

December the Tenth, 2007, A.D. "Dark Monday"

This is ridiculous. I'm flippin' out about these "up"dates. This is just too much, too soon. Thousands of idiots (I'm afraid a couple are Tip.Itters) are gonna quit, probably cause they don't understand (which I don't either).

I mean, yeah, we all hate RWT's, but come on. Overwhelming.

I will now list and discuss the "up"dates. Because I have that kind of time.

* The total cost of all items in a trade must be in a 3k range of the other person's offer.

- Pros: Fights RWT's, scammers, and those who transfer items between accounts.

- Cons: No more loans, financial help, or charity of any kind.

* Adjusting of the Duel Arena, Party Room, shops, etc. to fight RWT's.

- Pros: Fights RWT's.

- Cons: Uummm..... How? Info, please *makes grabbing gesture*.

* Dropped items will only be shown if they don't exceed 3k in worth.


* Items dropped in a 15-minute period will not be visible to others if their total worth is 3k+.

- Pros: Fights RWT's and those who transfer items between accounts.

- Cons: RIP Drop Parties. RIP indeed.

* Gravestones will appear wherever you died, protecting your items for some time. It can be prolonged if people repair or bless it (not you).

- Pros: Dead guy has 2-5 minutes to get his items back.

- Cons: RIP PKing for profit. I knew him well. Also, massive lag during clan wars.

* Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars

- Pros: First F2P minigames, new minigames, organized clan fighting, and double gambling (Pking? For money? In the Wild?!)

- Cons: Double gambling

* The "Revenant" monster ghosts

- Pros: Absoluteley NONE

- Cons: Practically invinceable, constantly hit high, waste of time, yet another thing to harass you in the Wild, more useless lag, the most-useless thing to occur on Dark Monday

* Shrinking of the Wilderness by 60%

- Pros: Fights those who transfer items between accounts

- Cons: 60 friggin' percent?! You gotta be kidding me! Cramped PK worlds... just... *sigh*...

[Mod Edit: Edted cuz I'm cool and can do that ~misterxman]

I have finished! Huzzah!

Why'd you quit?

11 November 2007 - 10:38 PM

Yeah, man, what's up with that? What about me, huh?!

Anyhoo, after seeing on the recent poll that hundreds of our Tip'ers have quit, I said, "Wow. That's quite a lot indeed, old boy." So I wondered, "Why?" Then I realized I just made a conversation with myself, so I decided to just make this topic to avoid more rather quizzical looks from my fellow house-liver-inners.

So, why did you quit? I sooo want to know.