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Morningrise333's Blog > Drunken friends and emergency rooms.

Posted 18 April 2010

Tonight is quite possibly the most [developmentally delayed]ed night I've had in a few years. My best friend, Robbie, had just dropped his date off, so he picked me up and we went to our friend Josh's house to hang out with him and Keir. We got there and discovered that Keir was very drunk. He's manic depressive, bipolar, and well on his way to...

Morningrise333's Blog > 99 #1: Constitution.

Posted 17 April 2010

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks 2noob4you1.  <3:

Next 99 is slayer via mage/ranged slaying. I'll be spending a lot of time on dungeoneering, too, as I want a bonecrusher (though I may just decide to go for a chaotic rapier).

(This is copied directly from my post in Rate This!)

Morningrise333's Blog > Dragon Claws, 92 Prayer, Etc.

Posted 08 April 2010

First I got these in less than 50 total Tormented Demon kills:

Posted Image

Then I got this five minutes later, cancelling my streak of Karil's coifs:

Posted Image

After a lot of farming and solo mole hunting, I sold my claws and bought this, and . ....

Morningrise333's Blog > Full Penance + Other news.

Posted 16 March 2010

Posted Image

Posted Image

I've been playing a lot of Barbarian Assault lately. It is by far my favorite minigame activity in Runescape. I've been so busy with school that I haven't had a whole lot of time to play. I log in and do my dailies, then play some BA, mostly....

Morningrise333's Blog > Valentine's Day.

Posted 17 February 2010

Everyone hates Valentine's Day, it seems. I've always enjoyed it for various reasons, but this Valentine's Day was by far the best one I've had. I took an eight hour drive up to Sacramento for my aunt's birthday on Saturday, which was fun. On Sunday morning (Valentine's Day) I drove three hours to San Francisco to see my girlfriend...