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120 dungeoneering.

28 November 2011 - 06:36 AM

I'm too tired to write a whole lot, so I'll just say that dungeoneering is really the only thing that I truly enjoy in Runescape. Thank you to every single member of DGS for everything. My current binds are hood, primal 2h, hexhunter, and primal plate. I'll be messing around with various setups for awhile.

Now I'll be working towards 200m exp, but more importantly I'll be working on solidifying DGS' place as the best dungeoneering clan in Runescape.

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DGS signature banner things needed.

17 July 2011 - 01:38 AM

Hi. This is way passed due, but DGS needs some sort of small banners for signatures that we can use to link to our thread. Preferably these would be fairly simple. Anyone who wants to attempt it can do whatever they want, basically, but here are some things I think would be nice:

Each row denotes a different banner (don't try to fit all this stuff in one!):
- Inventory icons for Primal 2h, Celestial catalytic staff, and Hexhunter bow.
- Inventory icon for primal full helm.
- Inventory icon for kinship ring.
- Inventory icons for shadow silk hood, blood necklace, and primal battleaxe.
- Possibly something like 'Read the guidelines!'
- Picture of a soulgazer?

I personally prefer more conservative banners, but again, do whatever you want. I'd like to see a lot of ideas. Every banner needs to say either 'DGS' or 'Dungeonsweepers', obviously. Keep the banners small - something you can just throw into most signatures without breaking the limit.


Third Bind Guide and/or Discussion.

05 May 2011 - 04:23 PM

Third Bind Guide and/or Discussion.

* Certain sections of this guide are somewhat out-of-date. Please hold while I redirect your call.


Celestial catalytic staff / empowered fire staff.

Primal gauntlets.

Blood necklace.

Hexhunter bow.

Primal pickaxe.

A Slight Diversion: Two-handed swords and Primal battleaxes.


Dungeonsweepers (DGS) - Huge changes; read first post.

22 February 2011 - 08:45 PM

Today marks the biggest change to DGS since . . . ever. We now have set standards for our ranks, an application system for progressing through the ranks, a change in the way we advertise, a new home, and most importantly - new trivia!


Previously our recruit rank (single stripe) was a completely useless rank that was handed out to anyone who used the chat for an extended period of time. As of today, all recruits must meet certain standards and undergo a few tests (I'll explain this in a bit) before claiming the right to call themselves Dungeonsweepers. Some recruits will be de-ranked and retested as necessary, but they should be few and far between. Ultimately we want every member of DGS to feel comfortable taking every other member of DGS on their teams.

Most importantly, however, ALL recruits will be expected to become wingmen, and all wingmen will be expected to become keyers.

The wingman rank was previously supposed to be a completely non-keying position (though some wingmen did key here and there). Essentially, recruit ranks either chose to be wingmen or keyers, if they chose at all. The wingman rank now denotes the middle point between recruit and keyer, with huge emphasis on learning to key. Wingmen will also be required to help recruits become wingmen (THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!).

The keyer rank should now be the end goal of every recruit and wingman in DGS. You cannot be truly good at dungeoneering without being able to key, which is something we've never emphasized enough. Furthermore, the keyer rank will now denote mastery in all non-keying aspects of dungeoneering.

Application system:

We've always been a community that values commitment, goals, and attitude just as much as dungeoneering skill. Our application process includes a written application and a review test for every rank. Anyone wanting to join DGS must submit an application before using the clan chat, at which point they'll be able to dungeoneer as a non-recruit until they pass their recruit review. The wingman and keyer reviews place much more emphasis on dungeoneering skill, however. This also simplifies weeding out randoms from the chat, as a simple "do you have an application?" will suffice nicely.

Leaving Tip.it:

Due to the large number of tools and resources required to implement these changes, we are no longer able to operate off of a single thread in Tip.it's H&A forum, and certain restrictions prevent us from simply linking to our various applications and guides from the Tip.it thread. Thus, DGS will now be hosted on The-Forum-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.


Because DGS can no longer cater to Tipiters alone, we will be advertising on other fansites. We were previously unable to do this as we had very little quality control, but the application and ranking systems will serve to weed out the vast majority of bad seeds quite nicely. We don't expect much traffic from these sites, but that suits us just fine.

Future projects:

With these changes in place, we will now begin serious work on our massive dungeoneering guide/database, as well as Youtube podcasts which will consist of commentary on floors, video guides, recruit tests, etc.

Weekly trivia:

Finally, we realize that we've neglected the trivia while working on all of these changes, so this week we have a four-part trivia written by IHasChicken. Hopefully that will tide everyone over till next week. ;)

Bragging rights:

As of July 31st, 2011:
- DGS is #3 in Runescape for dungeoneering experience.
- DGS is #6 in Runescape for total experience.
- DGS has 158 ranked members.
- The average dungeoneering level in DGS is 99.
- DGS has 10 members with 120 dungeoneering.
- DGS is the only dungeoneering clan that actively conducts dungeoneering research.
- DGS is the only major P2P dungeoneering clan without a level requirement.

Last words:

We would like to thank the Tip.it administration for allowing our thread to remain in the H&A forum all this time. If we could, we would simply create an advertisement thread in the clan forum so that Tipiters could continue to find us with ease, but alas. One thing I'd like to clear up, however: While DGS was originally created with the intention of catering specifically to Tipiters and helping anyone with a computer and a Runescape account, we've slowly changed our goals and ethos over time. Just so everyone is completely clear:

- DGS is not a babysitting clan, nor is it a chaotics/frost dragons clan.
- DGS takes serious dungeoneers and helps them fine-tune their skills and knowledge.
- DGS attempts to create pro keyers out of every member.
- DGS does not condone suiciding or fast floors for the sake of being fast; rather, members should focus on the team's overall exp per hour.
- DGS conducts dungeoneering research so as to facilitate progression in efficient dungeoneering.

If anyone has any questions about joining DGS, send a private message to any DGS admin.

Thank you,
Obtaurian, Cheeesy, Michael, Grimy Bunyip, Rocked
- DGS Administrators

100 Dungeoneering.

12 February 2011 - 05:27 PM

This completes another part of my maxed combat goal (maxing all combat stats plus 99 slayer, 100 dungeoneering, 99 herblore, and 99 firemaking). I'm going to continue dungeoneering indefinitely.

For those of you who don't know, I help run a Tip.it-based dungeoneering "clan" called Dungeonsweepers. Our clan chat, DungeonSweep, is now active around the clock. You'll be able to find floors with other Tipiters and with only minimal interaction with worlds like 148 and 117 (just joking about 117 -- no Tipiter in their right mind would use that, right?). We have keyers in nearly every timezone who average 25-35 minute floors (a few can do 20-30 minute floors consistently). All Tipiters are welcomed to use the clan chat. Just pop in and advertise your floors -- keyers will be ranked silver stars, but we do have "unofficial" keyers, too, so you shouldn't have a problem finding people to dungeoneer with during busy hours.

All we ask is that when you dungeoneer with official keyers, you follow their instructions without arguing and without hesitation. We're there to help you learn to dungeoneer more efficiently, and 25-35 minute floors are only possible with full cooperation from the entire team. Please visit the link in my signature before using the clan chat. :thumbup:

Now that I'm 100 dungeoneering I plan on practicing my keying, and I'll be doing floors as low as 25 (best floor I keyed today was a 32 minute occult). However, and just a heads up, I require that my teammates use skype to listen in when I key, so make sure you get with the program (pun kinda intended). ;)

I plan on binding either a celestial staff or a sagittarian body (current binds are hood + prom 2h + prom plate + CSB). I'll probably go back and forth between the two depending on my mood. Though I'm learning to key, I prefer a DPS role, so the staff is more appealing to me at this point. But, of course, all I really want is a hexhunter. Alas...

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My third bind:

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