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Loaning items

23 December 2007 - 12:47 PM

With the new updates you cant give items to mates to use for a bit... but what if you can loan them?

There can be like a little room were you can put in what you want to loan, who to and for how long, then they accept.

Once the time is up the item go straight back to the orignal person. If you die any were the item goes straight back to the person. This stops real world trading with items cause the orignal person allways gets it back.

They may still try to rent the item out stright affter you get it back. A way around this is you can only reant for 7 days max and you can only rent once a month.

In doing this you can give mates items they want to use. Well combat items any way. Wont work for like logs but atleast you can still get some items from mates knowing that you will no matter what get them back.

Updates Good?

20 December 2007 - 04:54 PM

During this post, they = Jagex

10 December 2007 - Trade and Drop Changes

Unbalanced Trade:

To remove real-world trading from RuneScape, we must stop the gold sellers' ability to function. We believe that the best and only way to do this will be to stop unbalanced trade.

We consider an unbalanced trade to be one that is not equivalent, with a trader receiving items that are much more valuable than those they are giving away. For example, a party hat traded for a bucket is quite obviously an unbalanced trade.

For a trade to be 'balanced', the total value of the items being given must be within 3,000gp of the items being received. For example you WOULD be allowed to trade an item worth 15,000gp for an item worth 17,000gp (because the DIFFERENCE is less than 3,000gp). You will be limited to a 3,000gp gain or loss every 15 minutes.

We are aware that many of you will want to prepare for this change. So, initially, we are just going to make the trade system WARN about unbalanced trades, but it will still allow the trade to go through. This seriously reduces any opportunities for scamming, but still gives you a chance to get used to how it works, organise your items, hand back borrowed stuff, and give Christmas presents. Then, in the first week of January, we will change it to simply not allow unbalanced trades outside of the 3,000gp limit. We will be reminding you when the January date approaches, so that you can be best prepared.

For certain categories of account (mostly new accounts) we are actually implementing the trade restriction immediately. This allows us to stop a large chunk of the cheating immediately, since most of the real-world traders are using new accounts due to their previous ones being banned. For the vast majority of players, the trade restriction will come into effect in the first week of January.

We'd like to reassure you that we plan to keep a thriving player-trading economy. We are certainly NOT planning to remove trading from the game! It's only very unbalanced trades which will be affected. You won't be forced to use the Grand Exchange to trade either, although that will remain a superb means of buying or selling any of your items.

The 3,000gp rule means that you can still help each other out by offering cheaper items for free. We are certainly not going to stop you giving a Fishing rod or an antipoison potion to those who need it or, indeed, offering inflated amounts for items you want in a hurry, within the 3,000gp limit.

This shouldn't overly affect legitimate players, as the aim is to make sure there is no reason to NEED to do an unbalanced trade (more on how we have tried to ensure this below). It stops the real-world traders dead, as there is no way they can make delivery of purchased gold/items any more. Our aim is to make gold-selling so difficult that gold sellers and farmers are forced to leave RuneScape forever.

There has been alot of rants about these soon to come updates. Most are them are people complaing about not being able to give presents or have a drop party. Due to these rants most people are thinking it is bad and there is no good in them at all. Well there is. There is lots of good if you really think about it.

One of the first and main things they are doing is stopping real world tradeing. That thing everyone is complaing about. They have put lots of effort into stopping real world trading, they knew people would leave but they still did it to make the game a better place. A bold move, it just shows how much they must care about it.

Secound thing they've done is give you warning about it. They've said when its happening and why there doing it, this gives you anouth time to give your last presents and have a good drop party to end with. They didn't jsut wake up one morning and say to them selves 'Lets stop trades of over 3k just to annoy people'. They thaught it through for a long time and did what was best. At least now you know its happening and it wont be a big shock when you come on in the 1st week of January.

Third thing they've done, maybe with out knowing, is help us get more money. Bots used to supply runescape with about 75% of all materials now there gone prices have raised. This means that all of us that work in a shop will get more money. Maybe less orders due to the GE but thats a whole over issue. Even if you dont sell in shops you can make alot of money by gathering resources and selling them in the GE or to other players. Merching might be gone but at least people are still making there money the good old fashioned way, hard work.

Forth thing they've done really impressed me. Hacking is a problem loads of us have had. They come on your account, take items and give to there account. With the new 3k update they cant do that. Well maybe steal your money by giving 3k at a time,, this would take ages and you would sort it by then. So are items are going to be safer. Ofcourse they can still steal the account or drop your items, but this isnt as comon.

So how about we stop ranting at jagex? There still bringing you updates. Your getting a new skill and more bank space! They've rixed so much with these updates, a very Bold move. They only did it to make it as good as possbale for everyone. They've stopped problems we were ranting about, for some reasoon we rant about these new updates!

If you can think of a way to stop all these problems but still allow you to do anything you want post it. Not being mean but chances are there will be a fault in the plan. Atleast with Jagex's plan they've stopped it, very hard for people to do real world trading and other stuff like that now.

These are my views, what are yours?

Runescape is not a right, but a privlige.


02 December 2007 - 12:20 PM

Ok ive just seen loads iof people morphing into rocks. How do they do that?

Switched Buttons?

28 November 2007 - 10:12 PM

Well i dont know if anyone else is having this problem.

I click the edit button and it quotes.

I click the report button and it edits.

I click pm person and it goes to profile.

I click on mmm and it goes to pm.

Im useing firefox and I know a friend is having this problem. Is it only us?

Oh and why im hear I think a really cool update would be able to delete your own posts. Sure theres a probelm with someone getting your password and deleting all your stuff but Theres a plan. You could make it so you cant delete first posts on a topic. This is the most important one XD


29 August 2007 - 09:59 PM

ok here a quick thing.

You get telported to a school buy the mysterious old man. There you will find a class full of giants zombies goblins ect, and at the very front there is mr morduat. A very kind and small red dragon. Just answer the questions and you can leave!

He has gues witch object comes next questions and what 3 pictures go with the clue questions!

In the what comes next ones, jsut select the object that goes with the flow, so in my case i had fish harpon fish as the object adn below in ym choses there was a fish chose that and there you go. tehn in teh other one i had hats so i chose the hat.

In teh 3 objects one they give you a clue, in my case a tilt my hat to you, 'hat'- so i chose the 3 hats!

The once youve done 3 questions you can leave by the dorr at the back but have a look around first!

(Pictures comeing tomorro, i didnt get many but oh well enjoy when they come!)