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In Topic: New Age of Monster Hunting

14 June 2010 - 06:39 AM

The only worthwhile boss I can solo are TDs, I only mamge 4 kills p/trip but i enjoy it none the less (Since i dont have Turmoil, Uni, Yak, Overloads/Ext, etc)

4 per trip with 99 def 80+str atk and range?........are you trying to tank? i encourage u to try a speed method like gs claws for spec c bow with ruby/diamond (i prefer ruby) with super atk str def ranged pots...repot after about 2 kills (when def is at 110) use pieity and eagle eye whil switching prot prays....and if u dont alrdy use f1 f3 and f5 keys.....even with those stats u shud still be able to pull off 10-14 an hour which could be 5-7 a trip use war tort and bunyip (or just bunny if u cant tort idr lvs)

and if not 14 an hour i would be extremly surprised at less than 10......o and if u dont have a gs use whp and def def>dfs at tds borrow claws they are the secret

In Topic: defence lowering food/drink

07 June 2010 - 10:18 PM

You could always go to God Wars Dungeon's entrance and let it drain down to 0, then restore only strength and attack with potions.

nah if i wanted to go through that much toruble just running to abearnats with no nose peg would suffice

Zamorak brews should stack, as saras do.

know of anything else zammies are fine but hard to buyish

In Topic: lending limits

07 June 2010 - 05:09 PM

hey guys,
while fishing monkfish,i was having a talk with other fishers there about the trade limit and what not, and i was think if the had a lending limit. like say for 50qps you can either lend out or in 1 item on top of the 1 you begin with and also let the item lending be longas a week or less
you and your friend what to have each other items for awhile
he needs some zammy range stuff and you need his 3rd age armour
and you both have around 200qps
so you both lend out like 3 items
for 4 days

any comments? i dont know if i explained it well enough either
and can some1 move this to the right place if possible, i didnt know where to put it

while being a great idea it is not currently possible to loan out more than one item at a time (system limitations). they may have been leaning towards this at the begining of the lending system but lending 1 item in java without it being duped its a pain more than 1 would cause problems potentially causing dupes.

and then u got the whole rwt aspect...ppl lending ags's out for a week for x amount of money.....thats the reason for the current 24 hour limit

In Topic: Maul, Longsword or Rapier?

28 May 2010 - 06:13 AM

hmm this is a hard decision.

i was thinking a mual myself....i dont mind using whip for slayer as it is cheaper and i make alot of my money at tds (using claws for spec and gs when not using claws) based on this data i assumed the chatoic maul would be perfect for me but i have heard that it is incredibly inacurate and gs are better?

not sure ill prolyl get the maul to test anyways...as for rapier vs longsword i would personally get the longsword from thefriends ive talked to and vids iv watched the rapier albeit good at pking and slaying just sucks at boss slaying compared to the longsword

anyways any 1 think i should go with maul for my <3 of tds? (or wait to just claw spec pot and overload?)

In Topic: How to use Google Docs to extract GE prices ~By Brainymidget

05 January 2010 - 11:50 PM

is there a way to make the color change if the number is positive/negativ?

like for instanace in my "profit tab" if my profit falls to a negative number aka i lose money it changes to color red instead of green?

edit never mind i figured it ou all u got to do is add rules on drop down color menu