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In Topic: robin from deekays on first trip!!

15 January 2008 - 03:11 AM

Nice!!!! Too bad it's probably gonna be locked :XD:

why would his first dk trip, clue, then getting robin from clue be locked?

Because of this: Best Clue Reward Ever? Post it here

In Topic: We have too many messages. Try again later.

11 January 2008 - 09:12 PM

By the way, 'personalized' is spelt incorrectly for certain countries (such as Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand). As we all know, Jagex is an English company, and so uses the English Dictionary instead of the American-English dictionary, where they spell 'personalized' as 'personalised'.

Other examples include American 'color' and English 'colour'.

Just giving you a lesson in cultures. <.<

Oh and yes I get that message everytime too.

In Topic: Look at it this way

07 January 2008 - 11:11 PM

Wait, what is this topic about?

If summoning is f2p, why would members quit? JUST for summoning? Get real, members is much more than that.

Seriously, give this summoning f2p thing a rest. Just because some JMOD who probably doesn't know what he was talking about said it would be f2p, it seems everyone is going freaking insane (at least the people I know)

Actually there are pics from several JMods saying it would be f2p.

I can't imagine why you would unsubscribe because of this. F2P will probably be limited to 2-3 pets... from what it looks like members will have at least 20 (that I've seen), there might even be 100+ of them... I'd think that would give f2p an incentive to join members, so they can have pets besides the dogs or whatever else they get.

(Sorry for enlarging your text - cbf unquoting the rest of your post :XD: )

There are also a few pics of RELIABLE mods (Paul for example) who say that Summoning will not be f2p. But we'll just wait and see.

And there is absolutely no reason members will unsubscribe should summonining be a f2p skill. IF summoning is f2p, members will have extra benefits to the skill, just like how members have extra benefits for f2p skills - e.g. woodcutting: members can chop magic trees, whereas f2pers cannot, or crafting: where members can craft a wide variety of extra items f2pers cannot (dragonhides, glass, extra jewellry etc).

In Topic: Has Construction been left in the Sawdust?

07 January 2008 - 11:00 PM

I think Jagex only wanted Construction to be a 'money sink' skill (a skill where large amounts of money in the RS economy are loss, to keep prices stable and counter inflation), so I wouldn't think they'd want to update it anyway...

In Topic: !WARNING! Not a vsiage but its a string of good luck!

06 January 2008 - 06:44 AM

Wow nice, I haven't got any dragon drops whatsoever from metal dragons and I've done about 20 or so iron drag tasks.

Grats on drop. Did you use a Ring of Wealth?