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A few questions about fullscreen

03 July 2008 - 12:53 AM

I was just thinking about these questions today and i wanted to see what you guys thought.

1: Do you think fullscreen will stay members only?

2: Since fullscreen opens up a new window, will the ads playing on the other window still support Jagex?

3: Is it possible that the new increase in membership price be due to the fact that there are no ads in fullscreen?

The strange tree: glitch or bait?

30 October 2007 - 05:17 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I found this thing while i was walking to lumby. i never take the goblin route so obviously I had never seen this tree before. What is it? is it some kind of glitch? or is it's purpose to attract bots? give me your thoughts. if you've seen it before, what did you think of it.

Grimgnash's Curious Response

29 August 2007 - 10:52 PM

In today's postbag to the hedge, the npc Grimgnash was forced to tell a story in order to not get sued. View the letter and response:

Dear Grimgnash,

Recently, I told you a simple bedtime story. For the most part, it was belligerent and violent; just the way you like it. Well, I slipped up a couple times, and you bit me.

After I told you my story, I contacted my injury lawyer. He claims I have legal rights. I'd hate to take some one of your stature to court, so here's the deal: you tell me a story, and we drop the charges. I think that's a fair deal, right?

Your's grimly,

R. Chipmunk


Grimgnash not care for little meatless skull. You human send Grimgnash meat next time. Skull not good eating. Skull taste bad.

Human want story? Grimgnash's mother-griff tell Grimgnash many stories, but they too fun for human. Human feel ill if Grimgnash tell Grimgnash's mother-griff stories. Grimgnash know other stories, told to Grimgnash by strange woman with paint on white face. She live on other mountain and have no meat.

She tell me many stories, all too short:

In the desert the scarab waits.

The Institute reports a random fluctuation in rates of production.

The Strong will help the Weak.

My two-er just beat a three-er!

Ogre men aren't very clean.

Look beneath the Plain of Mud.

The threat from the north shall be of Mahjarrat made.

Grimgnash find and eat you later.


I may just be speculating, but these sound like clues of some sort. For example:" Look beneath the plain of mud." I know Jagex likes to put little messages on their site and I wonder if this is one of them.


16 August 2007 - 06:21 PM

What would you do if Jagex was disbanded suddenly for a good/bad reason?

How would this affect you?

WOuld you move on to a new game?

Would you feel hurt by the loss?

Would you try to create your own game to be like Jagex?

how would you feel if there were no more Runescape?

Post your thoughts.