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Member Since 26 Jul 2007
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New Forum BBCodes

25 January 2012 - 12:34 AM

New Forum BBCodes

We are pleased to present three brand new BBCodes for your enjoyment! Usable anywhere on the forums, these BBCodes allow you to link items, monsters and even worn item sets from Tip.It's databases. The information will appear right in your post! All images can be hovered to show the stats of the linked object. All images can be double clicked on to take you to the relevant page on the website. Clicking on the link does the same.

You can link any item and have it appear inline in your post. For example I personally loved my Loading Item Information... to death (literally, it lost it's Loading Item Information... far too many times to count). But since Jagex released the Loading Item Information... I felt complled to move on to the more efficient of the two. And as much as I miss my Loading Item Information..., the Loading Item Information... is pretty darn good.

Syntax: [item=id] The id can be found in the URL on the item in the items database. For example in http://open.tip.it/items/view/3249-beer, the id would be 3249
Example: [item=3249] will become Beer.

You can also link any monster in the same manner. For example, which is more profitable? Loading Monster Information... or Loading Monster Information...s?

Syntax: [monster=id] The id can be found in the URL on the item in the bestiary. For example in http://open.tip.it/bestiary/view/89-melzar-the-mad, the id would be 89
Example: [monster=89] will become Melzar the Mad.


Complete item sets my also be shown. For example:

Loading Item Set Information...

Or, because I can (this is intentional):

Loading Item Set Information...

Syntax: [set=aura:id,head:id,cape:id,neck:id,quiver:id,weapon:id,body:id,shield:id,legs:id,gloves:id,boots:id,ring:id] You can omit any slot you want and it will appear blank.
Example: [set=aura:19,head:19,cape:19,neck:19,quiver:19,weapon:19,body:19,shield:19,legs:19,gloves:19,boots:19,ring:19] will become a set with pitta bread in every slot.


The Road to a Godsword... has been completed! Dudecrush8's (now dead) Blog

18 November 2007 - 11:26 PM

Posted Image

Hi, this is my blog :) of noobishness :XD:

I have achieved my goal! On Nov 11th at 8:45 I purchased a bandos godsword for 27,990,000gp on the grand exchange. With its purpose accomplished this blog no longer has a reason for existing, and to be frank, I don't have time to update it. So I'm just going to let it die (Not that it wasn't already dead...).

Posted Image

Daily Blog



Recent Achievements



Final Notes

If anyone needs a person to join there DK team, I'd really like to come... But I'm a complete DK noob :anxious:

And a big thank you to Tip.it for letting me post this.

An earth-shattering thank you to Shotdown12 for my banner <3:

Thanks to sithlord_man for being the first to post for over a year. :shock:

Regicide start help please

08 September 2007 - 05:14 PM

I beat underground pass, and wish to start rergicide, but I am a little unclear as to how to start it...

The Quest Guide says "Get a messenger from King Lathas (after completing Underground Pass quest)." But I dont get it...

Dose a random messenger appear when you meet the requirements (56 agility, which i lack <.< ) or something?

Could someone elaborate?

What does the farming part of mtk give you?

10 August 2007 - 02:56 AM

The main guide doesn't say <.< :-k