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Member Since 31 Jul 2007
Offline Last Active Nov 27 2013 09:42 PM

Returning Oldie (Need Help)

12 November 2013 - 05:18 AM

So, with the recent addition of bonds, I decided to get a bit of membership, kind of to try the game out again.  I played the game for a long while (6 years) and havent played regularly in probably 8 months.  Ive already noticed a few changes with the interface and such, but what has changed internally on the game?


Just a few questions:


1.  Divination.  Wat.  Any guides?

2.  Have there been many armor/weapon updates?  I'm still rocking the chaotic weapons of all types so Im not really sure if those are up to prime still.  

3.  Where should I start out?  Farming runs and slayer seem to be what always worked for me with a little boss hunting mixed in, is this still the best? 

4.  Have there been any huge skill training improvements?  Like the way runespan was for runecrafting?



If you have anything that would help, it would be much appreciated!


Training Agility and Auras

17 January 2012 - 04:02 AM

So with the introduction of the new boots, I kinda have an inkling to do agility. I've got a few questions:

1. Is the surefooted aura/greater surefooted aura worth it?
2. What is the best course to use boots with at 72 agility, when I have aura, and when I don't?
3. What kind of xp/hour are the boots giving?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if anything looks off. Posting from my phone

End Level Content

24 December 2011 - 04:30 AM

Alright, so my stats are in my sig, and I have just bought/am working on turmoil. What else is there to do end game content wise?

High Level MoneyMaking/Frosts

13 November 2011 - 03:46 PM

So, I need 60mil for turmoil. What are good options for me?

Ive got overloads/yak/rapier and about 60mil in assets, which include bandos, dfs, fury, etc.

At the moment ive been doing multibrid (killing rex and supreme) at dks, and thats alright money, but Ive got a feeling im missing out on something.

So what can I do? I know frosts used to be good money, but are they still?

Also, I cant really boss much because I usually only play for like 1-2 hours at a time max, most of the time less than an hour.

Any help?

Herblore Habitat - Ugune Seeds

05 September 2011 - 01:55 AM

Whats the best way to gather them? Stats are in sig