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Darkscape Is Darkfall + Runescape

28 October 2015 - 05:21 AM

Most of you probably won't remember me but I used to make pixel signatures on these forums years ago as well as be pretty active in the Blogscape section.


I left Runescape to play a game called Darkfall a while back and recently one of the developers left to join Jagex. In Jagex he works on the Darkscape project.


I thought i'd ask what you guys think of a full loot pvp game mode of Runescape. (Also shamelessly plugging Darkfall)






Some question I have about your guys' thoughts on full loot pvp;


-Can you still make friends with people in the world or is everybody Kill on Sight?

-How does contesting mob spawns work? Are people ever civil?

-Have small "gangs" formed so that they can "zerg" (blob somebody with numbers) in order to remain safe?

-Any good roleplaying coming from it? (ie: White knight players who protect and defend noobies?)


















The biggest difference between Runescape and Darkfall is that Darkfall is a 100% player run map. Clans siege cities to live out of. It would be similar to if Tip.It owned Falador and then RuneHQ sieging & taking control of Falador. 

Plus better combat.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars (Full Loot FFA PVP MMORPG)

02 October 2013 - 01:26 AM

I've been playing the Darkfall title for about a year now and I'm having a blast. It's created and run by a small indie company called Aventurine and it's years ahead of its time compared to the PVP/Combat in every other MMO out there. 



-The game is full-loot open world FFA PvP so if you're fan of the adrenaline you get when pking back in the Runescape Wilderness, I seriously recommend trying this game out. 


-Its combat is FPS-based so you have to aim all of your shots in order to hit an enemy which i've never seen in an MMO before. You can't just click or tab-target to lock onto somebody which adds an extra element of player-skill to the game. 


-The map is territory/conquest controlled so alliances/clans can control physical cities on the map (not instanced like the ones in Runescape). Clans & Alliances are always sieging each other to try and take over cities and the politics involved are always fun to watch/be a part of.  Here's a link to a picture of the Political map, it shows cities and what clan they're currently owned by: http://darkfallinfo....p?mapserver=us1


-Player owned houses are also on the actual map! The player villages aren't instanced so if you want to buy a house you can choose which village on the map you want to live in and it'll say your name on it and everything.


-The game has naval combat which is really fun. You can sail boats, fire cannons, board enemy ships and everything it's intense.



Mage Perspective PVP Video


Archer/Melee Perspective PVP Video



Video of naval combat:





If anybody here either already plays Darkfall or is interested in playing it hit me up!

Beast of Burdens, Overloads, and New Hot Keys?!

23 October 2011 - 06:32 AM

Recently I decided there were a few minor changes I wish jagex would add to the game to make everything run a bit smoother. After bothering the people in my usual friend's chat (codguy's fc), I decided I should make a thread and see if anybody supports the ideas :)

1) Filling your BoB Familiars Inventory From the Bank:

Maybe I'm just lazy but I find it bothersome to have to take things out of my bank, put them into my inventory and THEN move them to my BoB. I decided it would be nice to see an option where you can toggle between whether the items youre pulling out of the bank go to your inventory or your BoB's inventory. Pretty simple explanation hopefully but I made a picture to go along with it as well;

Posted Image

Since the Pak Yak has more than 28 inv spaces Jagex would have to add a scroll bar to the Familiars inventory tab (kind of like how it works when you inspect other peoples inventorys when in a dungeoneering team). Also, sorry for the fake 1337m cash pile, I couldnt resist :P

2) Overloads NEEDS an On-Screen Timer!

This one speaks for itself really... Its a pain to have to use a timer on another internet tab (or a stopwatch irl) to keep track of how much time you have left on your Ovls dose (or when the next 15sec interval is). Basically we just need a little timer in the corner. In the picture below I placed it low enough in that corner so that if you happen to die while the Ovl timer is still running there wont be any overlap of the two timers (grave and ovl).

Posted Image

3) Hot Keys Tab:

This one is kind of tricky to explain. Basically I think we need a custom hot key option so that we can assign our own key combos to trigger certain in game commands (ie: by hitting CTRL+1 will drink a Prayer Pot dose or F1 will turn on a Protect from Melee, etc) I dont have the patience to try and design a perfect GUI to show how to set that sort of thing up but hopefully it makes sense (if youve ever played other mmorpg's such as WoW itll make alot more sense). I made a picture to hopefully show what I mean. In fixed mode it would look like this, but in full-screen mode I think it would be nice to actually allow you to move the buttons around to any part of the screen (if you want them on the far left side, the very top, etc).

Posted Image

In the picture next to the potions it has xNumber. The numbers represent how many doses of those pots you have in your inventory to drink, NOT the quantity of the actual potions themselves.

-Basically to set up the hotkeys you would click the edit button, then click on the slot you want to change, then a window would pop up and from there you would choose what action it would complete (a prayer, a spell, drink a potion etc) Then in that same window you would be given the option to set a certain hot-key combo (I personally would like to set up F1-F12 with my own hot-keys).

It would help a ton with MHing as switching prayers/drinking pots without clicking between the prayer and inv tab would be a lot faster. I know they currently have in place hot-keys that jump from tab to tab (from inventory to prayers, etc) But I think the hotkeys im suggesting would be MUCH better as it skips having to move the mouse and click something to trigger drinking a pot, etc.

Anyways I hope you guys agree with me and support these suggestions :)


Accurate Drop Rate for Visages At Frosts

25 June 2011 - 09:26 PM

I was curious what the drop rate was for visages according to kids on the forums so I did a quick google search. To my suprise one of the first sites to come up was a botting site (I dont think im allowed to state the name of said site but I will if permitted to do so and if you guys are curious) Anyways the answer to my question was in one of the guys' signatures. I guess its some sort of counter that shows all of the loot gained from everyone using that particular frost dragon bot.

Posted Image

So the simple math is 2760981/258 (bones aka kills/visages) and you get 1:10,701.

Seems logical right? Thought id share this since even though it is an unfortunate way of deriving the rate its still the only actual concrete numbers we have.

On a side note, thats;

-36 phats
-407 santas
-2,345 Bandos chest plates/tassets
-52,120 whips


Anyways figured you guys might like to know since drop rates have always been something of interest.

Fixing the Issue

24 June 2011 - 12:24 AM

Before I ask my question I want to share two stories with you guys.

Storytime 1;

Storytime 2;

So theres two different approaches to handling a similar problem. One is shutting the game down and giving up (or removing free trade and wildy), and one was a very aggressive approach to target the rule breakers and only the rule breakers.

Lets look at the solutions theyve used thus far;
-Banning botters
This only makes a difference in the short-term and doesnt do anything long-term.

-Updating the bot detection system
With every update here, the bot devs just make another update to counteract it.

-Removing free trade/wildy
This worked a little, it got rid of the gold farming bots but not the regular players from botting.

Jagex needs a different tactic with combating the bots. The Removal of Free Trade DID work but it hurt the rest of the scaper community. They need methods that will remove the bots without hurting the rest of us.

Other Solutions (things ive seen around the other threads);

-Add less grind to the game.
This would give the regular players less reason to bot as there would be fun and more rewarding methods of training.

-Test/scan for injection EVERY time a person logs in.
This would get rid of a TON of the bots since alot of them run on injection (I think they use injection still)

-Continue with the bot hunts.
Its a decent way to combat the popular botting spots.

-Add more untradeables to the game
If people needed gold less and needed to just play the game to acquire untradeable content, it would defeat the need for rwt sites selling so much gold.

Whats everyones thoughts? Obviously Jagex makes way too much money to consider shutting the game down but where do we go from here? We need methods other than banning bots and updating the random events and other botting detections they have in place now.

How do we remove the need for gold.
How do we remove the grinding, making the need for bots to do tedious tasks obsolete.
Wheres the happy median between having free trade and wildy and NOT having free trade and wildy?

All questions We and Jagex need to look into. Rather than complaining and turning on Jagex we need to suggest solutions; if they dont take any of the suggestions THEN complain about it. Spend more time in the Suggestions section of these forums rather than the RANTS section.