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F2P Dungeoneering Rewards Post-EOC

21 November 2012 - 03:23 AM

Been saving up tokens since I first started levelling dungeoneering. The only thing I bought was a gem bag to gain some bank space, now I have 42k tokens, and am willing to go DGing for more.

The question I have is: what is the best reward for me? I'll list the options that I might buy, even if it is remotely possible that I will, along with any information pertaining to changes I have heard about, and personal info that is relevant:

Twisted Bird Skull Necklace: I don't bury bones often enough to make this thing worthwhile.
Coal Bag: might be worth it if smelting is actually profitable, however I personally use Artisan's Workshop to smith.
Longbow Sight: Currently, sighted magic longbows are bugged and are still P2P, however this looks like a decent option. The problem that I have is that I really don't need the extra accuracy given by the sight.
Gravite Weaponry: I don't PK, so I'm not sure if gravite is a wise investment. For training, it's still as bad as always.
Amulet of Zealots: helluva expensive, for only a temporary boost in damage that I probably won't use. Has it been made worthwhile?
Law/Nature staves: last I checked, using these would give you a return of only 4 gp or so per cast, or even loss of profit compared to using a fire staff (for high alchemy). Have things changed?
Tome of Frost: I've been eyeing this item for a while, however the recent changes to staves means that I have to choose in between this tome or a staff to save runes, which is a questionable advantage now that spells are so cheap. Stat-wise, it has only 2 damage points more than the bat book.
Arcane Blast Necklace: Haven't heard of any changes to it, but I hear it's great for some extra damage when training, especially now that mage combat training is worth it again.
Scroll of Efficiency: Again, I use Artisan's Workshop. If normal smithing is better xp/gp used, I might consider it.

So what do you guys think? Right now I am looking at a Sight, and the AB Necklace, but I don't know if tome of frost is actually worth more.

British Cops nab Runescape Rogue

03 December 2009 - 02:18 AM


If you've ever suffered the pain and inconvenience of having one of your online accounts hacked, get ready for the feelgood story of the day.

Don't expect to steal this without consequences.
A 23-year-old British man was arrested this morning on suspicion of using "phishing" emails to convince players of mega-popular online game Runescape to hand over their account information. The arrest is hoped to be the first of several, Runescape's Mark Gerhard told the BBC, and the game's administrators are working with both the FBI and British e-crime units to track down his accomplices.

Runescape thieves typically strip characters of their rare items, sell them for in-game money, and then use the black market to convert the game's currency into real-life cash. Exchanging Runescape goods or gold for real money contravenes the game's terms of service, as is the case with most online games, but nevertheless buyers aren't in short supply -- especially in Asia, where this type of illicit trade is most common.

Although it looks crude in comparison to big-budget rivals like World of Warcraft and Aion, Runescape remains the most popular free massively-multiplayer game in the world, according to Guinness, boasting somewhere around 100 million active accounts.

"Players invest years of time and effort into developing their Runescape character so the theft of a Runescape account shouldn't be treated differently to the theft of any other valuable possessions such as a games console, television or car," Gerhard told the BBC.

While we're not sure we'd go quite as far as to equate a stolen car to the theft of a pretend +3 Longsword of the Burning Wedgie, doubtless a hundred million Runescape fans will sleep a little easier tonight.

Anyone here gotten any thoughts on this? Gotta laugh though at the author's cluelessness on RS items (+3 Longsword of the Burning Wedgie... roflcopters)

Druidic or Combat?

08 November 2008 - 02:30 PM

I am wondering which one of these FOG sets should I get. I currently have Combat, but recently I have had wars with my clan, and we are in serious need of people that can bind. My mage level is 63, with the rest being 74 attack, 75 str and 72 def. I like Combat because it's good overall, but Druidic is better for wars. COmbat also has slightly better stats.

What should I choose?

No skulls in PvP

22 October 2008 - 05:45 PM

Posted Image

What's missing from this picture? Some noobs owning other noobs (well okay, maybe there is some in it)? Some hard hitting gear? Nothing? Well look at the area above the heads.

That's right, no skulls. The guy in grey with nothing on is my nubby pure trying to own a new found friend. We are pretty much having fun by me acting like a little rat and trying to kill him again and again. He gained about 30k in stuff in the end and gave me half of it (He's a nice guy :P ). After a while, when I start attacking him, I don't get a skull, which seems strange.

If this actually is normal, mods please lock.

What do you guys think :?:

Btw, the black colours in the interface and teh hit splat weren't in-game.

Clans and PvP only Worlds- effects

15 August 2008 - 05:13 PM

If you read the news article released by Jagex about an hour ago, you will notice the fact that the old world of Runescape will come back. Now, this will change many aspects of the clan world. Who knows, maybe we will get more epic wars like the ones of the first days of Runescape.

The question that I do have though, is what effects will this new update have on the clan world? Will Clan Wars go obsolete? Will we see more new clans come out? Maybe new clans coming out on top?