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In Topic: Rock climbing boots affecting RuneScape

26 June 2010 - 09:24 PM

I don't think it matters, people only used climbing boots because they were a cheap disposable strength bonus, when addy boots are 70k cheaper, and rune boots are less than 10k more for +13 or so defence, i just think jagex have just upped the value of the junk in the rs economy.

In Topic: Tip.It Times - 20th June 2010

26 June 2010 - 08:56 PM

#3 The flag holding advantage comes with heavy penalties. It's both an advantage and a disadvantage, your defense lowers massively due to the lack of a shield along with castle war brace's bonus for attackers to hunt you down. I've tried tanking meleers in maxxed tank gears and run out of bandages incredibly fast. It no longer needs to be fixed, if you really can't get the flag back in those conditions your team is just horrible.

Have you ever tried to get a flag back from a level 138 with curses and a steel titan (just for example) and 5 other level 138's barraging you? It's not a cake walk and you insult a lot of mid-level people who have committed the horrible crime of joining the team that just didn't happen to have a clan of 138's. I play Castlewars for fun not for the rewards and even before this update I was annoyed with the system for rewards and the flag dropping system. I can't enjoy a game if I'm not really being given a fair chance to win. Sure it's a 50/50 chance I could be on the same team as the 138's and I could even join their team on purpose but then I'm not having fun. I'm just as bad as they are. Just playing to win.

Edit: The Castlewars bracelet only works if the person is holding your team's standard. In other words it doesn't help with people holding their own flag.

Why are you playing it then if being on either team isn't fun? Castle wars has been around for a long time, much longer than most people who play now, and it's one of the few remaining parts of runescape that isn't controlled and moderated in every possible way. Having it level balanced as well would make it impossible for any decent level clans, or even just groups of friends, to play on the same side. And if someone has taken their flag and dropped it for them to pick up, they've invested ungodly amounts of time training, and simply brought more people along than you... then they deserve to win and you deserve to lose. Every part of runescape is slowly being "averaged out" with things like fixed prices, when a bunch of people who've gained godlike strength can't group together and slaughter the masses anywhere anymore it will get a LOT more boring, whats the point in training or even doing anything in the game if it doesn't make you a higher authority in that skill than other people?

In Topic: Tip.it Times 18 April 2010

20 April 2010 - 12:00 AM

Indeed there is always the problem of updates being judged too soon, especially major ones, but the only thing about dungeoneering that can't really be accurately defined at the moment is how much xp per hour you'll get once people move up to the higher levels. By the time i'd reached level 30 (mainly solo dungeons) i'd used the full breadth of all my skills through 15 floors and as it stands there's no different high level content or advancements in the skill (except different boss fights) just random floor after random floor, so i see no reason why the skill can't be judged as fairly as any other right now as long as people have actually tried it.

I personally like it, but people who don't and are upset DO have the right to be, after all isn't it our money paying the content developers salaries? The argument of "if you don't like it don't play it" is always the first, and it's something i used to believe for a long time as well, and it's true for the majority of activities in the game i'd say, but when such hype has been built up over such a small (compared to other skills) and relatively meaningless addition to the rest the of the game then whether this credo still holds true or not... it's still quite a kick in the teeth. However big the total area of every room may be you're still just going through pretty much the same floor after floor after floor, with a lick of paint now and then.

In Topic: Tip.it Times 18 April 2010

19 April 2010 - 02:37 AM

I liked both, the first said before anything else that they weren't saying anything new so i don't know what you guys are so stressed out about, it was a nice summary, and i thought of a few ideas regarding the second and what some people have said,

- Dungeoneering being generally combat based but not providing people a way to make money like that is something i hadn't thought of, but its still in its infancy of course, that would be a good update when the skill is tweaked and ironed out next like summoning was.

- The author can't assume to know how we all feel, but you can't deny there was major criticism about this "skill". Hate is too strong a word though, because although its one of the greatest pieces of content recently, a new skill is the ultimate update and needs to be something so immense that it revolutionizes the game down to its very core, the next tier of weapons and a couple of handy trinkets are NOT worthy of a whole new skill, even less so than the weaker skills recently like hunter and construction (they managed to introduce new aspects to the game at least). I feel that people are more let-down by it than hateful of it, its a truly awesome game/activity but the sorriest excuse and release of a skill i've ever seen, and i'm a grumpy RS classic vet. Hey, it could always get better though.

- The only WoW rip-off is the way they're flaunting title page at the moment, "Runescape, Dungeons of Daemonheim" like it's a whole new expansion, I quite liked RS for not buying into stuff like that, but oh well. Anyway, raids or randomly generated dungeons whatever you want to called them aren't new, randomly generated gameplay was around long before RS and WoW were even being made. I'm sure everyone remembers worms, simple and fun but there were also more developed examples even back then. There was a game for the sega saturn called Virtual Hydlide that, whilst being uglier than the lovechild of general graardor a gluttonous behemoth, was a completely randomly generated game every time you played it, dunegon layouts, monsters, item locations, everything, and this was back in 1995.

- It may be a bit like left 4 dead but it reminds me more of classic. With all the different skills people can specialise in dungeoneering is pretty much the ultimate teamwork game, it really brings you back to when people were just starting out and had to focus on the basic things like making the best armour not just that they can wear, but that they can FIND. All other minigames either restrict or mess around with such fun and essential roles to the point where its a seperate reality to RS, this now is only contained in a dungeon, but it's player ingenuity and skill given free rein to accomplish the task of conquering the dungeon, its really just a smaller version of the game which relies on pure self-sufficency, something which many players have dreamed of experiencing (self-sufficency being something i pride myself on, my lowest stat being 66)

Also, runescape has evolved from pretty much just a world of combat, but i agree skills shouldn't need combat to be trained.

And having to leave shouldn't be a problem for anyone, since the annoying long process of actually getting out of the damn place ensures you get xp for the progress you made in the dungeon, which is quite a fair amount from what i've seen.

In Topic: Tip.it Times 11 April 2010

13 April 2010 - 02:28 AM

Really liked the first article, although i disagree with it a bit and about the point of the firecape requirement. Partly because even without getting the cape you still need a gargantuan amount of slayer points AND you'll be doing a considerable amount of damage less every hit.

I think the need for high level requirements is pretty much proven fact now, but you need to the right KIND of requirements, namely skill requirements. Having to have completed a minigame like that might be great for some, but frustrating to others, and with the fight pits being arguably the most difficult minigame/boss they could have picked Jagex really didn't edge into this kind of shift gently. The requirement for something high level needs to be a high level in that skill, which is what its there for, OR something that directly relates to the skill, one of the great things about runescape/MMO's in my opinion is that you can simply go for your favoured aspect of a skill/activity or do multiple things that compliment each other - the moment i'm forced to play a minigame i hate or level/quest somewhere i truly don't enjoy to carry on with my favourite skill is the moment my interest in the game will start to wane.

EDIT: Oh, and perfect representation is near impossible, in real life not just runescape, gathering opinion through word of mouth is a step backward from just having a poll open to everyone on the front page.