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Raids - The Liberation of Mazcab (13/07/2015 Update)

13 July 2015 - 11:17 AM

Raids - The Liberation of Mazcab
Today, the gateway to a strange new world opens. Explore Mazcab's shifting forests and exotic ruins as a solo player...or take on the ultimate combat challenge of ten-player Raids!
Step over the vanquished corpse of Tuska and through the portal to Mazcab – home of the goebies:
-Use the improved Grouping System to form a band of up to ten like-minded heroes, and battle two mighty bosses in RuneScape's first Raid.
-Claim level 90 tank armour – the most powerful in the game – and new, tradeable abilities, for all three combat styles.
-Explore the goebies' strange planet – from the ever-shifting Nemi Forest to the settlements of Kanatah and Otot.
-Help them transport goods between their two settlements in a Warbands-esque safe PvP D&D, perform tasks, and battle the airut that roam the goebies' world.
The Liberation of Mazcab has only just begun. Read on to find out more!
You must be a RuneScape member.
No level requirements, but high combat levels and top-end gear are recommended.
The first of RuneScape's Raids – The Liberation of Mazcab – is now yours to conquer.
To start, join a group of up to 10 players in the Grouping System, and select 'The Liberation of Mazcab'. Then, head north to the magical barrier between the two goebies, and enter to get started.
You'll venture through an instanced area, using your teamwork and combat skill to make it to two bosses: the cruel Beastmaster Durzag and the mighty water elemental Yakamaru. Even reaching them will take teamwork and skill, and it'll take everything you've got to defeat them.
There are also Raid Feats – special acts of daring for the bravest and craziest raiders to aspire to. There are five per boss, and completing all of them unlocks the Daredevil title.
These are some of the most challenging encounters ever seen in RuneScape, so you're on your own from here. We're really excited to see you get to grips with them.
Explore Mazcab
It's not all epic battles, though. There's a strange, alien world to explore – and a downtrodden people to help.
Nemi Forest
Traverse this bizarre, ever-changing forest, interacting with the environment to find hidden secrets. It shifts over time, so head off the beaten path to unlock hidden areas, containing XP rewards, lore, reputation and rarer rewards - such as a new pet.
Supply Escort
Start this safe-PvP D&D at Otot or Kanatah and ferry supplies between them.
More to Explore
As you explore, you'll find airut to fight, tasks to complete and history to uncover. Travel wide, and become a hero to the struggling goebie people.
Contributing to the death of a Raid boss grants you a roll on its drop table, which includes Teci (the Raids currency), reputation with the goebies, or rare drops such as achto armour or tradeable abilities.
Note that once you loot a boss, it is locked and you cannot loot it again until two days have passed.
If you are owed rewards that you haven't picked up, you can speak to the Fetcher outside the Raids entrance. He can also tell you which bosses are currently locked for you.
Also outside the Raids entrance is a rewards vendor, who will exchange Teci for Raids armour and new abilities.
Level 90 Armour
First among the rewards are spectacular new level 90 tank armour sets for all three combat styles – primeval for magic, teralith for melee, and tempest for ranged – with some awesome set effects.
Regular versions of these sets can be purchased for Teci from the Rewards Store. These degrade until destroyed, and occasionally reset cooldowns on your defensive abilities. The frequency with which this occurs will increase the more set pieces you wear.
Achto versions of the sets can be earned as rare drops from Raid bosses. These also degrade, but only until broken, and can be repaired using Teci. Achto sets have the same set bonus as the regular sets, plus another: they increase main-hand weapon damage when a shield is wielded in the off-hand. The more pieces you wear of a set, the stronger the effect.
These are available from the Rewards Shop. You can use Teci to purchase these for your own use, or to purchase a tradeable codex which teaches any of the available abilities.
-Corruption Blast: a basic magic ability that deals damage over six seconds, and will periodically attempt to jump to nearby targetable enemies.

-Corruption Shot: a basic ranged ability, with an otherwise identical function to Corruption Blast.

-Storm Shards / Shatter: using this pair of Constitution abilities – basic and threshold respectively – the caster applies up to 10 Storm Shard stacks on a target, then unleashes them all at once with Shatter. This ignores the damage cap, and can hit up to 30k life points. Note that multiple players can apply Storm Shards to a target, and that Shatter will use up all stacks currently applied.

-Surging Onslaught: a Constitution ultimate that grows more damaging the longer it is channelled – at an increasingly debilitating cost to the caster.
Reputation Rewards
Reputation can be earned in Raids, by completing solo activities around Mazcab, or by redeeming any mysterious relics you picked up from the Summer Special Cosmic Foresight effect.
Rewards follow a linear path of unlocks, and include discounts in the in-Raid supply store, travel improvements on Mazcab, a pet and titles.
This Week's Streams and Q&As
Epic content needs ample coverage, and RuneScape will be all over Twitch with Raids this week.
Look out for RuneScape firsts from the community's top boss fighters, and check out our live stream Q&A schedule below. Both streams are coming your way on Tuesday the 14th of July:
Raids – Post-Release Q&A | 16:00 UTC
A Noob's Guide to Raids | 20:00 UTC
Later in the week, we're giving you two more places to quiz the developers:
Reddit AMAA | 16:00 UTC, Wednesday 15th July. Question thread open from 15:00
Forum Q&A | 16:00 UTC, Thursday 16th July. Question thread open from 15:00
The RuneScape universe just got bigger and deadlier. Have fun grappling Mazcab's most ferocious fauna, and look out for more Raids in the future! Let us know what you think over on the forums.
The RuneScape Team
Solomon's Store – Hero's Welcome Pack
Commemorate the recent return of the Fremennik god V with this all-new cosmetic override set – now available on Solomon's Store.
Comprising a full armour set, cloak and sword, it's the perfect tribute to the legendary hero.
Get it now on Solomon's Store! Need more RuneCoins? You can redeem Bonds in-game, or purchase more via the website.
Beach Party - More Fun in the Sun
The Summer Beach Party is kicking it up a notch with two new events – beach ball rolling and bodybuilder posing. Have fun training your Agility and Strength with these!
There are also two new pets to pick up at the beach – the jellyfish and fish out of water – plus two more titles to discover.
Patch Notes

Mahjaarat Memories - Locations

17 March 2014 - 02:53 PM

Mahjaarat Memories

Required 500 memories gathered to recharge Engrammeter, at which point a memory can be gathered from the following locations.
The memories are colour co-ordinated to indicate the loyalty, Red for Zamorakian Mahjaarat and Purple for Zarosian. Kharshai, however, has a white memory due to his neutrality.



[1] Akthanakos
His memory is located within the final room of Enakhra’s Temple, where you fight the Boneguard, during “Enakhra’s Lament”.
To get here, you may use the Camulet, the Desert home teleport and make your way towards the granite mine where the temple is located.


[2] Azzanadra
His memory is located within the Ancient Pyramid, where you switch between normal magics and Ancient magics.
To get here, you may use the Pharaoh’s Sceptre, the Sceptre of the Gods or the Home teleport and run to the pyramid.


[3] Bilrach
His memory is located near the banker at Daemonheim.
To get here, use the teleport from the Ring of Kinship or use the fremmenik ships from Taverly or Al Kharid to get to the peninsula.


[4] Enakhra
Her memory is located within her temple, same as Akthanakos. However to get her memory, you only have to enter the temple and you are not required to make your way to the final room.
To get here, you may use the Camulet, the Desert home teleport and make your way towards the granite mine where the temple is located.


[5] Hazeel
His memory can be found by the Hazeel cult members, in their lair located between the Kandarin Monastary south of Ardougne and the Zoo.
To get here, you may teleport to Ardougne and run to the cave south of the Zoo, use the Fairy ring to the Tower of life and run west, or the Ardougne Cape 1/2/3/4 to teleport to the Monastary and run slightly north to the cave entrance.


[6] Jhallan
His memory can be found within the Muspah cave, where the “The Tale of the Muspah” quest take place. It is located on the island where the Muspah was located within the block of ice.
To get here, you may use the Fremmenik home teleport and run north-east to the cave entrance or use the Fairy ring using the code DKS to bring you right next to the cave entrance.


[7] Kharshai
His memory is located next to the Mahjaarat, where you begin the miniquest.
To get here, teleport to Relleka through the home teleport system, the Enchanted Lyre or use of the chipped home teleport tablets.


[8] Lamistad
His memory may be found either in his Tunnels encounted during “The Curse of Arrav” quest or within Zemouregal’s fortress.
To get here, you may make your way from the Glacor Cave (Fairy ring DKQ) or from the Ghorrock temple.


[9] Lucien
His memory is located within his house next to the Grand Exchange.
The House may be reached by the fairy ring DKR or teleporting to Varrock and running there.


[10] Mizzarch
His memory may be located from the Digsite altar, where you swap between normal prayers and Ancient curses.
You may get here by travelling to the digsite by running there, or by teleporting with the Digsite Pendant.


[11] Palkeera
Her memory is found at the Mahjaarat Ritual Site.
To get here, you may make your way from the Glacor Cave (Fairy ring DKQ) or from the Ghorrock temple.


[12] Ralvash
His memory is found in the Ghorrock fortress, also known as the Frozen fortress encounted during “The Temple at Senntisten”.
To get here, you may have to enter from the Glacor Caqve (Fairy Ring DKQ) and run north to it, or you may enter from the Wilderness.


[13] Silske
His memory is located  at the Empyrean Citadel, from “Missing, Presumed Death”.
To get there, you must teleport to the citadel by using the invitation box you acquire during the quest. If you destroyed it, you may reclaimed from Brother Samwell near the Odd Old Man, limestone mine and Paterdomus temple.


[14] Wahisietel
His memory is found by Ali the Wise, locatedin his house in Nardah.
To get here, you may use the magic carpets, the Desert Amulet 2/3/4 to teleport directly to Nardah, or by using the fairy ring DLQ and running south to the town.


[15] Zemouregal
His memory is found deep within his wilderness base, which is encounted during “The Curse of Arrav”. The memory may only be found by Zemouregal’s office.
To get to this location, you require insulated boots and a macaw pouch. You must talk to Hartwin, who is found in the northwest tower in Varrock castle, next to Captain Rovin. He will bring you to the instanced area, allowing you to make your way through the base. You may teleport from the base at any point, as you are no longer teleblocked.
WARNING: You will enter the wilderness if you leave by any other means par from teleports.
Just a quick guide to it, still requires some images and somebody who can actually type in proper prose.
Covered most parts of it but may require some more depth.

Thanks to Gwyn and the HYT chat for co-ordinating some of these locations.

25-September-2013 - Runescape Bonds

25 September 2013 - 03:07 PM

A message from CEO of Jagex, Mod MMG in relation to Gold farming and bots.


Interesting pathway they've taken, very interesting.


Watch the video to hear Mod MMG explain the inconvenient truth about gold farmers and why Bonds are essential for the future of RuneScape.

Hi everyone,

From today, your gameplay investment can work in your favour with Bonds: a new in-game item - purchased on our website and tradeable in-game - which can be redeemed for RuneScape membership, spins, RuneCoins and more.

RuneScape is your game, and Bonds give you more freedom and choice than ever before: pay for your membership with your in-game wealth; securely gift membership to a friend or fellow clan member anywhere in the world; access all premium content by trading Bonds in-game any item, resources or gold; and enjoy the full RuneScape experience, free of bots and gold farmers. Read on for more information!


What are Bonds?

Bonds are new in-game items, allowing you to pay for selected account-related and out-of-game benefits with in-game resources. Bonds are initially purchased just as you would purchase membership, but they can then be freely gifted or traded with other players. They can be redeemed in-game for membership, spins or RuneCoins. Soon afterwards we plan for them to be usable for charitable donations and - in the future - perhaps even the Jagex Merchandise Store. We’ve even set up a way to use Bonds to buy RuneFest tickets this year - see our FAQ for details.

Bonds may be purchased via our website's Billing Page. They cost $5/£3/€4.25per Bond and can be redeemed in exchange for 14 days membership8 spins or160 RuneCoins.

You'll be able to freely determine how you exchange your Bonds - be it on the Grand Exchange or in player-to-player trades - and how much in-game wealth you wish to buy and sell them for. Just like any other item on the Grand Exchange, the community will determine how much Bonds are worth in relation to other items.

How Does It Work?

  • Purchase: Player A purchases a Bond from the Billing Page with their credit card or PayPal account for real money. The bond can then be gifted, traded, or consumed.

  • Gift/Trade: Player A and Player B agree a trade for the Bond - either as a gift, or in return for in-game resource or currency of any agreed value.

  • Consume: Player B can then use that Bond for themselves and receive membership, spins or RuneCoins. Alternatively, they could re-trade it.


The value that players determine for a Bond trade is entirely up to them.

A Bond is purchased in a tradeable state. Once gifted or traded in-game, the Bond becomes untradeable. Players who want to re-trade their Bond to another player will need to pay a trade tax, which will be 10% of its Grand Exchange value. We’ve added this tax on secondary trading to act as a gold sink and to prevent excessive merchanting of Bonds.

Why are you adding Bonds?

With this update, our aim is to unlock your investment in your account: giving hardcore players a way to get more than ever for their time and dedication, and more freedom for everyone in how they trade. On top of that, we hope to see this open up the full members' game for many more free players, those who can no longer afford subscription and - crucially - to deal a death blow to the long-standing issues with gold farming.

Bonds are a critical part of our war against gold farmers and of fixing the damage they have caused to the game economy. By allowing real players to meet the demand, gold farmers can no longer exploit it and are cut out of the system, preventing the injection of billions of additional GP per day into the economy, remedying the massive inflation caused, and thereby stabilising the economy overall.

The key to Bonds is that there are now two paths for players to access and enjoy every bit of content the game as has to offer. No player need ever feel excluded, since they can access everything the game has to offer, by whichever method they choose – through play or traditional payment. To see how Bonds might benefit you personally, take a look at these various player perspectives:

Everybody benefits from Bonds…except gold farmers!

RuneScape veterans can use their in game achievement to fund their membership.


Hi, my name is Simon and I have been playing RuneScape for 8 years. I have a completionist cape and my levels are all maxed! I have worked very hard over my years of playing, and now I sit on a small fortune of resources, items and gold. Rather than keep spending my own money, I can now trade some of my game wealth for Bonds, redeeming them for many months of unbroken RuneScape membership without having to spend another dollar myself! ☺

Gives a helping hand to new players wanting to progress.


Hi, my name is Sam and I have been playing RuneScape for 6 months now. I love training combat, but some better equipment and armour would really help me. I want to buy Bonds and swap them for some ganodermic armour. I might finally be able to join my friends on a Nex run!

The ability to gift your friends.


Hi, my name is Jessica and I have been playing RuneScape for three years. My free friends would really like to play with me but they can’t always afford membership and I don’t like playing on the free world. I’m going to give my friends Bonds as gifts, which they can redeem for membership so we can hang out together.

Give a helping hand to your clan members.


Hi, my name is Lisa and I have been a dedicated clan leader before you even launched citadels back in 2011! I run a clan of over 100, but many don't have regular membership which fragments our group and means some of the clan get left out. We are a tight group and very much look after each other - our clan will work together using the new Bonds system to help our clan members who cannot afford membership. Our clan is going to be the best in the world!

Bonds help stabilise the game economy.


Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m a long-time member. I’m happy with how I currently pay for RuneScape membership and I probably won’t use Bonds. However, I see the improvements this will make to the game economy, such as cutting out the rampant inflation caused by gold farmers injecting billions of GP into the game daily. I welcome the gold sink the bonds system introduces and the protection it provides against merchanting.

Helps protect players from real world fraud


Hi, I am Katie and I’m embarrassed to admit it but I bought gold from a gold farming site. The website re-used my parent’s credit card details and racked up thousands of dollars in fraudulent online purchases. They contacted the police but were told there was nothing they could do to help as the website is based in China and the bloody website is still running!

If Bonds had existed a few months ago I would never have tried anything like this.

Helps prevent hijacking and DDoS attacks


Hi, I am t0m_thumb and I searched the web for ways to make gold. I downloaded Powerbot and it installed a malware on my computer. My RuneScape account, Facebook, Twitter and email were all hacked and my bank account has been completely wiped out.

Kick gold farmers right where it really hurts!


I am a8jk13tjkp and I am a corrupt gold farmer. I’ve scammed, hijacked, DDoSed and defrauded millions of RuneScape players over the years.

Now that players can trade Bonds with each other in exchange for any in-game resources, my business is completely screwed!



If you would like to find out more about why Bonds are so crucial to the continued fight against gold farmers, please check out the recent dev blog from Mod Jacmob, who talks about the inconvenient truth of gold farming and botting, and the detrimental impact it has on your game.

To find out more about Bonds - including more information on how they benefit the game, the decision to introduce them, and how they work to prevent gold farming - please visit the new Bonds information page or the FAQ.

Personally, I think this is a great solution which directly benefits all players. In combination with existing efforts like BotWatch, and your help, we will wipe out gold farmers for good and ensure the long-term health of the game and community.

Mark Gerhard
CEO - Jagex Games Studio

In Other News

  • It's the final week of the Battle of Lumbridge! It's time to stand up and fight as this epic god vs god conflict draws to its conclusion!

    • Metal fragments and titles have had their drop rates further increased.

    • Metal fragments now drop in even larger quantities than before.

    • The daily cap on divine tears has been increased to 4500.

    • After this week, it will no longer be possible to unlock titles or weapons. Renown rewards will remain buyable for a time after the event.

  • Solomon's got a grand sale on this week, with up to 40% off all RuneCoin prices, and up to 50% off Loyalty Point prices. Visit Solomon's General Store now!



EDIT: Thanks, video embedded now.

Discuss opinions on this..I personally think it'll be interesting to see how this ends

Additional Sinkhole hint location

17 March 2013 - 12:43 AM

Didn't see this hint in the sinkholes guide
Posted Image

It's located in Canafis, just north of the slayer master

Food Club! Share your recipes!

11 March 2013 - 08:02 PM

Hello everybody!

For a while now I've been interested more on cooking, about making amazing meals from all sorts of ingredients.
I hadn't noticed a thread here for it so here's one now!

Share your amazing culinary secrets, all the recipes you have!
Whether you cook like an uncivilized person such as myself or even cook like Jesse Pinkman; all skills are welcome!

Discuss and share all food related recipes which you enjoy either cooking yourself or wish you could cook but not sure how.