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In Topic: This may belong in Tech forums...

24 October 2013 - 10:05 AM

It certainly sounds like a graphics issue rather than anything else (either drivers or hardware)


Having said that, it could be worth updating your version of java: http://www.java.com/...nload/index.jsp


Does it crash regardless of whether you set the renderer in the options to direct x / open gl / software?

In Topic: Quest: Recipe for Disaster - Ogre Skrach

16 September 2013 - 09:49 AM

Glad it worked! Good luck with the rest of the quest - if you need any more help then feel free to PM me as it is still fresh in my mind.

In Topic: Quest: Recipe for Disaster - Ogre Skrach

15 September 2013 - 05:01 PM

It's normal that you can't click the tree - it was like that when I did that part of the quest yesterday. It should have an option when you have selected 'Use' on your hatchet and you mouse over the tree. Try moving your cursor up and down to see if you have missed a bit. For what it's worth, I was using a rune hatchet.

The only other advice that I can give is to look on Youtube to see if you can find a video of someone doing that part to see if there is anything that you have missed.

Sorry I can't be any more help - good luck!

In Topic: Quest: Recipe for Disaster - Ogre Skrach

15 September 2013 - 10:28 AM

I'm slightly confused by your post. Is there a tree lying there?

If it is then right click a hatchet in your inventory (toolbelt doesn't work) and select 'use'. You should now be able to click on the tree. Do this multiple times until the log is boat shaped.

Hope this helps :)

In Topic: Farming

28 May 2013 - 10:55 PM

I made a farming calculator (based upon Grimy's) that you may find to be of use. I have copied and pasted the post that I made on another forum:

I decided to go for 99 farming last night and tried to find a calculator that would let me plan the most efficient route for me within my contraints. There was nothing that would let me tweak all the variables and easily see their effects. It will allow you to look at xp rates, time till goal, profit / loss and it will allow you to break these down by farming area (trees, herbs, etc.). This can be seen below:

Instructions for use:

1) Click on this link:

2) Sign in with your google account (you unfortunately need one due to the way google docs handles sharing)

3) Go to File then Make a Copy:

4) Set a name for the copied file and then you should be able to edit it. The best test for this is that drop down arrows will appear in the input section(you may need to scroll down). This is shown in the picture below:

5) Changing any of the inputs will change the outputs in real time. You can either use the drop down arrows or just type directly into the cell. Adjust until you reach a balance of time and money that you are happy with.

It's not been 100% checked yet but I am comfortable with my work and the back end is based upon Grimy's spreadsheets so it should be pretty reliable.

Original topic: http://s4.zetaboards...opic/9888023/1/

Hope this helps.