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Quests, Dailies & Farming (Returning after a year)

14 May 2013 - 02:49 PM


I am coming back to RS after over a year of not playing and a lot seems to have changed (including combat which looks pretty neat now). I only have 20 mil atm and have discovered that many of my items (predominantly my weapons and armour) are now worth nothing. As a result, I have decided to go for a quest cape and do dailies + farming on the side to get experience and to fund 97-99 herb, as many prayer levels as possible and to get some better combat equipment. Onto my questions:
1) Quests - are there any quests that you would recommend as being particularly useful that I should do first? I unfortunately can't remember how to get a list of all of my completed quests - I remember there being a tool once upon a time that would do it for you.
2) Dailies - What daily/weekly tasks would you recommend? I can't really remember what dailies i used to do (were along the lines of bstaves) but weekly I used to do MTK, circus, FoG and penguins. Which daily / weekly tasks are still viable? Would you add any to my list? What is the optimum setup for MTK?
3) Farming - What is the optimum farming run if I am prioritising money making? Is it still herbs and, if so, which? I will probably add some low cost trees to boost the xp.
4) Combat equipment - For the purposes of questing, I was going to use my old slayer setup - whip / dds, d defender, neitz, torag's plate, d legs, d boots and a glory. Is this setup still semi-viable since the introduction of EoC? I have done the tutorial for EoC and I don't see any particular reason why not.

My stats are as below:
Posted Image

Thanks in advance for any help.



What should i do now with my character?

01 September 2008 - 04:44 PM

I recently reached my goal of 85 attack / str and am now at a loss of what to do now with my character. Here are my stats:

Attack - 85

Strength - 85

Defence - 70

Hitpoints - 83

Combat - 100 (f2p) / 101 (p2p)

I am very tempted to raise my defence to around 80ish but could the exp that it would take me to get there be better used in attack or strength? Also, i would like to remain effective in pvp by not raising my combat unnecessarily and i wonder if i would be best off leaving my def and continuing to raise my attack and str.

I practically "grew up" in f2p (until i was about level 85ish, with many returns to it inbetween memberships. All of my strength was leveled in f2p) which is dominated by pures who advocate that str is the only important stat and laugh at anyone who has more than 40 defence. As such, i am a little biased towards their point of view but i would appreciate it if someone would clarify if it would be a good idea for me to keep def as it is or increase it.